Meet Caitlyn Stout, Director of Stout Tent – 2019 Rebelle Rally Glamping Partner

This year, the Stout Tents that lined four Rebelle Rally basecamps were anything but easy to miss. Standing out amongst the desert terrain were beautifully crafted, canvas, beige glamping tents. A first on the Rebelle Rally and something eagerly anticipated amongst our guests. And we have the crew at Stout Tent to thank, who stepped up this year to become first-time glamping partner of the Rebelle Rally. Not knowing exactly what they were getting into, Stout Tent not only supported the rally with ample, insanely cool housing for special guests and media, they also sent a staff member to ride along with the Rebelle, set up and tear down the tents. Talk about next-level partnership. And Stout’s enthusiasm for the Rebelle is matched – Stout Tent has been a favorite of the Rebelle since 2016, when a lone Stout Tent became the place to be for staff to eat, mingle, and rest during the first rally.

We were thrilled to speak with with Director Caitlyn Stout to get her perspective on the world of glamping, her impressive event resumé, and Stout’s authentic place in it all.

For lack of better words, we’re obsessed with Stout Tents. Where did the inspiration come from to begin this business?

Wow! Thanks so much for that! You know, it was a crazy thing. I am an entrepreneur who did a stint in the corporate world, and was looking for a new business to make my own. My dream was to be able to work with my husband and not have a ceiling! The idea was inspired by a European magazine featuring gorgeous outdoor activities. I saw this family with a canvas tent at the beach, and wanted to order one for my backyard. When I couldn’t find one in the States, I saw an opportunity and we decided to make our own! We were fortunate enough to invest in a great photographer, awesome canvas, and the market took it from there!

How did you go about the design process, from the initial basic tents all the way up to the glamping packages?

We’ve always tried to work really hard to get to know what our customer’s need, and then provide it for them. We knew that everyone wants high quality, but we started to realize that we needed a few other features. One of the first things we did was to make a mesh 360 degree window all the way around the bottom wall of the tent for ventilation, and then a versatile stove jack that would work with a variety of wood burning stoves. It helps that we use our product day in and out for large rentals (events), we really get to know what might make life easier for people in the industry. We just love our B2B customers, and get super excited to bring them new accessories that will make their lives easier!

What sets Stout Tents apart from other glamping?

We make it really easy for our customers, which is really the whole point of glamping – comfort and ease! We’ve set up thousands of tents and produced well over 100 events. Experience is a game changer in this industry. The biggest variable is that you’re at the mercy of natural elements that you can’t plan for. You have to know how to problem solve in the moment AND keep your clients happy despite those variables. That’s something you can only learn from experience. On a practical side, we make the process easy from start to finish. Our customers know exactly what to expect and add a lot of little touches along the way, like we even set up private URLs so that their guests can book their own tents, just like they would a hotel room! We assist with staffing events, and we have lots of options, including Giant Tipi Style tents, Safari Glamping Bath Suites (yes, shower in a rad tent with hot water and a porcelain toilet!), AC units, heaters, and even portable hot tubs! It’s the whole package really. When you work with Stout Tent, you just feel confident you’re working with professionals. 

Does Stout provide glamping services and set-up nationwide, or only in certain regional areas?

We have had events in 29 states, including Hawaii! We’re hoping to make it to all 50, so if you know anyone in the South (MI, LA, AL… ) that needs our help, let us know!! 🙂 

Where’s the most interesting event you’ve set up thus far?

Well, Hawaii was interesting, but I think that the Toyota Hotel Tacoma events have always been the most mind-blowing! We built 50 wooden platforms in a few days to support 50 safari tents over boulders on a mountain called Hualapai in Arizona, and we took over a Boy Scout camp on the Oregon coast another year, sewing doors for the wooden cabins, and debuting our tented restroom units! 

You have so many events to choose from. Why the Rebelle?

We have been fan-girling over the Rebelle since year one! We are adventurer’s and many of us are into overlanding and off-roading! We’re hoping that we can get a Stout team together someday and join the fun! 

What’s next for Stout?

We acquired a competitor this year, ConTENTment Camping that was founded by Patricia Jensen about 10 years ago. Pat has been a mentor and advisor for a few years, and we jumped at the chance to carry her torch. ConTENTment is the main Glamping tent vendor for the Music Festival world, so this year you’ll be able to catch us at Bonaroo, Electric Forest, FireFly, Lightning in a Bottle and more! We’re also taking over a few NASCAR and Moto events. 

Lastly, any words of wisdom?

Ah, you don’t need my wisdom! You guys inspire me! I love seeing women being fierce, taking (calculated) risks, having fun and getting a little dirty. Can’t wait to follow-along on this year’s adventure! 
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Total Chaos Fabrication – Official Suspension of the 2019 Rebelle Rally

TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication will return as the Official Suspension of the 2019 Rebelle Rally.  Without TC, the Rebelle Rally would be a bumpy ride in more ways than one. We trust our vehicles and bodies to their insanely well-crafted equipment and their incredibly capable crew as our selected pool of media drivers. A huge thank you the entire crew for supporting us since Day One, and for taking our vehicles AND rally next level.



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Total Chaos Fabrication – Official Suspension of the 2018 Rebelle Rally

TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication – The name synonymous with premium suspension parts. It’s common to hear people say TC is like a magic carpet ride. And that’s one ride we don’t mind taking. Watch to see why we rely on TOTAL CHAOS products, and their people, 365 days a year.

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Meet DMOS Collective Founder Susan Pieper

Today’s Basecamp is brought to you by two woman-owned businesses. And we’d like to introduce you to our first one, DMOS Collective.

The Rebelle is all about self sufficiency and skills. It’s about having the right tools, and knowing how to use them. But as we know, sometimes people can go overboard. That’s why we keep it simple. A reliable tire compressor, tools we know how to use (don’t forget duct tape zip ties, and hose clamps), a set of MAXTRAX, a power pack for jumpstarting when a second vehicle is no where to be found, and of course – a collapsible shove.

We couldn’t be more excited to find a shovel company that is purpose built, innovative, and woman – owned. Not only does DMOS founder Susan Pieper pose a never-give-up, positive spirit just like a Rebelle, she is a Rebelle: Team #178 – Teton Drift: The Fast and Luxurious.  DMOS is not just another simple SKU in a big company’s catalog. They are all about creating, and are product-specialists who live and breathe design and delivering great products for those who need it. We caught up with Susan to find out the brilliance behind DMOS:

DMOS Collective – what’s in a name?

My Company DMOS is all about empowering big experiences in extreme conditions. If you’ve ever been out there and gotten stuck, you know how bad it is not to have a shovel. Existing shovels are either too small and are short-shafted making digging unpleasant or they are too dumb, heavy, and awkward to stow so that they are not something you want to own. DMOS has turned shovels into your essential gear that you want to own and carry with you that allows you to “Do My Own Stuff.” We are all about empowering you by giving you the right tool.

You’re a young company (est. 2015) that has morphed quite a bit in a short amount of time. What have you learned in the transition from now being so much more than just a shovel?

I’ve learned that a small idea which resonates with people can grow into a big idea quickly! And, that that takes tremendous perseverance, persistence, and will power to see through. We had one product in 2015, launched our second in 2016, moved production from China onshore to the United States in 2017, have currently 6 different shovel models on the market today and are in the process of making vehicle mounts, kits, and storage cases. Our dream is to allow you to explore more by having the right tools and storage for your car, truck, RV, camper, snowmobile, ATV, etc.

Why is a DMOS shovel such a vital tool to empower big adventures in the outdoors?

Have you ever been stuck? Because, if you have, you’ll know that a shovel is your first, most basic tool to getting unstuck. Even without traction pads, if you can dig around your tires, you can always find rocks or sticks to use for traction and get unstuck saving you untold hours, expense, and just a delay in having the adventure you seek. We aim to keep you moving, in style. Our shovel is also perfect for grooming your tent site and tending your campfire as well as making sure it is out. You never need to buy another shovel… you’ve got one that is for all season, all terrain types – how cool is that?

You have so many events to consider, why did you choose to support the Rebelle?

We wanted to support the Rebelle because we believe in getting out and after it and the Rebelle is 1200 kilometers of adventure for sure! We also love the idea that the Rebelle empowers women to be extremely competent offroad drivers and navigators and the empowerment piece of Rebelle fits us a brand. Plus the Rebelles do a lot of digging in sand and we know that they will appreciate having a great shovel tool (in awesome colors!) which is what we’re about.

You shifted from being made overseas to made in the USA (Portland) What drove this decision?

We wanted to make the most quality tool you could own “buy once, buy the best” and we also wanted to shorten lead times to be able to bring products to market faster. We accomplished both of these things by vertically aligning with Lit Workshop in Portland, Oregon, a Deming-inspired factory that manufactures all of our products. It was a bet the company change in 2017 but having just come from the factory last week, it was totally worth it. Our Safety Red shovel looks like a Ferrari and our Silver Streak is like a Porsche. The tolerances are perfect and we know that people will enjoy the ownership experience of these fine tools which really is the goal. We can’t wait to get your feedback!

Can you go into more details about DMOS Collective’s sensible design approach?

I’ve always been a fan of minimalism in design. I admire the work of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright. DMOS’s shovels are built to be super functional, extremely durable (daresay unbreakable but someone can construct an way to break one, I’m sure), and compact. We do not use the extra weld in the corners because it’s unnecessary and allows a strap to be inserted in the wings so that you can secure the shovel to any pack or rack. We made the entire family of Alpha shovels and Stealth Pro all on the same platform as the Stealth as the Stealth is already perfect. Now that we’re in development on our new Delta shovel, it’s really challenging us to evolve the minimalistic design into a new product family that still is DMOS. Stay tuned!

Lastly, any words of wisdom for entrepreneurial, adventurous women?

GO FOR IT! I can honestly say that the journey of building DMOS is one that is making me into a better version of myself: more compassionate, faithful, persistent, and resilient. No, it’s not easy, but neither is the Rebelle! Yet both are about recognizing we only get one life so live your dreams and don’t hold back.

And this week only, Rebelle fans following the rally can order at 20% off using REBELLESDIG20 at – and just in time for Christmas!

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Chocolove – Official Chocolate Supplier of the 2018 Rebelle Rally

Listen up Rebelles! We’re thrilled to welcome Chocolove as our official chocolate supplier of the 2018 Rebelle Rally. Chocolove, we’re enamored. You had us at orange peel in dark chocolate. We can’t wait to introduce you to this high-quality, made in Boulder, Rainforest Alliance Certified™ chocolate to the rally. Family-owned, several families work for the company, and they take great pride in crafting every square, made with love. You know it’s good when the founder, Timothy Moley, is a medicinal botanist who has eaten two bars a day for the past 20 years. Sounds like a program we can start right about now.

Chocolove, thank you for helping Rebelles make it through to the finish line!

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Corkcicle – 2nd Year Sponsor of the Rebelle Rally

Top Five Reasons why we love CORKCICLE:

5) Sleek design, high functionality.
4) Proprietary triple insulation – keeps drinks cold for 25 hours, hot for 12.
3) Fits perfectly in our cup holders (stays put over whoops).
2) Reusable. No plastic waste here!
1) They believe in us, and they believe in Rebelles.

We’re so excited to announce that Corkcicle is back as a second-year sponsor of the Rebelle Rally. For more on the company, including their full innovative product line-up and initiatives, head over to And Rebelles, your exclusive 2018 Rebelle-branded canteen will be waiting for you at Tech thanks to the crew at Corkcicle!

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Coola – 2018 Rebelle Rally Suncare Sponsor

Rebelles, you know and love the brand, and future Rebelles you’ll get to know it very soon. The name is COOLA, and we can’t live without it. We’re so excited to welcome them back as our suncare sponsor for 2018!

A triple threat – Organic, high-performing, and nourishing, COOLA is effortless to wear and conquers whatever we throw at it – literally. And we’re devoted. COOLA thank you for always having our back!

Coola – 2018 Rebelle Rally Suncare Sponsor2018-10-02T04:05:13-07:00

Rebelle Rally and Tepui Tents Announce Partnership

The Rebelle Rally has partnered with Santa Cruz company, Tepui Tents. Known as the standard of quality in the rooftop tent space, Tepui will sponsor the 2018 all women’s 10-day rally.

The Rebelle community is comprised of adventurous people who take their well-earned skills from the endurance event, and apply it to their future journeys. Rebelles must rely on their gear for durability, reliability, and safety. Tepui is known for their quality, ease of use, and a team that not only backs up their gear, but also tests it extensively through their own adventures.

“We welcome Tepui to the Rebelle Rally and community. Tepui’s products are built on a no-compromise mantra of quality, functionality, and reliability, and they’re backed by a top-notch staff of die-hard outdoorspeople that test their gear extensively and authentically. We are proud to be a part of the Tepui team,” noted Rally Director, Emily Miller.

With leading innovation and relentless durability in all of their products, here are some of Tepui’s standout features we count on:

  • Patented zipper system called Zipper Gimp allows you to zip in and out different tops.
  • Premium materials
  • Minimal weight, maximal strength
  • Ease of use and comfort of the interior space helps give the Rebelle Rally support staff the best night sleep possible despite the long hours and distances they travel.

With confidence in Tepui even the most unpredictable conditions, the Rebelle Rally is proud to rely on their well-earned title as the leader of rooftop tents.

It’s important that people have the best gear and the right tools to choose from for their adventures. When our journeys call for a rooftop tent, we trust Tepui.

Learn more @

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TOTAL CHAOS – Official 2018 Partner Story

TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication Named Official Suspension Partner of the 2018 Rebelle Rally

The Rebelle Rally is in a class all on its own as a driving and navigation challenge, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the companies they choose to partner with are just as unique as the event. Case in point: TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication (TC). Single-handedly responsible for the “midtravel” suspension segment with their introduction of the tubular Upper Control Arm (UCA) in 2002, these arms use race-quality components to increase wheel travel without the need for custom fabrication. And with TC’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, customer service, and constant innovation, they have been named the Official Suspension Partner of the 2018 Rebelle Rally.

“We became involved with the Rebelle because this event is really different than other events. We enjoy being different,” TC co-founder Nicole Pitell-Vaughan explained. “I feel the Rebelle promotes self-confidence and encourages women to get out and explore. The competitors gain a tremendous amount of personal confidence, and their family and friends grow with the women throughout their journey. What I find unique is that it is not gender specific in regards to the Rebelle’s fan base.”

TOTAL CHAOS products have been used in events from the Baja 1000 to the Dakar Rally, and also extensively at the Rebelle Rally. Rebelle Event Director, Emily Miller, drove a TC-equipped Lexus GX470 during the 2017 edition, in addition to using the Lexus to set much of the course. The combination of the powerful V8 engine with TC suspension and King Shocks made it the perfect rally vehicle for the winding trails and big dunes. A whole contingent of TC staff was also at the Rebelle the last two years transporting media, sweeping the course, and showcasing the performance and durability of their products first hand. TOTAL CHAOS employee Rori Lewis competed in the Rebelle in 2017. Teamed with Tiffany Walker, the newcomers finished a very impressive 7th place in Tiffany’s TC-equipped FJ Cruiser.

By replacing the control arm ball joint with a high angle, race-quality uniball, TOTAL CHAOS UCA’s provide more suspension travel when installed with high performance shock absorbers. The tubular chromoly UCA’s also correct caster when lift is added – aiding in alignment. TOTAL CHAOS UCA’s are a perfect match for a set of oversized tires. This combination can transform a vehicle’s suspension, making it capable of withstanding the rigors of off-road driving with confidence and comfort day in and day out.

TOTAL CHAOS’s product line includes tubular upper control arms for most popular trucks and SUVs with independent front suspension, including Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge. Toyota owners looking for even more performance can benefit from TC’s long travel kits that are capable of maximizing the front wheel travel of your vehicle.

During the Rebelle, competitors drive street legal vehicles in one of two classes – 4×4 or Crossover. Within the 4×4 class, the designation of Bone Stock means a vehicle has not been modified. While Bone Stock is definitely a way to give credit to those who choose OEM, those who drive modified vehicles benefit most from upgraded, aftermarket suspension and quality off-road tires. “In any endurance off-road adventure or competition, performance, durability and reliability are critical. We can only stand behind the best products, which is why TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication wears the Official Partner badge of the rally. Plus, we drive what we promote and have had long-term success with TOTAL CHAOS parts and kits,” noted Miller.

“We don’t like to make compromises in product quality around here,” Pitell-Vaughan confesses. “We make all of our products in house right here in Southern California from the best materials available.” TC has a reputation for customer service that is just as exacting as their products; run by enthusiasts who walk the walk.

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Announcing Our 2017 Equipment Supplier – Big Agnes

A successful Rebelle Rally or challenging adventure is all about preparation and choosing the right gear that you can trust. What’s critical for a success?  A good night’s sleep! So we don’t go anywhere without our Big Agnes gear. We are stoked to announce that Big Agnes is returning as our official equipment supplier!

Named for a peak out their backdoor in Steamboat Springs, Big Agnes is an awesome crew dedicated to the outdoors.  They put their gear through the paces and continually work to make the best. So when we make our recommendations, it’s been tested thoroughly by all of us.

What’s our go to? MountainGlo tents, Q-Core Deluxe sleeping pads, and any sleeping bag rated at 20° or colder. Thanks to our incredible partner, we can rest easy!

Announcing Our 2017 Equipment Supplier – Big Agnes2017-10-03T00:40:02-07:00