Meet DMOS Collective Founder Susan Pieper

Today’s Basecamp is brought to you by two woman-owned businesses. And we’d like to introduce you to our first one, DMOS Collective. The Rebelle is all about self sufficiency and skills. It’s about having the right tools, and knowing how to use them. But as we know, sometimes people can go overboard. That’s why we keep it simple. A reliable tire compressor, tools we know how to use (don’t forget duct tape zip ties, and hose clamps), a set of [...]

Meet DMOS Collective Founder Susan Pieper2018-11-26T10:59:54-08:00

DMOS Collective – Official 2018 Partner Story

We’re excited to announce DMOS Collective as an official 2018 Rebelle Rally sponsor. Woman-owned, made in Oregon, headquartered in Jackson Hole, and with fierce tough-times tackling ability, DMOS’ innovative designs began a pro-quality tool revolution back in 2015 when they reimagined the shovel. And they haven’t slowed down since. The built-to-last collection not only meets the demands of the outdoors, they make even the most challenging adventures more conquerable. From their first product, a purpose-designed packable shovel, to now building even more [...]

DMOS Collective – Official 2018 Partner Story2018-08-28T18:10:55-08:00