Rebelle Rally and Tepui Tents Announce Partnership

The Rebelle Rally has partnered with Santa Cruz company, Tepui Tents. Known as the standard of quality in the rooftop tent space, Tepui will sponsor the 2018 all women’s 10-day rally.

The Rebelle community is comprised of adventurous people who take their well-earned skills from the endurance event, and apply it to their future journeys. Rebelles must rely on their gear for durability, reliability, and safety. Tepui is known for their quality, ease of use, and a team that not only backs up their gear, but also tests it extensively through their own adventures.

“We welcome Tepui to the Rebelle Rally and community. Tepui’s products are built on a no-compromise mantra of quality, functionality, and reliability, and they’re backed by a top-notch staff of die-hard outdoorspeople that test their gear extensively and authentically. We are proud to be a part of the Tepui team,” noted Rally Director, Emily Miller.

With leading innovation and relentless durability in all of their products, here are some of Tepui’s standout features we count on:

  • Patented zipper system called Zipper Gimp allows you to zip in and out different tops.
  • Premium materials
  • Minimal weight, maximal strength
  • Ease of use and comfort of the interior space helps give the Rebelle Rally support staff the best night sleep possible despite the long hours and distances they travel.

With confidence in Tepui even the most unpredictable conditions, the Rebelle Rally is proud to rely on their well-earned title as the leader of rooftop tents.

It’s important that people have the best gear and the right tools to choose from for their adventures. When our journeys call for a rooftop tent, we trust Tepui.

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