Team Feature: Headings & Distance - Laura & Holly

April 22nd, 2024

Step into the world of Team #138 Heading and Distance, where when it comes to lifelong learning, Laura Moore and Holly Casey take education seriously. The team’s motto for success on the Rebelle Rally? “Practice, Practice, Practice!” Both seasoned competitors, they joined forces for the first time in 2023 and secured an impressive Top 20 finish. And it all began during previous training sessions, where they bonded over similar goals and shared stories about their grandchildren, laying the groundwork for a great friendship. With Laura’s steady, skilled driving and Holly’s calm demeanor coupled with navigation experience, they perfectly complement each other’s strengths. Read on to see how their unique partnership drives them to new heights – and how anything can happen with a sewing machine, a chop saw, and a welder!

Laura Moore, driver for Team #138, thrives on the thrill of exploration. A two-time Rebelle competitor, her journeys extend well beyond the rally. She’s hiked Machu Picchu via the demanding 4600m Salkantay Pass, explored the Yangtze River in China, and enjoyed very unique wildlife encounters including having breakfast with monkeys in Kenya. Besides being a retired Seminary Professor with a love for sci-fi and fantasy, Laura cherishes the outdoors, enjoying adventures both with and without her beloved third teammate, a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU Rubicon. “I enjoy playing golf, hiking, road trips, and exploring the 4×4 trails in the Southwest,” said Laura. “Fortunately, many of my family members enjoy the same thing since I love spending time with them.”

For navigator Holly Casey, her first Rebelle Rally experience was in 2018 when her son’s then-girlfriend (now wife!) needed a partner. Holly gladly volunteered for the adventure and was hooked! “I’m fascinated by maps, old-school navigation, and exploring the unknown,” says Holly. 2024 mark her sixth Rebelle, and she’s eager for the challenge and camaraderie. “The intensity of the ‘game’ and the wonderful people keep bringing us back.” She shared. When she’s not training for her next rally, Holly and her husband keep busy with projects like building their own airplane hanger in Idaho. “I have so many creative interests that they compete with each other for time,” said Holly. “If I need or want something, I try to figure out how to make it instead of buying it. I say that anything can happen with a sewing machine, a chop saw, and a welder.”

Both teammates find it challenging to be away from their families during the ten-day rally, but take comfort knowing they’re supporting from afar watching every kilometer they conquer (Laura’s family keeps a text thread going throughout the competition.) And thanks to Rebelle Live Show host Katy Kunkel, they’ve earned the name “The Badass Grandmas,” affectionately shortened to “The Bags.” This name has become more popular than their official team name, Team Heading and Distance! Laura’s daughter contributed further by supplying matching socks emblazoned with “Badass Grandma,” which they will be sure to show off during the competition this October because their advice to rookies is, “Have fun, don’t be too serious.”
You’ll find Holly and Laura in their Jeep Wrangler, decked out in their signature socks and geared up to conquer the terrain, at the start line for the 2024 Rebelle Rally, ready to be badass grandmas once again!