The Rebelle 4030 designation. A designation to show respect and appreciation to those who choose to take on the Rebelle in a vehicle 40 years or older. As you can imagine, given the length of the competition and nature of the course, we haven’t seen a ton of competitors (and vehicles) stepping up to the challenge. Except for today’s Team Thursday, Courtney Latter and Holly Casey! These two women out of California are taking on the Rebelle in Courtney’s 1969 Jeep Wagoneer as Team Trail Tested, #149!

Holly is from King City, California where she currently resides. She’s a longarm quilter, which is exactly what it sounds like – using a long arm quilting machine which sews three layers at once. She’s joining the Rebelle because she likes to be outside and have new experiences, and is super excited to team up with Courtney – Holly says her favorite thing about her is she isn’t afraid to leave it all on the line!

Holly once went on a 39 mile breast cancer fundraiser walk on a scorching hot weekend with a bum knee and pulled groin muscle and still finished in the top 20% (Holly, little did you know that was great preparation for this year’s Rebelle). And a little known fact about her is she likes to go deer hunting.

Courtney is from Half Moon Bay, CA and now resides in Paso Robles, CA. She’s a small business owner, and was an animal science major in college. Courtney is competing in the Rebelle because she loves to off-road and equally loves a good challenge! She noted the Rebelle is both, and allows her to meet other incredible women with the same passion.

That one trip that changed or affected her as a person?

“I had just purchased a 1994 Toyota Pickup rock crawler and took it to run The Rubicon Trail. Less than a mile in my power steering pump went out. I knew I didn’t want to turn around but I also knew rock crawling with manual steering may be physically impossible for me. It was one of the most difficult things I had ever done but I drove the entire trail. My arms were bruised and limp by the time I made it home, but I couldn’t wait to go back! (with power steering)”

Speaking of vehicles, we gotta ask about that Wagoneer …”I found the Wagoneer out in a field and knew I had to have it. I thought it would make a great overland style vehicle, and that the Rebelle was the perfect event for it. It has many of the amenities of a newer vehicle, while retaining that nostalgic vibe.”