Think you have to be a hardcore off-roader to enjoy the Rebelle Rally? Think again! Team Never Quit Challenge, #165 is new to the Rebelle Rally, but their experience with navigation and reckoning goes back to their time competing in offshore endurance races. Meet Julie Hart and Shawn Alladio: two old friends whose inspiration is to serve others and to inspire people!

Originally from Norco, California and currently residing in Anaheim Hills, Julie is a manager at a Fortune 100 corporation who loves to travel – a passion sparked from an 18-day trek through Thailand, Cambodia, and South Korea. Exploring the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia was one of the most moving experiences in Julie’s life. With its spiritual significance and sheer beauty, it was emotionally moving for her and a place where she could quietly reflect on life: past, present, and future. She believes this visit helped ground her, as well as provide a reset to tackle some of the worst life challenges she has faced since that time.

Shawn says, “Julie’s skills are layered regarding all aspects of the Rebelle; there really isn’t anything she cannot do. I don’t think she really needs a partner, because she is self-reliant, but I’m lucky to be along with the adventure!”  Julie is not one to shy away from a challenge, which was a big motivator in competing in the 2018 Rebelle Rally.

Shawn is a boating safety instructor in California who first heard about the Rebelle Rally from her teammate Julie. “I like the spirit of the Rebelle immensely,” Shawn explained. “I like partnership and teams, that’s where I see great things happen. Adventure is meaningful in life, it readies us to facilitate actions, strive to overcome hardships, and certainly for me the Rebelle is this and is a perfect match for our charity, Rescue Water Craft Association.”

“Shawn has a fire in her soul that drives her in everything she does; integrity, determination and ability to manage fierce storms that come her way,” Julie shared.  Those qualities will certainly come in handy during eight days of competition in the most remote corners of the Southwest with no phones or electronics to rely on.

Team #165- Never Quit Challenge will be piloting Julie’s 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon., affectionately named the Unrulicon, because what else would “Unruly” Julie drive. 😉