Honda’s “Challenging Spirit” definitely comes across in today’s Team Tuesday profile: two Honda R&D Americas associates who are fueling their love of adventure through the very vehicle they’re behind – the Honda Ridgeline. The Ridgeline Rebels, #209, Michelle Klein and Maria Guitar, worked with other associates at Honda R&D Americas, including their husbands, to specifically prep their Rebelle competition vehicle. Talk about teamwork and team building! In a short amount of time, they went through a great learning experience and built incredible camaraderie and friendship…and the rally hasn’t even begun yet.

Originally from Alsip, Illinois and currently living in Dublin, Ohio, Michelle Klein holds the title of Safety/Crash Test Engineer at Honda R&D Americas. Her adventures have taken her across the world, including one impactful trip visiting her relatives in Palau by herself at age 24. There, she learned about her strength of independence, passion for exploring the unknown, and desire to keep stepping out of her comfort zone. She also learned a ton about the culture and how Palauans on the island live life to the fullest, stating the focus is on caring for people, goodwill, and being together. And the best thing about her teammate Maria? “Her awesome optimism and lively spirit to conquer anything! She is up for the challenge and pushes through the tough moments with enthusiasm, a smile, and lots of laughs!”

Maria is from the Turkana desert in Kenya, and also now lives in Ostrander, Ohio. She is an Engine Test Engineer for Honda R&D Americas where she works with Michelle. Excited to be teaming up with her for the Rebelle? Absolutely!

“The Rebelle combines everything I love in life! Beautiful outdoor places, maps, off-road driving, adventure, good camaraderie, you can’t beat this combination of fun! And our company, Honda R&D Americas, has been very gracious to sponsor us and provide the opportunity to compete in the Rebelle this year. We chose the Honda Ridgeline because we are excited to experience the off-road abilities of this vehicle, and hope to gain more insight into how we can help with future developments of the Ridgeline.”