These two women did not know each other before the Rebelle, but after competing together in 2017, their newly formed bond is taking them on a second round of Rebelle! Please welcome back today’s Team Tuesday, Team Roads Less Travelled (RLT) Rori Lewis and Tiffany Walker!

After being the only “rookies” to place in the Top Ten last year, Office Assistant at TOTAL CHAOS and navigator Rori Lewis from Hesperia, CA, is excited to push herself to the NEXT LEVEL in 2018. Competing last year not only helped her confidence tremendously, it also taught her that when give 100%, you can overcome anything.

Rori also pointed out to us last year’s Rebelle was so challenging because it was all about the unknown. This year, she foresees its challenge will lie on being too hard on herself. Although she mentions that the Rebelle has helped with that, too.

“I know I can’t control everything, but it sure gets to me when I can’t. The Rebelle helps me with that. If I click the wrong blue flag, or don’t get at least half the points for a black, or if I tell Tiffany to take the wrong trail…any little mistake…it’s a constant reminder for over a week to just do my best, take my time, and know that T-Bird (Tiffany) won’t leave me in the middle of the desert if I make a mistake!”

Rori’s favorite memory from last year was the very last checkpoint before headed back to basecamp. Winds were at an all-time high in Glamis, and the day was brutal. After plotting wrong, they met up with Team Wild Grace, where navigator Sedona checked her point and they realized they were just south of where they needed to be. With time creeping up quickly, Rori and Tiffany decided to go for it and Wild and Grace stayed behind. RLT came around the trees and there was the checkpoint! They were hoping to see Team Wild Grace pull up right behind them, and sure enough, they saw them coming down the road towards the checkpoint. So they were all able to ring in the score of the final checkpoint of the final day together as the rally officially came to a close.

Tiffany residess in Colorado Springs CO, where she’s in Marketing and Communications for Compassion International. She can’t wait to get back in the dirt with Rori, as last year was full of discoveries for both of them. They discovered they’re incredibly compatible, they’re much better at their respective rally “jobs” than they though they’d be and well…who doesn’t want a week of adventure, challenge, fun, and competition with like-minded women all rolled into one?!

When we asked Tiffany what makes the Rebelle so challenging, she stated it’s the surprises – they’re literally around every corner!

Tiffany is a planner and scheduler. During the Rebelle, in every minute of every hour for 10 hours a day you are making decisions based on the next “surprise” thrown your way. Tiffany said you just can’t plan for those relentless, challenging circumstances, which as a planner, Tiffany found difficult. But obviously she got through it as her team scored in the Top Ten!

“Rori and I had set a stretch goal of ‘trying’ for the Top 10. We ended up in 7th place and were the only rookies completely new to rallying to make the Top 10. This year, we’re setting our sights higher and are shooting for the podium. We know it’s a high goal, but in the words of Henry David Thoreau, ‘What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you BECOME by achieving your goals.’ So here we go…!”