Best way to kick your week off right? Team Week here at the Rebelle starting now! The countdown to Rebelle Rally 2018 is officially on (ten days!), and this is the place to get to know your 2018 competitors all week long. With diverse stories from all walks of life, we can’t wait for you to meet the rest of the Rebelles! And we’re launching our favorite month with none other than Team #163, Cinnamon and Gunpowder – Sarah Bonvallet and Shelby Wagner. Two business owners whose many talents and joy of the challenge has brought them together to Rebelle this year.

Sarah grew up in Algonquin Illinois, lived in Missoula, Montana for six years, and now call Minneapolis her home. She’s the co-owner and Creative Director of Dangerous Man Brewing Co, and before brewing, she was a longtime Girl Scout. Starting in first grade, Sarah unknowingly began training for the Rebelle – from learning how to start 1-match fires, camping in the pouring rain, and connecting with and strongly supporting other women, her experience as a Girl Scout lasted through high school.

Another anecdote of preparation? An impactful trip to the Colorado mountains when she was nine. Camping outside amongst the pines, stars, dry hot days, and mountains made Sarah appreciate the elements – and led her to become a self-described mountain girl! She’s narrowed her must-haves on our outdoor adventure to three things – her Leatherman, current book of choice, and coffee with cream (Cafe Moto looking at you!)

Teaming up with Shelby was a no-brainer for Sarah. “Shelby is one of the wisest, strongest and most even-keeled humans I know. Shelby’s talents are so cross-sectional but the one I will rely on during the Rally will be her calm, zen-like approach to challenges. She also has the greatest smile and laugh, something I will look forward to when we lost in the dunes!”

At least they’ll be “lost in the dunes” in style thanks to the team’s 2005 LJ from Zeus Off Road!

Shelby is originally from Minneapolis and currently lives in Bloomington, Minnesota where she’s the co-owner of Zeus Off Road and an agile coach. She’s not leaving home without homemade food prepared with love, clean underwear, and a journal + pen.

Shelby loves food (Shelby, you’ll be in good hands at the Rebelle) and truly enjoys the history, love, and care that goes into growing food, as well as bringing a recipe to life. Some say she’s a bit obsessed, but conversation over food with friends and family are some of her happiest moments.

Another happy moment – her European backpacking adventure with a friend after college – before Google maps! Shelby explored new cities by taking different modes of transportation, and waking up seeing where the day would take her. She came back with a greater sense of independence and feeling empowered – if she could navigate her way through foreign countries, she could make her way through anything. And next week, she’ll be making her way through the Rebelle.

“When I first saw the Rebelle Rally featured on Facebook 2 years ago I honestly knew in that moment I would do it someday. I am a risk taker and the steeper the challenge the better, especially when skill and intellect are involved. I figure if I’m comfortable and feel like I know everything, then I must be standing still. Also, I’m tech-averse, so I’m excited to learn a new skill many would see as a lost art.”