Team Tuesday 2020: Rochelle & Melissa

What could possibly be better than competing with your sister in the Rebelle? Competing with your sister in the Rebelle in your father’s 1969 Bronco!

Stoked to welcome Team Roaming Wolves to today’s Team Tuesday. With an adventurous spirit and shared goal for the Rebelle; to try something new, to learn, to do their best, and meet other amazing women all while having a blast – Team #141 is going in thrilled to try something out of their comfort zone.
And they’ve got a fire lit under them for that Bronco prep – the duo cannot wait to add more memories to the beloved family Bronco that played such a large part in their childhood. Read on to find more about this pair of Pacific Northwest sisters who are choosing to enjoy life rather than just live it!

Hometown/Current town

Rochelle: Portland+Vancouver/Battle Ground, WA
Melissa: Portland, OR


Rochelle: Photographer and stay-at-home mom
Melissa: User experience designer and content strategist

What made you compete this year?

Rochelle: I have wanted to compete in the Rebelle for a while now. I have an adventurous spirit that I don’t get to use too often, but when my husband learned that I wanted to compete, he was all-in and a huge motivator. I spoke with a couple of Rebelles at the NW Overland Rally last year and their enthusiasm only confirmed that this is something I needed to do. I’m pushing myself to try things out of my comfort zone, and I’m thrilled to be doing it in an epic event alongside such strong and kickass women.
Melissa: I learned about the Rebelle from my sister (and teammate!) Rochelle, who had been following the 2019 event. She asked if I wanted to do a crazy thing with her, and without hesitation (or really knowing what I was getting into), I said HECK YES!, then immediately asked what the hell a Rebelle Rally was. Once she explained, I was thrilled. For me, doing the Rebelle is all about having an adventure with my sis (adulting tends to get in the way of experiences like this, so it’s a rare and amazing opportunity), learning new skills, doing something entirely for ME, and proving to myself that I can do anything I set out to, even if it’s completely foreign to me. (Which, uh, this is.)

How did you and your teammate meet? Why did you choose her?

Rochelle: I just happened to be talking to my sister about the rally, how I wanted to start enjoying life rather than just living it, how we should be pursuing our dreams, and without even knowing much about the rally, my sister volunteered to be my teammate! I am fortunate to be teaming with my sister because we have an excellent and honest relationship, we understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and can push and motivate each other. Also, we both have weird sense of humors that make us laugh uncontrollably, and I’m sure that’ll help us on the long, trying days. We share the same goal for the Rebelle; to try something new, to learn, to do our best, and meet other amazing women, all while having a blast. Our team name stems from our maiden name – Wolf!
Melissa: See above

Tell us about your competition vehicle. Why did you choose it to compete in?

Rochelle: It was only fitting that we compete in our 1969 Ford Bronco that we inherited from our late father, who purchased it new in ’68. Work had already begun on our Bronco, that had sat for nearly 20 years, and its age was quite apparent from the rusted-out floors to the brittle wiring, and the engine was filled with decades old sludge. But it is completely being glammed up with updated systems and new parts, while still maintaining its natural patina. Running it in the Rebelle is something that we want to do to honor our dad and celebrate the Bronco’s resurrection! Plus, the 4030 special designation is a bonus!
Melissa: We’ll be competing in our dad’s ‘69 Ford Bronco. Insane? Hope not. 😉 Dad bought it brand new in ‘68 and it played a large part in our childhood — camping trips, target shooting, trail riding, etc. When Dad passed in 2014, it wasn’t in great shape and had been garaged for 20 years (!!!), but we knew we couldn’t part with it — in fact, we were going to rebuild it and use it for another 20 years if we could. When we decided to do the Rebelle, that just lit a fire under us to get it done sooner, and make sure the build would work for the rigors of the rally, and not just weekend adventures. It’s been incredible to see it come back together after all these years…we just wish Dad were alive to see it. It’s definitely going to be emotional for us, but we see it as a way to honor Dad’s legacy. #feels

Any fun facts you’d like to fill us in on?

Rochelle: I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 19 years. We have four kids, ages 4 to 14, a dog named Poppet (so that I could come home and say, in a British accent, “’Alo, Poppet”), and five chickens named after silly Disney birds. I’m extremely quiet and introverted until I’m comfortable, then my goofy side appears. I enjoy a good diy project, whether it is remodeling our home or woodworking, and I love taking long road trips and overlanding with my family, with a dream to someday travel the world with them.
Melissa: Let’s see, fun facts…I once co-founded an alternative monthly newspaper that actually did pretty well for a couple of years before folding. I’ve lived in Costa Rica twice, and love to travel (my favorite destination so far has been Ireland). I’m a massive Harry Potter nerd (house: Hufflepuff). I love karaoke and chipped my tooth last year going too hard on a Rage Against the Machine song. I’m more into activities than sports — hiking, kayaking, dancing, bouldering — the sort of things where it’s not awkward to follow up with a self-congratulatory cocktail, you know? (Though I was once named MVP at my very first curling outing, so, you know…look out.) I also enjoy just hanging with the fam, vintage shopping, interior design, cooking, learning languages, arts and crafts (I’m currently teaching myself to watercolor), spreadsheeting everything (I know, gross), and writing.

Can’t wait to meet everyone in person and get out there!