Team Tuesday 2020 – Sedona & Lyn


What’s in a name? We’ll find out in today’s Team Tuesday – Sedona Blinson and Lyn Woodward, Team #106 Wild Grace!
This is the second year these two are competing together in a Nissan vehicle. Last year they drove the Armada Mountain Patrol and piloted it to a Top Ten finish in the 4×4 class. How do they feel about competing together this year, and better yet, what are their plans for extraterrestrial adventures? Read on to find out!

Hometown/Current town

Sedona: Apache Junction, AZ/ Sierra Vista, AZ
Lyn: New York City/NY, Los Angeles, CA


Sedona: Pre-School Teacher
Lyn: Automotive Journalist/Screenwriter

What made you compete this year?

Sedona: “I can’t quit you.” Really, each year is so different and I love pushing myself towards different goals.
Lyn: The Rebelle is my fly paper, what can I say. Every year offers up a great new story, and I can’t stay away from the people.

How did you and your teammate meet? Why did you choose her?

Sedona: We met at the 2017 Rebelle!
Lyn: See above

Tell us about your competition vehicle. Why did you choose it to compete in?

Sedona & Lyn: We’re partnering with Nissan again this year and bringing something special to the course that we can’t talk about yet, but we’re extremely excited for.

Nissan has been an incredible partner for the past four years. It’s exciting to see them here again for a 5th. Nissan’s the only OEM to have a vehicle compete all five years, so, like Sedona they’re 100% Rebelles. We love how supportive they’ve been not just of this event but of Team Wild Grace.

Any fun facts you’d like to fill us in on?

Sedona & Lyn: Thanks to the skills Sedona’s learned in the Rebelle, she’ll be teaching again this year at “Girl’s Confidence Camp.” Last year she taught basic automotive skills, and compass reading. This year she’s offering a virtual map reading class.

After the 2020 Rebelle Lyn hopes to earn the drivers seat of the next car Elon Musk shoots into space. If her extraterrestrial adventures don’t pan out, Lyn is currently writing a feature film about one of the first American female race car drivers.