Team Tuesday 2020: Stacey & Christine

Fun facts about today’s Team Tuesday: one is a Chief Officer of any Gross Tonnage upon Oceans, the other is a Certified Athletic Trainer, they’re longtime friends and Toyota truck owners, is out of her comfort zone on land, the other is fulfilling her bucket list…and their voyage trip to the Rebelle Rally is officially happening this October!

In today’s Team Tuesday please welcome Team #135 Stacey Sorenson and Christine Dahle!

Hometown/current town:

Stacey: Long Beach, CA

Christine: Orange Country, CA 


Stacey: Chief Officer of any Gross Tonnage upon Oceans.

Christine: Certified Athletic Trainer (Sports medicine)

What made you compete in the Rebelle Rally this year?

Stacey: It is kind of a funny story, I had never even heard about the Rebelle Rally prior to late last year. A few friends were hanging out at my house, Christine included, and a male friend of ours (who works for Method Wheels) mentioned the Rebelle Rally and that I should compete. Christine immediately jumped in saying how she has been following the rally and that it has been on her bucket list. So, I am thinking ok, what is this about? Our male friend showed me a video clip and said this would be a perfect challenge for Christine and I to do together because I navigate ships and Christine has some off road experience.
After seeing that video I was extremely intrigued and thought, wow, that does look fun. A few days later……when I am of course being lazy, my wife was like you need to do this, you haven’t done anything fun for yourself in a long time and it will get you out of this rut. I looked into it some more and I knew she was right, that this is an event for me. Although it is completely outside my comfort zone, strangely I am more comfortable on the ship isolated, then on land isolated, I knew I would have Christine, so I told myself, I can do this. Then the fun happened, knowing that this is not exactly my cup of coffee, it took me and the support of my wife, at least three or four times to convince Christine that I am serious about competing in the rally with her. She likes to challenge me but I knew I was in her top two choices of people to do it with and she finally said let’s do it.  So, on that note, I signed us up and here we are. The voyage plan is ready, the charts are out, the track lines are penciled in and the excitement is getting higher by the day.
Christine: I first learned about the Rebelle Rally about 4 years ago and ever since it has been on my bucket list. I have always enjoyed off-road driving/riding and I’m a very competitive person so this is a perfect challenge.  I love the fact that it is a women only event and it empowers women to prove to themselves what they are really capable of accomplishing. This rally and my teammate are giving me the opportunity to experience something I never would have dreamed of.

How did you and your teammate meet?

We met around 15-20 years ago through mutual friends. Over the years we have seen those mutual friends come and go, but we have continued to become closer as the years pass. When Christine bought her townhouse she rented a room to me and I lived with her for about three years until I bought my house in 2012.  We are both Packers fans so we enjoy watching football together and hanging out with friends.

Tell us about your competition vehicle. Why did you choose it to compete in?

Stacey: Christine and I both own Toyota trucks, she has a Tacoma and I have a full size 2017 Tundra 4×4.  Ultimately the choice came down to the vehicle with the 4 wheel drive. My Tundra doesn’t have very many miles on it, because, according to Christine, “I don’t go anywhere”. She says now is the time to put some miles on her! Also, I was touched by the widely public news following the wildfires in Northern California where a Tundra, now known as “Pandra”, drove through the blaze to save lives. The driver of the truck was a fellow California Maritime alumni. That truck survived the flames so my truck will handle whatever terrain the Rebelle challenges us to drive.
Christine:  As much as I wish there was a Prerunner class in the Rebelle, I’m very happy to be driving the bigger version of my truck. They look almost identical!

Any other fun facts you’d like to add in?

Stacey: I am a woman with the vocabulary of a well-educated sailor who has built a pirate ship in my backyard christened the Tanked Tanic. The ship even has a custom bulkhead known as the “surrender the booty wall” that chronicles evidence of the many visitors over the last 5 years. My friends like to refer to me as the Captain of the Pirate Ship and the whole crew musters onboard frequently to indulge and work on their sea legs. As the Captain, I have a Mermaid, my wife, who keeps me on course and watches over our treasures when I am away. Our biggest treasure of all is our little girl, a 10 pound fluffy little white pup named “Sailor”. The Captain, my Mermaid and Sailor love having our crew onboard where we set down our phones and engage in some good old fashion conversation filled with lots laughs. Life hasn’t always been this easy and fun, but as the saying goes, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. I enjoy being the goofball of our crew and I do it with a work hard play harder attitude. I have traveled all over the world and have done a lot of things, but to me the best times are the ones unplanned. Life is about getting out and having a good time. The Rally is going to allow me to put down my anchor and go explore unseen lands.
Christine: I grew up as a 4-H kid raising goats, sheep, pigs and horses. Sort of ironic being from Orange County!  In college I raced downhill mountain bikes during my college soccer season. My coach didn’t know about it and if she did, she probably would have killed me!