Team Tuesday: Becky & Samantha

Brightening up this Monday with a Team (Tuesday) Highlight!

Becky Brophy and Samantha Barber not only make up Team #152, they are also part of Toyota’s engineering and Central Resource & Development departments. Piloting a Toyota Sequoia, the duo out of Kentucky is thrilled to be expanding the Toyota PE Motorsports team to off-road competition – hence the Rebelle Rally!

Please welcome the Toyota Way-Finders! Find out more about these first-time Rebelles by reading on.

Welcome to the Rebelle, Becky and Samantha!

Hometown/Current town:

Becky: Newport, KY/Georgetown, KY
Samantha: Washington, IN/Frankfort, KY

Favorite Food:

Becky: Italian
Samantha: TACOS!

Something only your best friend knows about you:

Becky: I’m pretty much an open book I think lol but maybe an interesting fact is that I was the first female driver for Toyota PE Motorsports and  I tied for first against a McLaren driving a Camry in the 2019 OLOA Wet Skid Pad. I don’t think I’m very interesting hahaha.

Favorite place ever:

Becky: DISNEY!
Samantha: With my family, wherever that may be.

Why did you pick the vehicle you’re competing in?

Team: The Sequoia is made in North America, not commonly taken off-road, and gets us into the 4×4 class.

Why the Rebelle?

Team: We are expanding the Toyota PE Motorsports team to off-road competition, promoting women in engineering and manufacturing and to challenge ourselves.

Any shout-outs you’d like to make while you’ve got our attention?

Team: Thanks to Toyota Production Engineering, Toyota North America, Toyota Racing Development, Bass Pro Shops, Women Influencing and Impacting Toyota, Toyota TILT Lab, friends and family support.