Team Tuesday: Beth & Holly

Meet Maggie, a soon to be to be third teammate in the 2021 Rebelle Rally. And who’s the duo behind this beast of a 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road equipped with TOTAL Chaos suspension? That would be Team #128, Beth Rodriguez and Holly Trick! Please welcome Holly, Beth, and Maggie aka The Mad Maxines in today’s Team Tuesday!

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY and Chatham, MA, Beth and Holly are new to the Rebelle Rally. Both registered looking for a new adventure, and a way to challenge themselves in an outdoor adventure…all while meeting like-minded women in an environment like no other (they came to the right spot.)

We’re excited to see what kind of memories Beth and Holly create in this year’s Rebelle as they already have some pretty great stories to tell – which may or may not include bad haircuts blamed on siblings and a birth on the way to the hospital!

To find out which story belongs to which competitor, keep reading!

Hometown/Current town:

Beth: Floyds Knobs, Indiana/Brooklyn, New York
Holly: I consider it to be Lakeland, Fl although I was born in Valparaiso, IN/Chatham, MA

Favorite Food:

Beth: Her husband’s fajitas and mom’s quiche. (And ok, potato chips. Hoosiers love chips.)
Holly: Thai or Indian, especially saag or curry, and I have a major sweet tooth, so all desserts.

Something only your best friend knows about you:

Beth: In grade school I blamed a bad haircut on my older sister and claimed it was an experiment for her child development class.
Holly: This one is hard because I tend to tell everyone everything. So, some things few people know about me: I once had a belly button ring, and my husband delivered my son in the car on our way to the hospital. (Just kidding, everyone knows about that adventure!)

Favorite place ever:

Beth: The Sun Gate, Machu Picchu
Holly: It might be a tie between the turquoise waters of The Exumas or the Greek Islands, basically any tropical island with wind.

Why did you pick the vehicle you’re competing in?

Beth: The MultiCam Adventure Vehicle (@MultiCamADV) AKA “Maggie” is the Rodriguez family vehicle and the obvious choice for this event. When considering participating, I knew we would have fun in Maggie and that she’d be able to do everything we’d need her to. The team at Tactical Application Vehicles delivered a very capable vehicle. Check out https://www.teammadmaxines.com/the-rig for details.
Holly: Well, Beth is riding in Maggie, so I figured it was probably a good idea to go in the same vehicle as my partner.

Why the Rebelle?

Beth: Who wouldn’t want to do this?! I love an adventure and I am always looking to learn something new and challenge myself. The added element of having this be an all-female event was so exciting. It just felt like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I’m so thankful to be able to learn from the Rebelle community and can’t wait to get out there!
Holly: I recognize a once in a lifetime opportunity when I see one and getting involved in this event with a chance to really push my comfort level while learning new skills with an awesome partner was something I couldn’t pass up. I love the outdoors, adventure sports and meeting awesome women, so I’m truly thankful for all of the aligning stars that are allowing me to participate!

Any shout-outs you’d like to make while you have our attention?

Beth: Absolutely! Thanks to my husband, Ernesto, and son, Emilio, who are my biggest cheerleaders. To our friend, Amy, who wanted to participate but has a new baby, who has helped a ton behind the scenes. And thank you to all of our sponsors for making this possible. Check out @themadmaxines for more information on our partners. We are very proud to have such kick ass industry partners! We are also very proud to be fundraising for Warriors Heart Foundation. Check out www.teammadmaxines.com for more information.
Holly: A shout out to my husband Dave who will supposedly make this all possible by watching our children, and a shout out to my parents who will probably be the ones actually watching my children. A Shout out to all my minions (Aria, Wyatt, Pepper and Barney), my partner Beth, our friend Amy who is our teammate behind the scenes, and everyone else who is making this possible – especially our sponsors!