Team Tuesday: Erin & Mason

Although we may be kicking of the 6th Rebelle in just two days, that doesn’t mean we can’t make time for another Team Tuesday! Please welcome a set of Rebelle rookies today, Team Record the Journey #207 Erin Mason and S. “Mason” Converse!

We love the fact that these two are not only sister-in-laws, but military veterans, wives, and mothers. With a love of off-roading and commitment to advocating for PTSD awareness for all, Erin and Mason were chosen last year to compete in the 2021 Rebelle via Record the Journey, a non-profit who has been involved in the Rebelle since 2016. The organization helps active military, veterans, and their families reconnect through outdoor photography.

Along with their 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander, the duo is excited to be a part of the Rebelle – a competition they’ve been wanting to participate in since they discovered it. Stoked it’s happening this year, Erin and Mason!


Hometown/Current town:

Erin: Originally from Wildomar, CA and currently live on our farm in Quitman, TX
Mason: Quitman, TX/Hurricane, UT

Favorite food:

Erin: Tacos.
Mason: Sweet potatoes.

Something that only your best friend knows about you:

Erin: That one day I will hike the Pacific Coast Trail.
Mason: I’d risk my life for any animal, I’d think twice for most humans.

Favorite place ever:

Erin: Sipping Sangrias in Spain.
Mason: Moab, UT.

Why did you pick the vehicle you’re competing in?

Erin: Mitsubishi sponsors team Record the Journey and this year we were picked out of a pool of other female veterans to compete. I’m a Navy Combat Veterans and Mason is an Air Force Combat Veteran.
Mason: It was chosen for me.

Why the Rebelle?

Erin: After my sister in law and I discovered the rally years ago, we have been fascinated with it ever since! The competitive edge with no GPS and the off road ladies camaraderie had us wanting to be apart of it after every year watching. Last year we applied to be apart of Rachael’s team and both my sister in law Mason and I were picked for this years team!
Mason: I like to do extraordinary things and put myself in situations outside of my comfort zone. It is one of the therapies that I use for PTSD.

Any shout-outs you’d like to make while you’ve got our attention?

Erin: Huge shoutout to Rachael for training us to be prepared and our husbands that have been fully supportive for taking care of the home front while we’ve been out for weeks at a time getting ready for the Rebelle.
Mason: Rachael Ridenour for choosing us to represent her team, my good friend Eric Filar who made all this possible with one social media tag, my husband Chuck and our kids who have given me overwhelming support for the past year, and my brother who married my amazing teammate and gave me a best friend. And of course, our amazing sponsors! Mitsubishi Motors, Ally Financial, Record the Journey, Offroad Like a Girl, DMOS, BFG, Vision Wheel, Road Rage Engineering, and Skouts Honor.