We always say similar rally goals are key when competing as a team, and for today’s Team Tuesday team, that’s exactly what brought them together. Please welcome today’s dynamic Californian duo, Team Meraki: Jenn Zipp Richmond and Heather Lewis!

Jenn’s hometown is San Diego, where she lives with her husband and two children. Jenn is an “Original Rebelle” who loves off-roading, horseback riding, playtime with family, and taking photographs both on and off the road. While her occupation is “mom” (one of the hardest jobs we might add), Jenn is seriously into challenges – hence her signing up as the first “class” to take on the Rebelle Rally in 2016.

Jenn serendipitously found teammate Heather after “putting it out there in the universe” that she would be sent the perfect teammate. She was. Heather and Jenn had a connection from the first time they met, and kept in contact through social media. When she received a message from Heather this year inquiring if Jenn had a teammate, she knew Heather would be a perfect fit. Heather felt the exact same way. The rest, as they say, is history!

After getting through one round of Rebelle, Jenn’s must-have gear for this year? Neck support, chapstick (it is the desert after all), eye drops, and extra sunglasses! And what’s she looking forward to the most this time around? Focused driving, being led by her trusted navigator, the mental challenge, seeing old friends, and making new ones.

“There are so many reasons why I am returning to the 2017 Rebelle Rally. I return for the challenge, both personal and mental, for the camaraderie, for the education, for the inspiration and for the journey!” – Jenn Zipp Richmond

Heather currently resides in Costa Mesa, CA and is our first forensic scientist (pretty bad-ass – we know) to compete in the Rebelle! When she’s not working, Heather loves photography, off-roading, swimming and hiking.

Given her passions, she’s had quite a few incredible adventures over the years. One that really stands out to her is riding across the Nevada desert with her husband from hot spring to hot spring – a total of five hot springs in 2.5 days and 800 miles off-road on bikes. Fun AND relaxing was the winning combo that trip according to Heather!

Heather cannot wait to see the beautiful landscape that the Rebelle canvasses from beginning to end, and finding her way through it. As her team’s navigator, she’s really looking forward to the specific navigation portion and putting her skills to the test and…she hopes to lead Jenn to some blue and black checkpoints!

As navigator, Heather’s must-have gear thus far is her compass, plotter, pencils, erasers, calculator and minute scales. And for her, the most important gear is the CAR!

“The adventure is in the journey. The journey is the reward. Two things to live by.” – Heather Lewis