How many times do we say we’re going to do something, but we never get around to doing it, with “later” becoming “never?” Well that’s definitely not the case with today’s Team Tuesday! Jennifer Clark and Alicia Byers came together to compete in this year’s Rebelle with a mission, “If we don’t do the Rebelle now, then when?!” Their team name, Team Now or Never, was born from that mission. We like the name too, so let’s meet who’s behind it.

Jennifer’s hometown is Dekalb, Ilinois, and she currently resides in Prunedale, CA. She is the VP of Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance for a grower, packer and shipper in beautiful Salinas Valley. Working in farming, in her off time she enjoys running, hiking, mountain biking, camping and some good ole’ 4-wheelin.

Traveling has also been a part of her life, with her favorite trip being a hike to the top of Mt. Machu Picchu. A highlight was also seeing all the ruins in Peru, with a not-so-highlight being a rough case of food poisoning for her and her husband along the way! Being a large part of her job revolves around food safety, the trip definitely took an ironic, interesting turn – which didn’t stop her from being a “glass half full” kind of gal!

For Jennifer, competing in the Rebelle means a good challenge (which she loves!) “I’ve run marathons before just to see if I could do it, and now I’m looking forward to training for a different type of activity and learning new skills. I’m also so excited to meet a ton of kick ass ladies!”

Alicia not only shares the same current city of Prunedale, she also shares Jennifer’s “live in the present” spirit. With a hometown of Atascadero, CA, Alicia’s trip from hometown to current city was a full circle journey. The military brought her to Germany, then Tennessee, followed by Atlanta, GA, and back to CA with her husband of now 23 years by her side.

Alicia is a Controller, HR and Safety Coordinator for a local construction company. In her spare time she loves golfing, running, kayaking, camping and 4-wheeling. And she’s not afraid to be without her cell phone (that’ll come in handy!) One of her favorite getaways was a weeklong trip to Meadlow Lake – no cell service, just the sounds of nature, the outdoors, good friends and great laughs.

Like Jennifer, Alicia can’t wait for the challenge of the Rebelle, along with enjoying the natural beauty of the American West, being outdoors, meeting new friends, and maybe even shedding a few tears.

“The Rebelle will test more than my driving and navigation skills. Inner strength equals inner beauty.”