Meet Jo Hannah Hoehn and Susie Saxten. These two may look familiar, having taken part in the Rebelle last year, and also having driven that very recognizable Hoehn Adventures Land Rover with the fabulous avocado wrap! Two very hard-working women who savor adventure, the outdoors, and a really good crossword puzzle, Jo Hannah and Susie are ready for round two of the Rebelle this October – let’s get to know them more in today’s Team Tuesday!

Jo Hannah is from and currently lives in beautiful Del Mar, CA. She works in the automotive industry as a car dealer, and has a great appreciation for free diving, yoga and pottery – all things she executes when she’s not busy selling Jaguars and Land Rovers! Jo Hannah and Susie have known each other since 7th grader, and when asked to pick a favorite thing about Susie, Jo Hannah “can’t just pick one thing,” but loves that Susie is an exceptional problem solver, and that they just understand each other.

Susie is from and resides in the charming beach town of Encinitas, CA. As a restaurateur, Susie knows business, but also knows how to balance it all — she spends her free time reading, running, and gardening. She also loves Jo Hannah’s sense of humor, with Jo Hannah’s Scottish accent topping the list! Susie’s excited to get back to the Rebelle because it’s like “trying to solve a giant, real life puzzle.” And she doesn’t mind the camping, either (her teammate Jo Hannah prefers to be clean).

Both Jo Hannah and Susie have traveled the world, but agree their best adventure to date was getting a chance to mentor and train with the other Hoehn Adventures teams for last year’s Rebelle, stating “It’s amazing to see the resilience and compassion that this type of event brings out in people.” (we concur).

Back for a second year in a row of the Rebelle, Jo Hannah and Susie can’t wait for the challenge – something they never shy away from. They love that the Rebelle is challenging on so many different levels, and breaks them away from their daily routines. The toughest part for the two last year was figuring out the pace and checkpoint strategy of each day, deciding which CPs to go for and which one to skip. And by far, for both of them the best part about last year’s Rebelle was getting to see and explore parts of the American Southwest (both weird and beautiful) that they wouldn’t otherwise encounter. Another reason they’re back? “The Rebelle is “ just addicting!”

The team will be bringing their must-have gear for 2017’s competition in the dirt – MAXTRAX, comfy sleeping pads for bother, zip ties, and a Yeti cooler.

We’re stoked to welcome back yet another pair of Original Rebelles to this year’s competition, and couldn’t agree more that Rebelle is addicting….October can’t come soon enough for both teams AND staff!