What do you get when you combine a Financial Controller and a Sales Manager who passionately off-road, spend time outdoors, love their pets, and both happen to be blonde? Team Blondetourage, #125! Please welcome Kaleigh Hotchkiss and Teralin Petereit on today’s Team Tuesday!

Kaleigh was born and raised in Tuscon, Arizona, where she currently resides today. A career-oriented woman, Kaleigh career’s is super important to her, and takes up most of her time. So when she has that precious free time, she loves to spend it outdoors! From going out in the Jeep and camping (a tried-and-true stress reliever for her), to seeing new places off-roading and traveling, reading as often as she can, and just spending time with her family, boyfriend, and pets, Kaleigh definitely has a recipe down for her time to unwind.

Kaleigh, navigator of the 2016 winning Rebelle Rally 4×4 class team, is coming back for a second year in a row! She only met Teralin a couple of times, but knew they would make a great team with similar goals – to go on a grand adventure and have some fun along the way! Together as a team, as they began training, planning, building the Jeep, and just getting to know each other, they found getting “ready to rally” is half the fun!

So what draws Kaleigh back this year? With the event so fast-paced, she felt it was difficult to really “soak it all in” in just one year, so she’s coming back again to meet new Rebelles, see new things, and experience the rally from a different perspective.

“The other 51 weeks of the year, I sit behind a desk and crunch numbers, but this one week of the rally, I get to be free of all other responsibility and just focus on one thing – the rally. It’s a chance to just clear your mind of everyday worries and be with a group of brave, smart, and tough women on an amazing adventure together.”

Teralin is from Mapleton, Utah, and she’s currently living in the Moab area. As a Sales, Teralin’s job is done (for the most part) at home on the computer – so when her work is done, her hobbies taker her outside! She loves trying new things and a little bit of everything, with her latest ventures taking her rock climbing, kayaking on the river, hiking, and of course wheeling! And as a “crazy dog lady,” bringing her dog, Mr. Blue, out for a swim or hike is always on the agenda.

This is Teralin’s first Rebelle, and she is ecstatic that she’s entering into a navigation rally. Putting all of her technology behind and putting her skills to the test are a huge component of what she’s looking forward to during the competition, along with having a challenging experience like this alongside so many incredible women.

“I’m excited to compete with Kaleigh – we have different skills, experiences, strengths and weaknesses, but we have a common love for the outdoors, off-roading, and our dogs – what else do you need?! I’m also really hoping to make lasting memories, friendships, and learn and grow along the way.”