OCTOBER 12 – 21, 2023

Team Tuesday: Karen & Dana


It’s only fitting we kick off our first Team Tuesday of 2021 with none other than two OGs of the Rebelle Rally – Team #106 Karen Hoehn and Dana Saxten!
One of only two teams to have competed together every single year since 2016, Karen and Dana are known for their savvy teamwork, “calm in the storm” mentality, quick wit, and love for all things Land Rover. Thrilled to welcome these two back for their SIXTH year as a team!
But will Bella the trusty LR4 be back for number six to conquer the dirt with them? Read on to find out!

Hometown/Current town:

Karen: San Diego, CA/Del Mar, CA
Dana: Encinitas, CA

Favorite Food:

Karen: Guacamole and chips
Dana: Pasta or anything else Italian!

Something only your best friend knows about you:

Karen: I’ve always wanted to be a tap dancer.
Dana: Only (everyone) knows that I love country music and love to go to concerts.

Favorite place ever:

Karen: Staniel Cay, Bahamas
Dana: My favorite place ever is on safari in Africa.

Why did you pick the vehicle you’re competing in?

Karen: This is breaking news! Our beautiful “Bella” (2014 LR4 V6 supercharge) that has been in all 5 Rebelles has retired! We have replaced her with a 2013 V8 LR4; we have named her  “Bella Due.” (Due is pronounced in Italian, do-eh). Dana and I are HUGE Land Rover fans and we wouldn’t dream of showing up to the Rebelle in anything other than a Land Rover.
Dana: Because it is an LR4.:)

What keeps you both coming back to the Rebelle year after year?

Karen: Dana and I love competing together. It’s such an amazing competition, with world class leaders and staff. I sincerely love being single focused for nine days on one thing; getting down the road finding checkpoints.
Dana: Pretty much everyday on the rally we will look at each other and say “there isn’t anywhere else we’d rather be right now.” It’s grueling and tiring and dirty, but also the best possible challenge and opportunity for accomplishment.

Any shout-outs you’d like to make while you have our attention?

Karen: Couple of shout outs, one to my husband for supporting our team for the last five years and to Emily Miller and her incredible team for all the time, effort and care they put into this event.
Dana: I can’t wait to see all the Rebelles, returning and new, and the incredible staff that takes such good care of us!