This team Tuesday, we’re so excited to announce another team joining the International Cup and the Rebelle Rally! Katy Kunkel and Frances Spencer are two New Zealanders, aka “Kiwis,” who are bringing a fun attitude, enthusiasm, and zest for life all the way to the dirt of the American Southwest.

Katy, from Auckland, New Zealand, currently lives in Langley, Virginia where she is a Creative Director. From kiteboarding to skiing, adventures of any kind (preferably near the sea), and fires on the beach, Katy loves experiencing life and is looking forward to all of the “unknown” during the Rebelle.

As a first-timer to the rally, when asked why she’s competing in the Rebelle this fall, she answered, “Why not. You only get one shot at life.” Our sentiments exactly. She’s also teamed up with Frances as Team #152 aka The Frocks because they “both like to get into trouble, so it just seemed logical.” 😉

“We are training in different hemispheres and will meet our vehicle for the first time together at the race. We found north in May. Navigating out of a supermarket carpark is the extent of my experience. As far as driving goes I fancy myself as a rally driver in that ‘I’m really good at pool when I’ve had a few drinks kind of way,’” – Katy.

Frances lives in Auckland, New Zealand where she’s a Project Manager. She’ll give anything a go outdoors, whether it’s camping, skiing, or photography. Joining Katy this fall, she mentions humorously that she joined the Rebelle because she’s “easily lead astray – thanks Katy.” Working together as a team, Frances believes coming together as a Rebelle duo was all about the right attitude, right time.

Looking forward to just about everything during the Rebelle, Frances is bringing her must-have gear for the Rebelle all the way from New Zealand – a sense of humor. It definitely goes a long way. And, despite being novices, absolutely nothing is getting in the way of these two’s determination and pure will.

“We’re definitely in the ‘amateur’ category, but car willing that won’t stop us. Distance adds an extra complexity to training. Our team motto – ‘what could possibly go wrong.’“

To learn more about The Frocks, here’s a blog post on the beginning of their adventure here.