Smart, ambitious, and embracing Ford tough, we’re excited to kick off 2018’s first official Team Tuesday with Team #166, Liana Prieto and Patricia Bromley!

Liana is originally from New York and now resides in Los Angeles as a lawyer. Liana signed up for the Rebelle because she loves a challenge, and the opportunity to meet like-minded women. She used to hate the outdoors because of allergies until she discovered the desert a few years back. The rest is history.

And she’s no stranger to adventure – Liana took her son on safari in Kenya was he was just 3 ½ years old. This trip was especially meaningful because with her son with her, she was able to see the world like a kid again: without any expectations, and able to appreciate all its amazing beauty and wonder.

Liana is looking forward to competing with her teammate Patricia, mentioning she’s the smartest person she knows. Liana also counts her as one of the three items she can’t live without, the other two being her Ford Raptor and music!

Patricia also resides in California as a professor in Stanford. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Patricia tries to do one new big adventure every year that challenges her physically and mentally, and the Rebelle is her big challenge for 2018! And she kept that promise last year with her first solo trip: attempting to climb Mount Shasta. She loved realizing she can just go and try big things. And although she was not successful, she felt a massive sense of accomplishment, really driving home how much life is about the journey (we couldn’t agree more).

And Patricia is equally excited to compete with her teammate, calling Liana her inspiration to be a better friend, mom, and more successful in her career. “Liana does it all without complaint and with kindness! She’s amazing!”

When asked why her team chose their competition vehicle, she stated, “Ummmm…have you seen Liana’s Raptor? How could we not?!”