Hoehn Adventures is at it again, living up to their name in this year’s Rebelle Rally! Today’s Team Tuesday highlights one of their returning teams, 2016 Crossover class winners Team # 204 Meli Barrett and Sabrina Howells. And for anyone that knows these two, not only does that mean a duo that loves working together, it also means some great laughs along the way…along with their trusty sidekick the Honda Ridgeline back for an encore!
Meli is originally from Madison, Tennessee, a small town just outside of Nashville. Currently living in San Diego, Meli works in administration for Hoehn Honda where she is a founding member of Hoehn Social Responsibility, pairing employees with volunteer opportunities. Meli loves all things photography, writing poetry, horror films, animals, the outdoors, reading, music, and the arts.
She also loves a good scavenger hunt, which she likens the Rebelle to, except instead of hunting for thing, in the Rebelle you’re seeking and finding checkpoints in some of the most beautiful parts of the west! Meli cannot wait to come back to defend her team’s title, and also looks forward to challenging herself with what what had taken away from last year’s rally, and also of course working again with her navigator!
“As a Navigator, Sabrina’s skills speak for themselves. We learned a lot about listening to our gut instincts, and that was super cool to know that hers were always spot on! I am so lucky that she is my co-pilot. I also just cannot believe that I get to return to have this great adventure again – the first one changed me in my core. I loved every moment of it.”
Sabrina also lives in Southern CA (Atwater Village), and is originally from Redondo Beach. And you may recognize her from various commercials, ads, and motion pictures as she’s an actress as well as voice-over artist! Learning new skills on her guitar is a passion of Sabrina’s, along with outdoor adventures like snowboarding and her newest activity of stand up paddle boarding.
Sabrina loves pushing limits, and can’t wait to get back to the dirt and straight into competition mode with Meli, whom she calls generous, patient, kind and compassionate. Having never won any real competition until last year’s Rebelle, Sabrina is super proud of her and Meli’s hard work and team work in 2016. She’s looking forward to the food the most, stating she cannot believe the “Rebelles” ate so well with Michelin star Chef Drew Deckman cooking up goodness morning, noon and night!
And her must-have gear for this year? Listen up future Rebelles! “MAXTRAX! Those things are indispensable. I cannot believe how versatile they are, and get you out of messes like nobody’s business! And a great sleeping pad and pillow. We also brought some lavender spray to put on our pillows at night –a good night sleep is a must for a strong showing the next day.”