Rebelle Team Tuesday is officially back, with a round of highlights on our incredible 2017 teams! We cannot wait to introduce you to these women who have decided to get out of their comfort zones and #jointheRebelle. To kickoff our roster, we’d like to introduce you to Morgan Lytle and Anna Lewis. They say not all those that wander are lost, and Team Vagabond definitely knows their way.

Morgan’s birth certificate says Atlanta, GA, but she’s moved around so many times in her life she can’t really call anywhere her hometown. Residing in Fair Play, SC Morgan is a wife, mother, and event photographer. With a passion for hiking, trail riding, being outdoors, family time, drawing, and reading, she’s also managed to fit travel in there somewhere. Best trip ever? A cross-country trip with her family at 15, checking out the history and beauty of the good ole US of A.

Anna and Morgan met a few years back through the Georgia FJ Cruisers Club. They both expressed an interest in the inaugural Rebelle, and when the conversation came up again this year, it just worked – Anna likes to drive and Morgan enjoys navigation.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the Rebelle, and Morgan can’t wait for the journey itself. Unplugging and looking at the desert scenes for a week sounds mighty awesome to her.

Anna is an Arkansas native who now resides in Turlock, CA. As a Product Innovation Manager (aka Food Scientist), when she’s not working Anna loves to off-road, camp, cooking, genealogy and road-tripping. In fact, she had the opportunity to go on a 3-day overlanding trip with Bill Burke across the Grand Mesa prior to the 10th Annual FJ Summit. The trip left an amazing memory and probably her favorite to date.

With a love for driving, Anna will be piloting her own FJ Cruiser, which has been her trusty sidekick from Tennessee to Colorado terrain. She’s excited to participate with Morgan – they are both are female owners of FJ Cruisers so the ability for both to know how the rig operates is very beneficial to creating an awesome team.

Anna is looking forward to the scenery and skills challenge associated with finding new waypoints daily. And we’re looking forward to having Anna and Morgan becoming Rebelles!