We’ve always said it’s never too late to Rebelle. Case in point – Team 142, Pam Hall and Keri Boyer. Original Rebelles, Pam and Keri teamed up just weeks shy of the Rebelle last year. And guess what? They had a such a great time, they’re back at it again this year. Please welcome Pam and Keri in today’s Team Tuesday!

Pam is originally from Sentinel, Oklahoma, and currently lives in Bakersfield with her family. The co-owner of Hall Photograhy, Pam also multi-tasks as a photographer’s assistant and office manager. Spending time outdoors with her husband and son tops Pam’s to-do list – whether it’s camping, traveling, or all of the above, she’s always up for a little adventure!

Pam is eager to get back in the dirt this October, coming back for the challenge, the adventure, and the fact that she “just can’t quit after the first year!” Pam’s 2017 rally goals are to be more competitive…and take more pictures! And words of advice to future Rebelles? “Don’t stress about it too much. And don’t over-pack. Keep it simple.” You’ll find Pam’s must-have gear for the rally consisting of MAXTRAX, shovel, a good headlamp, quick pop-up tent, and goggles.

When speaking about the Rebelle, Pam stated “I am a camper, avid off-roader, and I love adventure, but the Rebelle was by far the best adventure I have ever been on. I can’t thank Emily enough for creating this adventure, and I will be part of it as long as I can.” And we can’t wait to have you back, Pam!

Keri also lives in Bakersfield with her family, and grew up in Illinois. As an Executive Admin and Arbonne consultant, Keri’s favorite part of her day is walking in the door after a long day at work and hearing her family say, “Hi mom! How was your day?”

As a busy working mother, what appeals to Keri about the Rebelle is the ability to unplug for 7 whole days, and challenge herself outside of her comfort zone – which was truly humbling, Keri states. Pushing herself not only physically but mentally was exhausting, but in the end Keri mentions she came out stronger and more appreciative of what can be accomplished without technology but with passion, patience, and ability. Plus, having a good friend by your side doesn’t hurt.

“I really want to say thank you to my friend and teammate, Pam. Our adventure what have never happened without her passions. She’s always up for a new challenge and I appreciate her not taking ‘no’ as an answer from me, and sharing an experience of a lifetime!”