We are starting today’s Team Tuesday off with a quote from Mark Twain “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Why? Let’s just say inspiration hit with Team #151 Pat Shirley and Lisa Allen! These women are just plain cool.
Pat was raised on the ranch that her father was born on in Tulare, California and learned how to build fences and drive tractors at an early age. She now spends the summers on her ranch in Darby, Montana, where she loves the people and the slower pace. And did we mention Pat happens to be 77 years old? (ROCKSTAR!)
Pat is a mother, but before she had children, she was a teacher. Raising her children in Santa Cruz, CA, she became a stay-at-home mom and was very involved with the local school system.
Being a born and raised “ranch girl,” Pat loves horseback riding, moving cattle, and other duties that come along with ranch life. During the winters, she heads to warmer California where she enjoys golf, theaters, and being a foodie with the great restaurants the region has to offer.
Pat’s also no stranger to traveling, with her best adventure being a trip to Nairobi, Tanzania, and Botswana, Africa. On her next adventure (the Rebelle), she’s looking forward to meeting new people and seeing the beautiful American West.
When asked of a “fun fact” about herself, Pat states, “Why would a 77 year old woman decide this is what she should do, since it wasn’t even on her bucket list?!” We say, because why not?!
Lisa’s originally from San Jose, California, and currently lives in Centennial, Colorado just southeast of Denver. She’s a CPA who loves exercising, reading and traveling in her spare time – an African safari also tops her list as best trip ever (Botswana, Tanzania or Kenya). Little known fact – she happens to be able to walk, climb, and hike in flip-flops just as well as “more appropriate” shoes (teach us, please!) And although her must-have gear doesn’t include flip-flops for the rally, she’s not leaving home without a great sleeping pad, bag, and their well-equipped Ford Motor Company Expedition.
Fresh off having a blast at the Rod Hall Drive classes in Reno, Lisa is looking forward to the challenges of driving and navigation during the Rebelle. And she’s excited to meet other women embracing the rally, and share a different type of adventure with her teammate and good friend.
“Pat called and I said let’s go for it! We’ll have another unforgettable experience that laughter will carry us thru!” – Lisa