Team Tuesday – Rori & Tiffany

Welcoming back a veteran Rebelle team in today’s Team Tuesday! After a year off of the rally, this off-roading duo is ready to hit the dirt again this October as 4-time Rebelles.

Like many Rebelle teams, Rori Lewis and Tiffany Walker only met a few times in person before competing together the first time in 2017. The great thing? They never looked back, going on to compete together in 2018 and 2019. Now back for 2021, Rori and Tiffany learned a ton during their three years of competition – and believe all women should experience the Rebelle to learn more about themselves via eight days of competition through Mother Nature – and zero digital devices!

Read on for more from Team Roads Less Traveled #154 – and ladies, we’ll see you in the dirt! 😉

Hometown/Current town:

Rori: Hesperia California
Tiffany: Topeka, KS; Current Town = Colorado Springs, CO

Favorite Food:

Rori: If I could live off In-n-out I would!
Tiffany: Currently it’s Brookie-O Oreos (brownie, cookie dough and original cream swirled together!)

Something only your best friend knows about you:

Rori: My true happiness would be to have A LOT of land so I can house as many rescue dogs as I possibly can!
Tiffany: If I told you that, then she wouldn’t be the only one anymore, right?!…What she would tell you about me: I love investing in other people and seeing them succeed. It’s a high for me!

Favorite place ever:

Rori: I don’t have ONE specific place to call my favorite BUT the Eastern Sierras never disappoint. If I am outdoors with my fur babies and husband then that there is my favorite place to be.
Tiffany: I was able to visit Bora Bora for my 50th. I’ve never been to a more relaxing and peaceful place. Trip of a lifetime!

Why did you pick the vehicle you’re competing in?

Rori: I was lucky enough the find a driver with an incredibly capable vehicle equipped with a TOTAL CHAOS +2” long travel kit.  All ready to cause CHAOS!  It was a no brainer.
Tiffany: I bought an FJ the very first year they came out. This is my second one. Toyotas are incredibly capable and reliable. Once I added my Total Chaos Expedition Series long travel kit, it made it the perfect choice to handle whatever comes its way.

Why the Rebelle?

Rori: This will be year #4 for me participating in the Rebelle. Year one it was something new and exciting and every year after that it was just an exciting, competitive, offroad trip that is too good to pass up!
Tiffany: The first year was more about pushing my own limits and seeing what I was capable of. Every year since (this will be our 4th) has been about how to improve and compete with the best of the best. The Rebelle has taught me more than I can express in terms of confidence, overcoming fear, pushing boundaries, patience and more!

Any shout-outs you’d like to make while you have our attention?

Rori: To mom thanks for always pushing me to do my best. To my TC family thanks for making such an incredible product and supporting team #154. To Tomcat and TBird thank you for trusting in me and being such great humans! To my husband thank you for being my #1 fan, encouraging, supporting me and ALWAYS making time for training sessions.
Tiffany: I wouldn’t have the privilege to compete as often as I have without the unwavering (and sometimes overly enthusiastic) support of my husband, Tom. Then the list just gets too long…Nicole at Total Chaos for convincing me I could do this crazy thing in the first place AND for connecting me with truly the best partner/navigator I could imagine! (Love you, Ror) My family for their constant cheer and encouragement. And there are a few dear friends (you know who you are) who have walked this journey with me from the beginning. I am blessed to have the ‘fans’ that I do!