We love seeing families Rebelling together and we’re happy to announce today’s Team Tuesday features mother/daughter duo Sara Jehn and Teresa Stewart! Always up for a good adventure, Sara and Teresa have had quite a blast in the past working together tackling challenges, and both are looking forward to once again embracing a new challenge together this October becoming 2017 Rebelles!

Sara’s hometown is Golden, Colorado and she currently lives in Honolulu where she is an architect. When she’s not taking on the very important duty of designing where people lay their roots down, she loves a good outdoor adventure and traveling the globe. Given she’s embarked on successful adventures before with her mother (their last one was all the way in Morocco) she’s super excited to make the trip over to the American Southwest for the Rebelle!

Sara’s main goal during the rally is to have fun, and hopefully find a couple of black checkpoints (the most difficult CPs) along the way. With everything from the people, desert life and the strategies appealing to her during the Rebelle, Sara admits she’s most looking forward to the Chef Drew Deckman’s famous food during the rally…and also the friends, too!

Teresa lives in Golden, Colorado with her hometown being Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii. Teresa’s busy life as a CFO doesn’t stop her from pursuing activities outside of work – on any given weekend you’ll find her gardening, sewing or reading for some much-deserved down time. She counts hiking Mount Fuji in Japan and teaching geologists about reefs in Belize amongst some of her most prized adventures to date, and as a first-time Rebelle, would love to finish in the top half of the competition this year.

Teresa is really looking forward to being a teammate with her daughter as they just have a good time together…proof being their skills being tested together before in the middle of nowhere in Africa! With Teresa’s experience outdoors along with camping and driving in the desert, what’s her one must-have gear for the Rebelle? MAXTRAX!

We honestly can’t think of a better mother/daughter bonding experience than the rally, and can’t wait to having these two compete with us this fall (and we’re sure they’ll have quite a few good stories coming out of it!)