Team Broncosaurus: 2 women, a ’95 Bronco, and one more epic adventure to add to their resume this October. This Team Tuesday, please welcome Susan McPartland, driver piloting a 95 Bronco, and teammate, navigator Viola Nungary!

Susan currently resides in Minden, Nevada where she is retired after 30 years as a software developer. Being retired, however, has not stopped Susan from pursuing fulfilling activities– this “retiree” loves dual sport motorcycles, kayaking, running, hiking, backpacking and biking – one year she biked the Death Valley Century (105 miles) in the spring and then climbed Mt. Whitney in one day during the fall (hitting the lowest and highest places in the continental US.) And when she’s not tackling her next outdoor goal, she enjoys crafts, gardening…capping it all off with some well-deserved cooking, great food and wine.

Susan’s husband Stan discovered the Rebelle and mentioned it should be the next big trip for adventure friends Susan and Viola. Susan was immediately game – seeing the backcountry of Nevada and California, practicing new skills and navigating without a GPS were a perfect fit.

“Enjoying adventures is a very important part of life,” said Susan. “It’s so rewarding to challenge yourself and enjoy the world around us. It’s amazing what you can do when you just decide to do it.” – Susan McPartland

Viola is a psychotherapist residing in South Lake Tahoe (Nevada side). Equally active, Viola adores anything that’ll get her moving outside – be it bicycling, kayaking, sailing, snowshoeing, dual sport motorcycling, or just enjoying the gorgeous surroundings of beautiful Tahoe.

Viola is bringing her navigational sailing experience from the water to the land in the Rebelle. She has raced ultralight sailboats on Lake Tahoe, in SF Bay, and off shore for 30 years (her favorite trip was a doublehanded sailboat race from San Francisco to Hawaii!). She imagines the challenges and rewards of the Rebelle will be similar to the ocean crossings on small sailboats she has done in the past.

Her goals for the Rebelle? Complete the course, put into practice newly learned skills, enjoy the beauty of a backcountry wilderness journey, and above all, have fun!

“I am inspired and excited to participate and prepare for this long distance off-road rally with Susan,” stated Viola. “I’m really looking forward to overcoming the challenges with grace, humor and joy, spending time in the great outdoors, and spending time with a friend I love and admire.” – Viola Nungary