We love our Texas teams! Coming all the way from Houston for the Rebelle Rally is Team 176 – Escape The Paved. Meet Lindsey Hunter and Sarah Homer – two women whose homes were devastated by Hurricane Harvey last year. After spending the last year rebuilding their homes, they are more than ready to escape post-flood world of construction and head for dustier roads!

As neighbors in Houston, Lindsey and Sarah had an incredibly bonding experience after Hurricane Harvey flooded both of their homes. As the waters around them rose, they had no choice but to float their children to safety on pool floats. “Though flooding is an absolutely awful experience, I feel really blessed to have made such incredible bonds with my neighbors. Sarah heard about the Rebelle on a Baja trip. And the minute she started telling me about the Rebelle, I was hoping she’d ask me to do it with her. So my response was an instant yes!” explained Lindsey.

The oil and gas industry brought Lindsey and her husband to Texas, where she works as an engineer. She spent her youth outdoors in the only state bigger than Texas: Alaska. When asked what she anticipated as the biggest challenge of the Rebelle she confessed that it was, “Not obsessing over finding black checkpoints… I tend to be a perfectionist so I need remember to keep us on track to hit all the greens and blues!”

Sarah is a Nurse Practitioner who loves sewing, cooking, baking, and gardening. “Except laundry… I hate laundry,” she confessed. “I’ve been known to buy more socks to avoid sorting them.” While she is relatively new to the navigation aspect of the rally, Sarah said, “We can do anything if we set our minds to it. We survived Hurricane Harvey!’

The two will be piloting Sarah’s Ford Raptor, which is fresh out of being put through its paces at the Texas Raptor Run. Though it is her daily driver, the 450-horsepower twin turbo Raptor should definitely hold its own in the Bone Stock classification.

“For us the Rebelle Rally is a celebration of making it through the storm and learning to dance in the rain. We have had the trial of our lives and we are up for a new challenge, one of our choosing, and one that will be a helluva lot more FUN!”