OCTOBER 12 – 21, 2023

Team Week: Emme & Rebecca

Original Rebelles and 2016 11th hour teammates Emme Hall and Rebecca Donaghe are BACK this year with a score to settle! Repping the team number 140 again, they call themselves Team Anemoiniacs. Their team name is a combination of Anemoi, God of the four directions and the maniacs that they are – or rather, the Anamaniacs that they are! They are returning in an unmodified Chevy Colorado ZR2 and are ready to contest the Bone Stock award.

Emme resides in Oakland and works as an automotive journalist. She can often be found behind the wheel of her 1600 class desert buggy, which she wrenches on herself. One of Emme’s favorite aspects of the Rebelle is the pace. “In desert racing we never get a chance to enjoy where we are. In the Rebelle, even though we are super-focused on navigation, I get to look around and appreciate the beauty of the desert.” Emme gets zen by sewing, and is currently working on crafting her own custom driving suit.

Navigator Rebecca is originally from Houston, but currently lives in Marina del Rey, where she works as a producer. When asked about her favorite aspect of the Rebelle Rally she said “Challenging myself to learn something new, push my limits, work hard and feel great about leaving nothing on the table – that’s what it’s all about.” Rebecca loves the outdoors, surfing, and sailing. She also enjoys sewing and other activities where she works with her hands, including building furniture, cooking, and playing guitar. Her motto is: “Life is short. Cram it.”

These two work great as a team together because Emme appreciates Rebecca’s organizational skills and attention to detail, while Rebecca loves how selfless Emme is. “She always cares about how I am doing and makes sure I am taken care.” Their skill sets complement each other very well, making them one hell of a team. One thing they both agree on is how liberating it is to unplug for a week and just enjoy the ride. That and laughter, lots of laughter. These two are a couple of maniacs after all!