Recon (n) – 1) abbreviation for ‘reconnaissance;’ 2) military term for inspecting or exploring an area; 3) part of the name of today’s Team Week feature: Team Rubicon Recon!

Meet Lyn Woodward and Nicole Honstead, two badass ladies who have a passion for off-road. With Lyn driving and Nicole navigating, they will be competing in a 2017 Jeep Rubicon Recon. Both coming from a long line of military veterans, their team name not only honors their third teammate, but also pays homage to the “rally reconnaissance” work they will be doing during the Rebelle.

Lyn Woodward is an automotive journalist and screenwriter from New York City, NY, currently living in Los Angeles, CA. In her spare time, she enjoys driving, napping, watching good movies/television, napping, the beach, and napping on the beach, and of course, napping! With the belief that even ordinary days are the best adventure if you’re doing it right, what appeals to her about the Rebelle is the opportunity to prove to herself that she is capable. Her must-have gear for the Rebelle? Obviously, a great sleeping pad and ear plugs to get some great sleep!

A mom of 4 beautiful kids, Nicole Honstead is a Maryland native from the city of Bethesda. She and her family currently reside in Lakeside, CA where she works as a substitute teacher. She loves to go horseback riding, and she even competed in hunt seat with the UCSD Equestrian Team in college! Her interests also include forensic science and criminal justice, both of which she hold degrees in. No stranger to long drives, her best adventure was driving across the country for 10 days with her now-husband, stopping at all the great sights in what she calls “a great way to get to know a perfect stranger!” Ready to get on the road again, what appeals to her about the Rebelle is off-roading in the desert and is looking forward to stepping up to the challenge of using orienteering and navigation skills. Her life motto? “You never know what tomorrow holds. It could be the best day of your life so, keep pushing through, enjoy the small stuff and try to stay positive.”

We look forward to seeing these ladies test their skills in the dirt!