Team Tuesday: Thayer & Kathy

Welcoming back a couple of familiar faces in today’s Team Tuesday!

Thayer Low and Kathy Woods-Locke, both of Colorado, have teamed up for the first time together this year but neither one is a stranger to the Rebelle. Thayer is a 2x Rebelle having competed in her Land Rovers and Kathy is both a competitor in her Toyota FJ (2019) and onsite journalist (2018).

As Team Heckraisers #164, they are 100% adventure women. Always looking for the next spot to explore, Thayer and Kathy and are kindred spirits who both happen to love a good taco and trail (same). They met in 2018 when Thayer was competing and Kathy was onsite during the Rebelle covering for a media outlet. Little did they know just three years later they’d be taking on the Rebelle together!

So given one is a Land Rover enthusiast and the other a FJ enthusiast, what did they decide to drive? Read on to find out!

Hometown/Current town:

Thayer: Hometown- moved around a lot which helped fuel my sense of adventure/ Current town – Westminster, Colorado
Kathy: Aurora, CO

Favorite Food:

Thayer: Tacos!
Kathy: I have to pick one? Tacos.

Something only your best friend knows about you:

Thayer: I have over 600 books in my house (she had to help move them!)
Kathy: I can crochet and sew. I used to work at some craft magazines and picked up some apocalypse skills.

Favorite place ever:

Thayer: Anywhere that is totally desolate- Mountain or desert.
Kathy: I have to pick one again? My last favorite place was in the mountains of Colorado last year during the spring bloom. I had never seen anything like it before.

Why did you pick the vehicle you’re competing in, the FJ?

Thayer: We’re both comfortable driving over any terrain in her and she’s made it through a Rebelle already!
Kathy: Mostly a weight issue.

Why the Rebelle? 

Thayer: I love that the Rebelle is technology free and multi-day. It really is an endurance rally.
Kathy: Why not? I never thought I’d compete in one Rebelle, let alone two. Two years ago, I was ready to challenge myself and try something completely new and different than anything I had ever done before. I never thought I would be “competing” in anything–especially something off-road related, but I left the last Rebelle in complete and utter awe of what I had just done. I did the Rebelle Rally–I can do anything now.

Any shout-outs you’d like to make while you have our attention?

Thayer: It has been an amazing journey to the starting line each year, between family members and companies like Hest Outdoors, Explmore, Outer Limit Supply, Rover’s Magazine and so many more. I’ve not only made some great business connections, but some amazing friends too!
Kathy: My family, for always understanding and sacrificing time with me so I can focus on all things Rebelle. There’s no way I could do this if they didn’t understand the commitment involved, whether training, fundraising, etc. And also, all the companies and off-road friends I have made in the last four years. Truly a great and supportive community!