2020 Team Tuesday: Tracie & Wendy

Today’s Team Tuesday is comprised of two Texas Tough women who will be piloting the first Range Rover in the Rebelle Rally. An artist/welder and artist/furniture maker, they are in it to push their own boundaries and see what they are made of this October. And they also happened to be winners of one of the 2020 Rebelle Scholarship Fund! Please welcome Team #101 Wendy Phillips and Tracie Sell!

Wendy & Tracie:

We are Team 101, Sweet t and Sparks.  My friends all call me Sweet t and Wendy is a welder, so yah!  We both live in Wimberley, TX. Wendy is an artist/ welder and I am an artist/furniture maker.  We want to compete in the Rebelle rally this year to push our personal boundaries, and see what we are truly capable of doing as strong women. Wendy and I met at a neighborhood party a few years ago.  Our businesses are down the street from one another. We immediately hit it off as fast friends. We have been collaborating with our art ever since.  I have been driving and rock crawling in Classic Range Rovers for years.  Wendy came out to play one weekend and fell in love with Rovers and off-roading as well. We planned to drive a 1994 classic Range Rover that we are re-building from her almost demise. Her name is “Phoenix”.  However, she won’t be ready, so we are driving my 2013 full size Range Rover this year, “Jules”.  We plan to drive “Phoenix” in next year’s rally. After participating in the last Rebelle U weekend, we are more excited than ever to compete and play in the dirt with these other extraordinary women!