Today marked inspection day, set against the backdrop of stunning Lake Tahoe at the historic Valhalla Estate.  The teams were greeted with a warm welcome to make them feel a part of the growing Rebelle Rally community.
Two GPS tracking beacons were installed directly by the manufacturer Yellow Brick, who flew over from the UK to ensure these teams had the best, most-accurate tracking available. Additionally teams were instructed on how to use the satellite phones they were provided for emergency information, since cell phones are prohibited due to their navigation capability. The official rally decals were also installed, adding that rally-ready look for the teams.

With the arduous, stressful conditions that the teams will encounter in the coming days, it’s important to ensure that the Rebelle Staff has their eyes out for the teams to ensure their vehicles are up-to-spec, and most importantly—safe. Both “indoor” and “outdoor” technical inspections were performed, ensuring teams had everything from the requisite insurance coverage, to proper safety gear, and common sense vehicle safety inspections.