What’s Up With The Name?

Rebel = verb – to defy convention.

Belle = noun – a beautiful woman.

Rebelle = a beautiful woman who defies convention.


The Rebelle is a journey, undertaking, movement, adventure that is a culmination of my passion, and the passion I know resides in many women like me. Not just like me… But with a kindred spirit.  The Rebelle Rally is a result of the vision and quiver of experiences from a life lived by a code of work hard, play hard, and characterized by a dose of elegance infused with a little “rough around the edges.” Its flavor is All-American, and a personality all its own but with appreciation for all the lessons gained along the way. And it’s just beginning. It will morph, it will evolve, but make no mistake, its the Rebelle.


I am honored to be surrounded with an absolutely awesome team, the mentorship and teammate in Rod Hall, and several behind the scenes who keep me adjusting the compass needle North. I make no promises about what you will personally feel, what you will take away. My honest intention is for you to embrace and enhance your driving and navigation skills, and we will build that platform for you to shine.

I intend for you to gain experience that will enable you and empower you in your future journeys – wherever they may lead you. You will be blazing trails across our American West, kicking ass and taking names, and at the end, we will wash off the dust and celebrate as Rebelles know how.


See you in October!