Team Tuesday 2020 – Erin & Sara

Any Rebelle can tell you, you never know how you’ll meet your first Rebelle teammate. Case in point: Erin Vogel and Sara Swenson. Both gave the Rebelle teammate questionnaire form a shot, reached out to each other, and went on to attend a dunes driving course together. With similar goals and interests (and Erin’s exceptional driving skills!) it was a no-brainer to team up. Team Ponderosa was soon formed! This dynamic duo also happen to be working to being able to help motivate and educate the next generation of women in motorsports – a cause we can definitely stand behind. And, they just won a Rebelle Rally scholarship! Please welcome Team #146  Erin Vogel and Sara Swenson!

Hometown/current town

Erin: Yorba Linda, CA
Sara: Marcellus, NY/San Diego, CA


Erin: Partner & Vice President, Vogel Properties, Inc.
Sara: Vice President of Product & Partnerships, PetDesk

What made you compete in the Rebelle Rally this year?

Erin: I read about the Rebelle Rally its first year, and just thought, “Wow. That’s so inspiring. I want to do that! I want that experience! I want to inspire others too!” Even though I was already racing, I didn’t think I had the necessary skills for off-road competition. Fast forward a few years, and I have grown so much and gained so much confidence in my racing career, so when I read about the Rebelle again last fall I knew that 2020 was finally the year!
Sara: When I first read about the Rebelle Rally last year I was immediately inspired by the amazing women competitors.  It aligned with my love of maps, navigation challenges, and exploring new areas so seemed like a perfect goal for the year.  I am always looking for new adventures and was ready to sign up the second I found a teammate.

How did you and your teammate meet?

We meet through the Rebelle teammate form and tried out the partnership at the Advanced Dune driving course with Nena from Barlow Adventures.  Right off Erin’s exceptional driving skills made the weekend thrilling and an excellent start to building trust as Sara worked to pick lines and leverage her map reading and navigation skills in the Dunes. We also learned that we both love dogs, horses, hiking, and books, along with our goals for the race being very much aligned – so what more could we want in a partnership!? 

Tell us about your competition vehicle. Why did you choose it to compete in?

After Erin attended the Beginner Dune driving course in December with her 2012 Tacoma (complete with camper shell), she couldn’t help but envy the capabilities of her classmates’ Jeep Wranglers. With the shorter wheel-base, extra ground clearance, larger diameter tires, and highly developed low-range torque capabilities, the Jeep was clearly the exceptional vehicle – at least in the Dunes. With that in mind, and a lot of demand for the second-hand Toyota to boot, Erin acquired Betty the black Jeep Rubicon in January.

Any other fun facts you’d like to add in?

Sara: My geeky obsession is trip planning, and not just simple day trips: 4K+ miles overland adventures that optimize fun to drive (Miata or Lexus GX), nature seeking (parks for hikes), and seeing family!  I have even been overland to Timbuktu and back on an amazing adventure with my grandmother in her 80s to meet Toureg traders on camels on the Sahara.
Erin: Not only am I a speed nut, but I also love interior design and architecture – I used to work in the design industry before making the decision to help run the family business. So, even though they’re at odds with each other, my two favorite things are pretty spaces and dirty cars!!

We are super excited about mentors for the Athena Racing STEM program, and being able to help motivate and educate the next generation of women in motorsports. We are trying to use the Rebelle Rally to fundraise $10,000 towards their programs. 

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Ram Trucks Announces Their Participation in the 2020 Rebelle Rally

Ram Trucks announced their support of Team 4 Corners, Nena Barlow and Chris Mayne, in the 2020 Rebelle Rally. This will be the third time the duo has competed together with Ram’s partnership, and the fourth year Ram has partnered with Barlow in the competition.

Team 4 Corners podiumed in 2017 and also won the Bone Stock award that year. Barlow also took home the coveted award in 2016. In order to qualify for the Bone Stock Designation, a vehicle must be stock, as delivered from the factory.  No modifications are allowed beyond aftermarket wheels and tires in the stock size. Keeping up with tradition, Ram’s 2020 entry will also be Bone Stock.

The team’s competition vehicle has yet to be announced, but 4 Corners have previously competed in a 2017 Ram Power Wagon, and 2019 Ram 1500 Rebel. Barlow also competed in a 2016 Ram Rebel.

While it’s too early to make known the entire line-up of manufactures entering vehicles this year (registration is currently open), the Rebelle Rally motto of “The vehicle in your driveway is more capable than you think” will ring true once again this fall as the 5th anniversary of ultimate proving ground gets underway.

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Team Tuesday 2020 – Liza & Sue

Could today’s Team Tuesday consist of the coolest grandmothers on the block? We think yes!

Liza Tough (Tuffy) and Sue (Swell) Chapin are from beautiful British Columbia, and have dreamed of competing in the Rebelle for years. With a love of exploration and discovery, this duo worked incredibly hard to get to the start line this October – and now their dream is becoming reality in less than three months! Balancing family, work, hobbies, and everything in between, they’re looking forward to taking some time out on the Rebelle Rally. Proudly representing Western Canada, please welcome Team #144 Cantoy Divas!

Liza Tough:

Hello from Beautiful British Columbia. I reside in West Kelowna, 20 minutes from Kelowna and 10 minutes to Peachland, the hometown of my navigator Sue. I am lucky to have our two grown children and soon to be four grandchildren (Grandsons are 4 & 2, another grandson due early September and our granddaughter is due the day before the Rebelle starts) living so close to us. I was born on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo, BC.

I run my husband’s plumbing company full time and I am also a photographer. My passion is photography and love to capture special moments or the vast beauty around me. Often during down time my hubby and I are out exploring the backcountry and finding cool and remote areas where I can photograph the night sky.

Competing in the Rebelle Rally has been a dream for the last 2 years after meeting Emily and Amy at the BC Overland Rally in 2018. After attending the Rebelle U Training in the Imperial Sand Dunes in Sept of 2019 with Sue, we were fired up and we took the plunge to register for 2020 Rebelle (I do believe we were the first team to register, truth be told we were stalking the website regularly to find out when 2020 registration opened) Funny story…… Oct 22nd 2019, I had company intown and we were heading to Michaels when Sue called me after checking the website and saw the registration just opened. She asked if we were taking the leap, of course I said yes!!!

Sue and I met in 2013 when we both joined the White Sails A Cappella Chorus, local chapter of Sweet Adelines International, in Kelowna, BC. We have been singing together and friends ever since. We also have sung in quartets and competed for the first time in 2019 on the Regional Contest stage. It was actually at a quartet rehearsal that I first told Sue about the Rebelle back in 2018.

Introducing our third teammate Caliente (Cali) because she is one hot truck. Cali is my 2017 Toyota Tacoma. In May 2018,I walked onto the Toyota lot, looking for a vehicle that would get me to mountain tops where I could camp in my rooftop tent and photograph the night sky. And there she was, parked up on some stairs, and it was love at first sight. She has yet to let me down, we have rock crawled to mountain tops, waded through water crossings, played and trained in the Imperial Sand Dunes and in the backcountry of BC.

Sue Chapin:

Hello from Beautiful British Columbia. I’ve lived in Peachland since 1999, 35 minutes southeast of Kelowna and 15 minutes south to Glenrosa, Westbank (the home of our driver, Liza). I was born in Penticton, about 35 minutes south of Peachland. So that makes me a Valley Girl; Okanagan Valley that is.

I’ve been working in the field of accounting for over three decades, and have recently moved into a slightly different direction with my new role as People & Policies Officer at the Summerland Credit Union. It’s a little bit payroll, human resources and executive assistant duties. That’s what I do to earn a living. What I LOVE is music, travel, photography, and spending time with our family. My husband & I are blessed with three sons aged 29 to 38, plus their families, including one granddaughter and two grandsons, plus a plethora of fur grand babies. Weekends usually involve at least one game night; Catan, Uno, Munchkin, Monopoly, Clue are our more recent games of choice. No technology, just fun, laughter and good quality time with son(s), grand children & sometimes friends.

The Rebelle Rally has only been on my radar since 2019, when Liza mentioned how she had talked to Emily and Amy at a BC Overland Rally in 2018, and how exciting it would be to take part. She was thoroughly in love with her new Toyota 4×4 Cali, but she needed a navigator. As I have been doing that for my husband during our more recent driving vacations, albeit via mostly GPS, but using some maps as reference materials, I thought it would be fun to join Liza on her adventure. Then I started reading more about what the Rebelle Rally was all about, and got a bit worried and excited all at the same time. Liza and I have travelled together before, but nothing like this. When the opportunity came up for Rebelle U Training at the Imperial Sand Dunes in Sept 2019, it seemed like an excellent first run at practicing our team
work and skills. Since then, that experience of driving in the dunes and meeting some of the competitors, both past and present really solidified my quest to compete in the rally. There was such an energy and camaraderie amongst the ladies, that it only compelled us to make competing a reality.As soon as the 2019 rally was over, both Liza & I were keen to register, and I believe we were the first 2020 team to register.

The White Sails A Cappella Chorus, local chapter of Sweet Adelines International, in Kelowna, BC is where Liza and I met in 2013, when we both joined. I had been singing with the Penticton chorus since 1995 and unfortunately, they had to fold due to lack of membership. We have been singing together and friends ever since.

We are proud to represent Western Canada in the upcoming Rebelle Rally in October as team#144, CanToy Divas. This is truly a dream come true. A dream we didn’t know if we could afford, but with a lot of hard work, sacrificing, fundraising, support from our friends, family, community and the generosity of former Rebelles, who awarded us a scholarship, this dream is coming true. We are humbled and grateful to have so many people believe in us. For us it took a village (maybe even more than one), to make this dream a reality. We are so very excited and blessed to be competing!

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Team Tuesday 2020: Mandy & Irma

Who says Team Tuesdays can’t happen on Wednesdays? This team is definitely worth the wait! Meet Team #139 Hemispheres United.

Mandy Brezina and Irma Bosch met at a How to Rebelle in Colorado and instantly hit it off with a mutual adventurous spirit and love of Jeeps. Fun facts about these two? Irma’s first language is Afrikaans and Mandy joined the army at 17! Read on to find out more about this team who decided to stop making excuses and start doing.

Hometown/current town

Irma:  Born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, currently living in Denver, Colorado
Mandy: Born in South Dakota, raised in Indiana, currently living in Jessup, Maryland


Irma: Creative Director at Yasso
Mandy: Defense Contractor, CrossFit Coach

What made you compete in the Rebelle Rally this year?

Irma: Growing up in Africa I was very fortunate to travel with my family on amazing overlanding adventures and fell in love with the bushveld and most of all its people.  Having grown up in my culture in Africa where women are still seen second to men, and witnessing first hand how girls still don’t have a voice, a fire grew in me to push boundaries and inspire other women and girls to believe in their dreams. This spirit was with me when I moved across the world, went through a very bad divorce as well as starting over from scratch here in the States.  With the Rebelle I finally found my community of like minded, strong women who aren’t afraid to push boundaries and support each other even while competing.
Mandy: The Rebelle has been on my bucket list for a couple of years, but I always allowed the money to be an excuse. After attending the Colorado “How to Rebelle” and learning more about the Rally, I was in! I decided to sign up that week and stop making excuses! Now I’ll be able to check it off my bucket list!

How did you and your teammate meet?

Irma:  After reading about the Rebelle and spending a whole night rewatching previous Rebelle videos I quickly signed up for the “How to Rebelle” event earlier this year.  Over lunch Mandy and I hit it off immediately, not only was she kind and genuine, she also had the same adventurous spirit that I have so we both knew it was going to be a great match!
Mandy: At the Colorado “How to Rebelle.” After Irma told a story about going to an Overlanding meeting by herself to meet more people in the area, and being the only woman, that solidified that she’s a badass that isn’t afraid of being uncomfortable and pursuing something she loved, so when I saw her on the “looking for a teammate” Rebelle roster we decided we’d be a perfect team!

Tell us about your competition vehicle. Why did you choose it to compete in?

Irma: I purchased my dream Jeep in January when I moved back to CO.  I’ve always wanted a Wrangler and knew that when the right car came my way there would be no stopping us from having adventures! Her name is also very fitting.  I called her Uhambu, which is the Zulu word for The Journey, and couldn’t describe her better!
Mandy: We’re both Jeep drivers, so going Jeep was an easy decision. We decided to use Irma’s Jeep Wrangler Unlimited this year because it’s an automatic, meaning one less thing to worry about at the Rally being we’re both Rookies! She said the only manual transmission she’s driven was a right hand side vehicle, so we’ll do a manual transmission vehicle next year after we know more about what we’re getting ourselves into with the Rally!

Any other fun facts you’d like to add in?

Irma: My first language is Afrikaans (a mix between German, Dutch and Flemish) and English gets a bit tricky when I’m overly tired or stressed… which is only going to make our Rebelle Adventure even more exciting! I also spent most of my childhood holidays traveling in Africa where it was normal to have hyenas and lions scour around your tent at night. This definitely helped me grow up with a heart for adventure where I’ve been shark cage diving and helped track a leopard that was causing trouble in a community in the Eastern Cape.
Mandy:  I joined the Army at the age of 17 to help me figure out what I wanted to do in life. I still don’t entirely know what I want to do, but I have learned that as long as I love it then it’s worth pursuing! In the Army, I learned how to be spontaneous, flexible, and to enjoy that adventure. You meet a lot of cool people along the way and that mindset has helped me tremendously! It was also my first introduction to offroading, when I took a defensive driving course in preparation for a deployment. Who knew where that experience would take me!

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Team Tuesday 2020 – Sedona & Lyn

What’s in a name? We’ll find out in today’s Team Tuesday – Sedona Blinson and Lyn Woodward, Team #106 Wild Grace!
This is the second year these two are competing together in a Nissan vehicle. Last year they drove the Armada Mountain Patrol and piloted it to a Top Ten finish in the 4×4 class. How do they feel about competing together this year, and better yet, what are their plans for extraterrestrial adventures? Read on to find out!

Hometown/Current town

Sedona: Apache Junction, AZ/ Sierra Vista, AZ
Lyn: New York City/NY, Los Angeles, CA


Sedona: Pre-School Teacher
Lyn: Automotive Journalist/Screenwriter

What made you compete this year?

Sedona: “I can’t quit you.” Really, each year is so different and I love pushing myself towards different goals.
Lyn: The Rebelle is my fly paper, what can I say. Every year offers up a great new story, and I can’t stay away from the people.

How did you and your teammate meet? Why did you choose her?

Sedona: We met at the 2017 Rebelle!
Lyn: See above

Tell us about your competition vehicle. Why did you choose it to compete in?

Sedona & Lyn: We’re partnering with Nissan again this year and bringing something special to the course that we can’t talk about yet, but we’re extremely excited for.

Nissan has been an incredible partner for the past four years. It’s exciting to see them here again for a 5th. Nissan’s the only OEM to have a vehicle compete all five years, so, like Sedona they’re 100% Rebelles. We love how supportive they’ve been not just of this event but of Team Wild Grace.

Any fun facts you’d like to fill us in on?

Sedona & Lyn: Thanks to the skills Sedona’s learned in the Rebelle, she’ll be teaching again this year at “Girl’s Confidence Camp.” Last year she taught basic automotive skills, and compass reading. This year she’s offering a virtual map reading class.

After the 2020 Rebelle Lyn hopes to earn the drivers seat of the next car Elon Musk shoots into space. If her extraterrestrial adventures don’t pan out, Lyn is currently writing a feature film about one of the first American female race car drivers.

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Team Tuesday 2020: Rochelle & Melissa

What could possibly be better than competing with your sister in the Rebelle? Competing with your sister in the Rebelle in your father’s 1969 Bronco!

Stoked to welcome Team Roaming Wolves to today’s Team Tuesday. With an adventurous spirit and shared goal for the Rebelle; to try something new, to learn, to do their best, and meet other amazing women all while having a blast – Team #141 is going in thrilled to try something out of their comfort zone.
And they’ve got a fire lit under them for that Bronco prep – the duo cannot wait to add more memories to the beloved family Bronco that played such a large part in their childhood. Read on to find more about this pair of Pacific Northwest sisters who are choosing to enjoy life rather than just live it!

Hometown/Current town

Rochelle: Portland+Vancouver/Battle Ground, WA
Melissa: Portland, OR


Rochelle: Photographer and stay-at-home mom
Melissa: User experience designer and content strategist

What made you compete this year?

Rochelle: I have wanted to compete in the Rebelle for a while now. I have an adventurous spirit that I don’t get to use too often, but when my husband learned that I wanted to compete, he was all-in and a huge motivator. I spoke with a couple of Rebelles at the NW Overland Rally last year and their enthusiasm only confirmed that this is something I needed to do. I’m pushing myself to try things out of my comfort zone, and I’m thrilled to be doing it in an epic event alongside such strong and kickass women.
Melissa: I learned about the Rebelle from my sister (and teammate!) Rochelle, who had been following the 2019 event. She asked if I wanted to do a crazy thing with her, and without hesitation (or really knowing what I was getting into), I said HECK YES!, then immediately asked what the hell a Rebelle Rally was. Once she explained, I was thrilled. For me, doing the Rebelle is all about having an adventure with my sis (adulting tends to get in the way of experiences like this, so it’s a rare and amazing opportunity), learning new skills, doing something entirely for ME, and proving to myself that I can do anything I set out to, even if it’s completely foreign to me. (Which, uh, this is.)

How did you and your teammate meet? Why did you choose her?

Rochelle: I just happened to be talking to my sister about the rally, how I wanted to start enjoying life rather than just living it, how we should be pursuing our dreams, and without even knowing much about the rally, my sister volunteered to be my teammate! I am fortunate to be teaming with my sister because we have an excellent and honest relationship, we understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and can push and motivate each other. Also, we both have weird sense of humors that make us laugh uncontrollably, and I’m sure that’ll help us on the long, trying days. We share the same goal for the Rebelle; to try something new, to learn, to do our best, and meet other amazing women, all while having a blast. Our team name stems from our maiden name – Wolf!
Melissa: See above

Tell us about your competition vehicle. Why did you choose it to compete in?

Rochelle: It was only fitting that we compete in our 1969 Ford Bronco that we inherited from our late father, who purchased it new in ’68. Work had already begun on our Bronco, that had sat for nearly 20 years, and its age was quite apparent from the rusted-out floors to the brittle wiring, and the engine was filled with decades old sludge. But it is completely being glammed up with updated systems and new parts, while still maintaining its natural patina. Running it in the Rebelle is something that we want to do to honor our dad and celebrate the Bronco’s resurrection! Plus, the 4030 special designation is a bonus!
Melissa: We’ll be competing in our dad’s ‘69 Ford Bronco. Insane? Hope not. 😉 Dad bought it brand new in ‘68 and it played a large part in our childhood — camping trips, target shooting, trail riding, etc. When Dad passed in 2014, it wasn’t in great shape and had been garaged for 20 years (!!!), but we knew we couldn’t part with it — in fact, we were going to rebuild it and use it for another 20 years if we could. When we decided to do the Rebelle, that just lit a fire under us to get it done sooner, and make sure the build would work for the rigors of the rally, and not just weekend adventures. It’s been incredible to see it come back together after all these years…we just wish Dad were alive to see it. It’s definitely going to be emotional for us, but we see it as a way to honor Dad’s legacy. #feels

Any fun facts you’d like to fill us in on?

Rochelle: I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 19 years. We have four kids, ages 4 to 14, a dog named Poppet (so that I could come home and say, in a British accent, “’Alo, Poppet”), and five chickens named after silly Disney birds. I’m extremely quiet and introverted until I’m comfortable, then my goofy side appears. I enjoy a good diy project, whether it is remodeling our home or woodworking, and I love taking long road trips and overlanding with my family, with a dream to someday travel the world with them.
Melissa: Let’s see, fun facts…I once co-founded an alternative monthly newspaper that actually did pretty well for a couple of years before folding. I’ve lived in Costa Rica twice, and love to travel (my favorite destination so far has been Ireland). I’m a massive Harry Potter nerd (house: Hufflepuff). I love karaoke and chipped my tooth last year going too hard on a Rage Against the Machine song. I’m more into activities than sports — hiking, kayaking, dancing, bouldering — the sort of things where it’s not awkward to follow up with a self-congratulatory cocktail, you know? (Though I was once named MVP at my very first curling outing, so, you know…look out.) I also enjoy just hanging with the fam, vintage shopping, interior design, cooking, learning languages, arts and crafts (I’m currently teaching myself to watercolor), spreadsheeting everything (I know, gross), and writing.

Can’t wait to meet everyone in person and get out there!

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Rebelle July Newsletter

Welcome to July!

It’s a wild ride as we head into month, but we are hanging on tight and making plans for a great 5th Anniversary edition of the Rebelle Rally. What used to be an achilles heel with no onsite spectators, has created an event that has the best chance of survival in such uncertain times. We are blessed with a great team and have been going through all parts of the rally to make it as safe as possible. Rest assured that we are committed to not just “getting it done” but making it GREAT! We have taken on the challenge to be a role model competition and production and are working hard give our competitors our best. “If it were easy, everyone would do it,” has never rang more true. But Rebelles are up for the challenge.My highlight in June – For the past 3 months I’ve had the honor to work with a group of Adventure Princesses to teach them navigation via Zoom. The incredible crew consisted of fathers and daughters ages 9-12 years old. Due to COVID, we held our classes online and gave the girls and their dad’s hiking and driving challenges to do on their own. Two weekends ago for Father’s Day, we met up (face masks and hand sanitizer-equipped) and did an actual “mini rally.” I gave the girls a 40 kilometer road book, and a custom Rebelle map with 4 black checkpoints. The rules? The girls had to navigate and Dad had to listen. And the results? These smart, adventurous kids nailed it and got all their black checkpoints in under 10 meters! The online training and simple challenges work. What I learned? They didn’t overthink it, and embraced the unknown.

Ladies…no more excuses.We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter and will take a few moments to read our blog from June’s Rebelle Impact activities, download our Rebelle 100% Spotify playlist, read our kick off Team Tuesday, access key links from the lockdown free training classes, and read through some of our latest press.  And if you are not competing in this year’s rally, mark your calendars for October 8-17th to watch the live webcast, where we will bring the desert, teams and competition to your screens.Stay safe and rally on!

REBELLE IMPACT: The past few months have been a time of definite reflection for us. We’ve had a heartfelt look at what we currently do, and what we can always do better – both as humans and as an organization. READ OUR BLOG NOW on action we have taken as an organization, via our Rebelle Impact fund during the month of June.

Rebelle Impact, a brand and fund we created in 2019, isn’t something we heavily promote. It’s action not words and represents a commitment to the impact the Rebelle Rally, and Rebelles, can make on the world.

In 2019 alone, the Rebelle Impact Fund sent 18 girls in third-world countries to school for a year and assisted women’s businesses in places where it is challenging being a woman let alone keeping a positive entrepreneurial spirit. Leaving a legacy that supports the vision to leave the world a better place is what we care about. As we look inward and look ahead, may we all strive to be the best humans we can be.

Last newsletter we brought you the Rebelle Base Camp 1 playlist.
For July, here’s Rebelle 100%, a collection of some favorites along with a dose of motivation.


Did you catch up on our Facebook Live Rebelle U courses? Spanning the course of seven weeks, these courses were created to help women prepare for not only the Rebelle Rally, but any future adventures. Map basicsvehicle recovery, and how to market your team are just a few of the courses available. Taught by experts, this is definitely time well spent for new competitors or women looking to compete in the rally. And succeed in getting to the start line! Start your journey to the Rebelle now.

Because who doesn’t love a special delivery?

Since 2018 Chocolove has provided the fuel our teams need to cross the finish line. And not only do competitors benefit from their made in Boulder, Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate, staff and media also count on their dark chocolate for a much-needed afternoon boost! The chocolate is incredible, and the people behind it are equally wonderful.

And as unofficial chocolate connoisseurs, trust us when we say once you try Chocolove, there’s no going back. We use their online shipping anytime we’d like to send someone a little happiness in the mail  – because chocolate makes everything better.


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Team Tuesday 2020: Emme & Rebecca

One of only two teams who have competed together every single year since the inaugural Rebelle Rally in 2016 – meet 2019 CUV champs Emme Hall and Rebecca Donaghe. These two are known for their quick wit and humor, but don’t let that fool you – this duo brings some serious heat to the competition. Read on to learn more about these 100% Rebelles!

Hometown/Current town:

Emme: Hacienda Heights, CA/Oakland
Rebecca: Houston, TX/Marina del Rey, CA


Emme: Automotive Journalist
Rebecca: Producer/Filmmaker

What made you compete this year?

Emme: I use the Rebelle Rally as the ultimate off-road test for Roadshow. As such, we’ve done it in a different vehicle every year. Our participation in the EV designation for 2020 will be a huge challenge for us and I look forward to proving (hopefully!) that it’s possible to wheel with electrons, not fossil fuels.
Rebecca: And I use the Rebelle Rally as proof to my family and friends that I’m a “cool nerd” who likes to take her vacations competing in high pressure situations with a lot of math which require me to sleep on the ground and urinate behind bushes.

How did you and your teammate meet? Why did you choose them?

Emme: The Rally put Rebecca and I together the first year after we had both lost our respective partners. We had met before but the first time we ever spent any real time with each other was the first day of the Rally. Good thing we’re both tons of fun! Seriously 75% of the time we are laughing.
Rebecca: The other 25% of the time I am silently taking headings and plotting checkpoints and Emme is urinating behind bushes.

Tell us about your competition vehicle. Why did you choose it to compete in?

Emme: We can’t tell you just yet what we’re driving, but it’s going to be electric and incredibly awesome.
Rebecca: We weren’t sure how we could follow up the Rolls with another vehicle that challenges us to prove whether it could be done. But I think we’ve nailed it and can’t wait to make tracks in the new electric designation with the kind of vehicle that really defines it.

Any fun facts you’d like to fill us in on?

Emme: Emme and Rebecca both attended Yale University. #bragging

Team Tuesday 2020: Emme & Rebecca2020-06-30T20:05:49-07:00

Team Tuesday 2020: Rachelle & Taylor


We’re celebrating our fifth anniversary this year, and excited to kick off our fifth round of Rebelle Rally Team Tuesdays today! And, it’s only fitting we begin with the 4×4 champs from 2019 who will be back this year to defend their title – Team #100 Rachelle Croft and Taylor Pawley.

Read on for this adventurous (to say the least) team’s recent Q&A with the Rebelle Rally, and look out for them back in the dirt with us this October!

Hometown/Current town:

Rachelle: Missoula, MT/Bozeman, MT

Taylor: Currently Portland, Oregon


Rachelle: Self employed! Co-Founder of Expedition Overland. Cat herder.

Taylor: Marketing Coordinator for my family’s regional fencing and decking company.

What made you compete this year?

Rachelle: Taylor and I made a great team, we had a blast, worked really well together, and can’t wait for round 2! Competing in the Rebelle is one of those outlets that really feed my soul, challenges me, and makes me a better human being!

Taylor: I couldn’t pass up a chance to defend our champion title, but most importantly the Rebelle is my favorite thing I get to do!

How did you and your teammate meet? Why did you choose them?

Rachelle: Taylor and I met in 2016 at the Northwest Overland Rally. I was teaching a class about the Rebelle Rally and my past experiences in Morocco that she attended. We encouraged her to try the Rebelle and she made it happen! I also had the privilege of attending the Rebelle in 2016 when she came in 2nd place having never done anything like it before! We clicked really well together and kept in touch each year after, waiting for the timing to work out for us to be teammates. I’m so glad it did!

Taylor: Teammate: Rachelle and I met at a training for the very first Rebelle that her and her then partner were putting on. We both raced that year, and then continued to stay in touch through our overlanding connections. We tried for 3 years to team up before it finally came together last year! I wanted to race with her because I know she is one of the most competent drivers I’ve ever ridden with, and her personality has just the right combination of serious, “get it done” attitude and so much fun and joy at the same time!

Tell us about your competition vehicle. Why did you choose it to compete in?

Rachelle: We are beyond stoked to get to Rally for Lexus again this year! Last year we drove Stella, a stock Lexus GX 460 which lived up to everything we asked of it, taking us across the finish to first place and a bone stock win! It was a phenomenal, comfortable vehicle that was extremely capable. This year, we will again rally in a Lexus but we can’t tell you which model yet, as it is a surprise. Stay tuned!

Taylor: We’re so happy to be driving a Lexus again this year, more to come on which one!

Any fun facts you’d like to fill us in on?

Rachelle: Mom to 3 awesome boys + black lab fur baby.

Taylor: I took 2nd place in the inaugural race, this will be my 4th Rebelle, and first year with a repeat partner.
Directly following the first Rebelle I started a two year overland journey from Oregon to Uruguay in South America.
The connections I’ve made in the Rebelle have taken me around the world, including helping 1st year Rebelle Samantha Mumford run an all-ladies Billfishing Tournament in Costa Rica for the last two years, traveling overland through Costa Rica on a Women Overlanding the World retreat with 2 time Rebelle Tracy Ristow, giving talks on overlanding at two Ladies Offroad Network Conventions in Salt Lake City and Atlanta with 1st time champion and LON founder Charlene Bower, and rock-crawling the trails of Moab with 100% Rebelle Melissa Fischer!

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Reflections and Looking Forward

For the past several days, we have looked at the murder of George Floyd with such incredible sadness, grief and continued concern for our country. And what fears us most is the eventual fade of the moment, the return to our everyday lives where the moment is remembered, but does not result in change.  That can’t happen. The result has to be more than words, a social media campaign. There has to meaningful action. We have to leave this world better than the way it was.

We chose to push pause on social media to turn our attention to how we can take meaningful action. Purposeful and aligned with our core values. We appreciate the social media posts and campaigns, but we chose to place our energy into a plan of action…for the long term. To look within and see what we can do to be part of the best version of our country – for humanity – for black lives – for all lives.

The Rebelle Rally is a strong community. When we created Rebelle Impact, our giving back component, it was with the knowing belief that Rebelles can change the world. At this time, we have women in 188 cities, 38 states/provinces, 8 countries. We believe that change starts at the local and regional level, it’s the place where you know what is going on, your letters matter, your actions matter, your voices matter, and your vote matters. You can make the biggest change at home, right around you. Imagine the world if everyone in your community looked within and tried to be the best teammate they could be, and saw each and every person on that same team.

Through Rebelle Impact, we gave to several worthy causes that we believe are making real change.  The Innocence Project – an exceptional organization for fixing wrongs and reforming the criminal justice system. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture – an excellent space to learn important history, and an online space to talk about race and the cancer of bias. We hope you will learn more about them. We supported local La Mesa, CA businesses that were severely damaged in the looting, and are owned by women in our community. And we applied to Salvation Army to serve the underserved in our county.

Rebelles – you are leaders, you are teammates, you are used to moving the goalposts. You overcome adversity, you are solution-minded, you are articulate, you are leading your teams, your children, your communities into the future.  Our hope is that you can find your path forward, stay positive, and help create the vision for a place that is the best version of whom we all can be.  As an organization and as individuals, let’s keep our compass pointed north.

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