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March 2024 Newsletter

This month, we celebrate the resilience and adventurous spirit every woman carries. From trailblazers to everyday heroes, here’s to a month of remembering the incredible journey women have navigated throughout history!

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Behind the Brand – Meet Frankie Gallo, Marketing Manager at Fox Factory

Fox Factory’s Trail Trust is an inspiring commitment to sustainable adventure and responsible recreation. It brings together a range of outdoor brands under Fox Factory’s umbrella to support trail conservation and broaden access to outdoor sports. We recently spoke with Frankie Gallo who is the Marketing Manager over at Fox to learn more about the organization’s initiatives and its vision for the future.

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Women Who Rebelle Webinar

Leadership – When Teamwork Isn’t Working. Engage, listen, and learn from top women leaders who will share practical advice for navigating and leading at work when teamwork falls short.

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The Rebelle Rally – An Intense Outdoor Endurance Event

The Rebelle Rally is an exceptionally unique and challenging competition with many layers and elements. But often, people don’t understand the scope and try to put it into a box of “motorsports.” While it is a competition in vehicles, it is much more – a motorsport event, a navigation event, a women’s empowerment and community event with a dose of overlanding. But at its core, it’s an extreme outdoor endurance event.

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February 2024 Newsletter

It’s an exciting time for the Rebelle Rally! As February rolls in, we’re focusing on the momentum and energy that’s building up as we prepare for a packed schedule of Rebelle U training, course running, and setting the stage for the 9th rally this October. In this edition of our newsletter, we’re bringing you a collection of stories that showcase the strength and innovation within our community.

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Team Feature: CanToy Divas – Liza & Sue

It’s music to our ears to hear that the international team of Liza and Sue loves coming back to the Rebelle year after year. Team #144 CanToy Divas is a Canadian duo who has competed in the Rebelle Rally three times together since 2020 – and won the coveted International Cup every single time, with $10,000 donated to the non-profits of their choosing.

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