Facebook Live – How to Avoid Common Mistakes on the Rebelle

Chris Woo has seen it all during his 4 years at Rebelle Rally Tech Director, including competitor mistakes that could have been avoided. So Chris put together some helpful tips for Rebelles and future Rebelles on not only being prepared for the competition, but leveling up the game. Watch now if you plan on doing the Rebelle or need a rally refresh!

Facebook Live – How to Avoid Common Mistakes on the Rebelle2020-04-24T10:32:06-07:00

Facebook Live – Seven Ways to Make Coffee on the Trail

With 4 Rebelles under her belt and 30 years in the army, Rachael Ridenour knows a thing or two about making coffee in remote areas and on the fly. Watch Rachael’s seven ways to make coffee, and you’ll be caffeinated on the trail in no time.

Facebook Live – Seven Ways to Make Coffee on the Trail2020-04-24T11:49:13-07:00

Facebook Live – Enduro Timing Part One

Watch Head Rally Judge and Scoring Director Chrissie Beavis discuss enduro timing, how to make calculations and understand Time/Speed/Distance. With Chrissie’s experience as a (winning) professional navigator on the rally circuit, this is a must watch for new and returning Rebelles!

Facebook Live – Enduro Timing Part One2020-04-15T15:52:31-07:00

2020 Rebelle Rally Team Scholarship Program One Winners Announced

We are delighted to announce the recipients of the 2020 Rebelle Rally Scholarship – Program One. The scholarships attracted numerous applicants from across the country and beyond. This is the first ever scholarship program for the Rebelle Rally, and began with the generosity of two anonymous Rebelles. Subsequently, a third anonymous Rebelle approached the organization with the desire to contribute additional funding specifically for an international team. Because of that new donation combined with the original amount, Program One was able to fund more applicants than originally anticipated.

The program offers funding towards registration cost of the Rebelle Rally for new teams only, with levels ranging from 1 ($1,000), 2 ($2,000), and the max amount of level 3 ($3,000). To be eligible for a scholarship, teams were required to complete an online application as well as participate in a phone interview. And the applications received and statements made during the interviews were truly inspiring. After a careful review of each application, in-depth interviews, and much deliberation, it is our pleasure to share with you the winners chosen by the selection committee:

2020 Rebelle Rally Team Scholarship Winners – Program One:

Tasha Booth/Abbey Charles

Rochelle Bovee/Melissa Vander Wilt

Jessi Puffenbarger/Laurie Bresnahan

Tracie Sell/Wendy Phillips

Liza Tough/Sue Chapin

Nicole Wakelin/Alice Chase

More information about these teams as well all 2020 teams will be found in the Team Bio section on our website starting October 1st.

Program Two is currently open with new teams eligible to apply. The deadline for Program Two is July 1, with announcement of winners by August 1. Criteria reviewed includes but is not limited to fundraising efforts and team momentum. Applicants who applied for Program One and did not receive funding are eligible to reapply for Program Two.

The Rebelle Rally congratulates all winners and looks forward to welcoming them on the start line this fall.

2020 Rebelle Rally Team Scholarship Program One Winners Announced2020-04-15T17:08:26-07:00