Team Tuesday 2019: Eliza & Kendra

The Rebelle not only brings strangers together, it brings strangers together to compete…together. Today’s Team Tuesday showcases a team who has never competed with each other, and also never met in person! Two like-minded women sharing a love for adventure and serious determination chops teaming up for the rally makes our day. Because, in the spirit of the Rebelle, why not just go for it?! On that note, let’s welcome the team – Eliza Coleman and Kendra Miller!

Eliza is originally from Berlin, New York, and splits her time between Park City, Utah, and Santa Rosa Valley, California. Eliza is also a stuntwoman/stunt coordinator, and happens to race stage rally in her 2WD 2010 Scion xD.

A self-described habitual experience collector, Eliza loves adventure, and loves driving on dirt roads. She’s excited to add the Rebelle to her collection as she’s new to navigation and dune driving.

“In the Rebelle, I’ll get to see remote areas that are otherwise out of sight. The whole experience of traveling with analog navigation, exploring with a teammate and being in a community of like minded women is pretty awesome. I can’t wait to be ‘away from it all’. I hope the food is good!”

Eliza is piloting her Jeep Wrangler that she purchased from her son last year with the idea she’d like the option to off-road whenever, wherever. Voilà! Unbeknownst to her in 2018, that option is happening this October. And with someone who she has an easy communication with, and has a great attitude. “I feel very fortunate to have a teammate that has experience doing the Rebelle, and I can’t wait to meet Kendra in person!”

Kendra is from Hemet, CA and lives in Snoqualmie, Washington where she works in marketing. Kendra is also a 100% Rebelle, meaning she has competed every year since the inaugural competition in 2016. Why is she coming back for year four?

“Because I love it. I love getting rid of my electronics, sleeping in the desert, getting to see amazing places that most people don’t even know about, the strategy, using analog tools to navigate the earth. It feels kind of wild but also completely natural to be coming back. Every year I think ‘Oh, I’ve done that. I’m good.’ and then registration opens. My mind immediately goes to planning who my teammate will be, what vehicle I can take, which class should I enter!”

Kendra is looking forward to seeing what new challenges Emily and the Rebelle staff have in store, and also self camp night – a night teams spend away from basecamp comforts for an evening together full of conversation, good food, and a little more rest than usual.

Kendra is also stoked to be competing with Eliza as she has a great sense of humor, is really easy going, and very dedicated to having a good rally. And she’s not leaving home without a positive attitude!

We love your attitude already, Team #184. See you in the dirt!

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Team Week 2018: Amy & Kendra

The Pacific Northwest. Home to incredible trails, a richness of rain, and novel-worthy locations. It’s also home to two Original Rebelles who, although competing for the third time this year, are entering into their first time competition as a duo behind the wheel. And not just any wheel – a third time Toyota Land Cruiser Rebelle vehicle aptly named “Stormy.” Please welcome Team Sass-Quatch #184, Amy Hopkins and Kendra Miller!

Amy is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and currently lives in Seattle where she is the VP of Marketing. She’s also the biggest Fleetwood Mac fan you’ll ever meet, and can’t live without really good shoes, coffee, and her teammate Kendra on the Rebelle – Amy loves that Kendra is unruffled by chaos, absolutely calm, and laughs all the time.

She’s coming back for her third Rebelle because it “is achievable and yet life-changing, and so amazingly well organized! It has totally changed my perspective on what I can do and given me a focus for how to pursue what I really love.”

Kendra’s hometown is Hemet, CA and she now resides in Snoqualmie, Washington where she’s a CEO. She loves her teammate, whom she describes as relaxed, driven, and fun. And she’s not leaving home without her, along with Duct tape, peanut butter, and M&Ms. And if you’re up for a debate, she also believes Red Vines are superior to Twizzlers, and are best when left out for a few days to get nice and chewy.

One of her most favorite adventures? She went with her husband on an international trip where he was to be interviewed all day. She was without cell access, and by herself. Apprehensive at first, she ventured out on her own anyways and just explored the city. She fell in love with travel and adventure…eventually leading to her third Rebelle next week.

“It’s very much a tempering event. Whatever you thought you were going in, you are different on the other side. You become more confident, humble and empowered while simultaneously joining an amazing sisterhood.”



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Team Week: Kendra & Bailey

What do you get when you pair a company’s marketing manger and one of their sponsored racers? Team ARB Machine, of course! Next up on our Team Week features is Kendra Miller and Bailey Campbell of Team #118. Both Original Rebelles coming back for more, these two teamed up last year through their connections at ARB 4×4 Accessories. When their competition car kept changing last year, they knew they had to be a well running machine to be able to compete in any vehicle, hence the name Team ARB Machine. It was their experience and success as a team last year that prompted them to continue on to do the 2017 Rebelle – and they can’t wait to do it all over again!

Kendra Miller is from Snoqualmie, WA but now lives in Hemet, CA working as the USA Marketing Manager for ARB. Her interests include soccer, crochet, and things that go zoom! Unlike most people, her favorite part of the day is her daily drive to/from work: 35 minutes down a 2-lane highway through the mountains and forest. This is the time where she gets ideas, solves problems, plans her day, reflects on life, and keeps in touch with faraway friends and family. Sounds like a pretty ideal commute to us!

With the attitude that her best trip ever is the next one she goes on, she’s back for another Rebelle because, “I drank the Kool-Aid and there’s no going back!” Her goals for this rally are to improve upon her skills that she developed last year and to make Bailey proud. She is most excited to ditch her cellphone and traverse the desert.

Born, raised and currently living Gilbert, AZ, Bailey Campbell is one busy girl! Not only does she work full time in her family’s fabrication shop, but she also attends college and runs her own photography business: Bailey Campbell Media. With her busy schedule, her favorite part of the day is going home and enjoying the last few hours with a good movie and extra buttered popcorn before she goes to bed.

Being back for Rebelle Round 2, her goals for this year’s rally are to take things slower and try to not get overwhelmed thinking about the time constraints. She’s learned that patience is key, especially when your navigator is trying to figure things out. What she is looking forward to the most catching up with all the other Original Rebelles and taking on the new challenges that the rally will bring.

“Who wouldn’t want to come back for another round of Rebelle! The journey we took on last year and the challenges that we overcame made the 2017 Rebelle an event weren’t able to pass up! Especially because its an honor to be an Original Rebelle.” – Bailey Campbell

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