Team Tuesday 2019: Marie & Jessica

Today’s Team Tuesday has a theme for their first Rebelle together – Joy in the Journey. Marie Campbell and Jessica Moore, Team #183 Unbroken Journey, are two Texans who serendipitously met this June, and after bonding over a mutual love of adventure and navigation, sealed the deal of competing together in the Rebelle less than 48 hours after meeting. They’re also working hard via their Rebelle journey to educate their followers about an important cause to them – mental health. Piloting Marie’s 2005 Land Rover LR3, aka “Money Penny,” the duo also shares a common occupation – Dr. Pepper enthusiasts! Please welcome in Today’s Team Tuesday, Marie and Jessica! 

Marie is from Bulverde, Texas where she is a wife, mother and volunteer. She also happens to be a big Land Rover enthusiast, and is bringing back her trusty 2018 Rebelle competition vehicle, her LR3, for a second straight Rebelle.

After competing last year (and co-winning the Team Spirit Award!), Marie is coming back for the challenge and adventure. And of course the view along the way.

“This year I’m pumped and so excited! I can’t wait to see where the maps take us and the beautiful sights outside our windshield. And seeing old Rebelle sisters, meeting new ones and sharing this experience with Jessica. I can’t wait to see her transformation that comes from participating in the Rebelle.”

Marie’s a little nervous that it will rain during the rally, along with a bit nervous how her kids will do their homework and all of the arrangements while she’s gone. But knows if it worked out last year, it will again this year!

She’s not leaving home without her body pillow, trail mix, and Dr. Pepper! 

Jessica also resides in Bulverde, and grew up in Alaska. She’s a wife, mother, and soon to be Rebelle who is looking forward to her first rally! 

 “It is an awesome opportunity that is open to everyone but only few actually do. I want to be one of those who do it. I go through a roller coaster of emotions of ‘What am I doing’ to ‘I can’t believe I get to do this!’ But I am most excited to do something completely out of my comfort zone and to see nature I have never seen.” Sounds about right, Jessica!

Jessica and Marie have lived in the same community for years and knew the same people, but didn’t meet till this summer. Once Marie filled her in on the Rebelle, she was in. Definitely meant to be!

Jessica mentions she will be missing her regular naps during the rally, and is not leaving home without her pillow. And while we have your attention, she turns the big 4-0 during the rally so if you’re a Rebelle, don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday on the 17th!

We are so thrilled these two incredible women came together for the Rebelle, and are happy they’ve chosen their first journey together with us. 


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Team Tuesday 2018: Channel & Marie

Often times we call the Rebelle a journey, but for some teams, their journey begins before even hitting the start line. Today’s Team Tuesday, appropriately name #183 Unbroken Journey, is two women from Texas who have not only faced some serious challenges, they certainly define “Texas Tough.” Please welcome Channel Williams and Marie Campbell to the Rebelle!

Channell is originally from Houston, Texas, and currently lives in San Antonio. She’s an author who had always been adventurous and competitive, but she’s also a fighter. Diagnosed with lung cancer, one of her lungs has been removed, she’s been put on oxygen, had 4-5 brain surgeries (she’s lost count), and an aneurysm in her heart, this woman is tough!

Given that running marathons and high-intensity physical activities are currently not an option, Channell thought her competitive days were over, until her teammate Marie asked her to Rebelle! Channell had a one-word response – “ABSOLUTELY!” She’s excited to get back to adventure with the rally. Her last big expedition was two years ago when she climbed Camel Back Mountain with oxygen, missing a lung, and having active lung and brain cancer. It took her at least 5 times as long as it did the first time she climbed it pre-cancer, but she did it! And – she’d do it again.

Channell can’t wait to hit the outdoors with her teammate Marie, whom she’s describes as incredibly patient, loving, nurturing, and all around amazing person.

“I’m super excited and grateful to be able to do this adventure, and with Marie..I know how precious each day is. The timing is perfect!” –Channel Williams

Marie was born in Needles, CA but grew up in El Paso, Texa and currently lives just outside San Antonio in a town called Bulverde. That’s where she met Channell, who was her instructor and motivator at the gym where she worked out. She states the best thing about Channell is, despite all the hardships she’s had in life, she comes back fighting harder and with her faith grounded – an inspiration to Marie and their community.

And Marie is not shy in telling us she doesn’t “do the outdoors well!” She first heard about the Rebelle from her husband. She laughed when he mentioned the idea of participating in a competition like the rally, but said if she did compete – she’d only do it with Channell because of their shared love of Land Rovers. Marie’s family owns three and they’re competing in her oldest most beloved LR3, “Money Penny.” When Marie happened to see Channell at church this summer, she mentioned the Rebelle…and here they are now headed to the dirt in exactly a month!

“I’m a speech-language pathologist and school teacher but decided to take this year off. I never dreamed that driving in the Rebelle would be my new future. I’m celebrating my 50th birthday this year, 25th wedding anniversary and taking on an ‘out of the box’ adventure with the Rally. And I have to mention…the most important people in my life are my husband Jeff and three children Wil (18), Colin (13) and Cate (12)!” –Marie Campbell

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