Team Tuesday 2019: Chelsea & Kristian

A 1992 Mercedes Benz G Wagon running on chocolate-based biodiesel. A dynamic pair of sisters whose desert adventures date back to college. One epic adventure this October bringing all three together to test their skills this October. Please welcome in today’s Team Tuesday, Team #124 Chelsea Vachon and Kristian Yehl Moley!

Chelsea currently resides in Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia. She moved quite a bit during her life, and considers Boulder, Colorado home. A Research Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland, Chelsea completed her PhD last year. She studied winegrapes and climate! “Everyone always laughs when I say I have a PhD in wine,” mentioned Chelsea. We personally think it’s nothing short of amazing, Chelsea!

When Kristian called Chelsea to tell her about the Rebelle, her first words were, “This is the coolest thing ever!” and stated she wouldn’t miss it for the world. Every year Kristian and Chelsea would adventure to Moab during college, so teaming up for another one just made sense.

Chelsea is a little nervous about running out of chocolate fuel given its usual inaccessibility. She is excited to take on the digital detox, which won’t be a challenge. “I am more than happy to have a digital detox. It makes me sad to think that, today, we spend so much time online in a digital world. There is a whole natural world out there just waiting to be enjoyed in real life.”

Also competing is Bertha the G Wagon that Kristian lovingly restored. Bertha (named after Bertha Benz) will be the icing on the cake for Chelsea. Previously, Chelsea off-roaded in Jeeps, and is looking forward to the experience in a new type of vehicle.

And Chelsea won’t be leaving home without her stuffed bear, Como.  She travels a lot for both work and pleasure, and learned having a little piece of home with you when you wake up in a place far from home is key.

Kristian currently resides in Boulder, Colorado. She’s a mom and left her previous job to stay at home with her kids – but found she was sad not creating anything for herself personally in her daily life. So she started teaching herself photography, videography, design, and marketing, seeking a creative outlet. She is now a content creator and manager for her family’s chocolate company as well as a creative consultant for women run start-ups.

It’s natural for Kristian to compete alongside Chelsea as she not only introduced her to off-roading more than 20 years ago, but also to adventure.

“It was like Lara Croft walked into my life when I met Chelsea. She had taken a chance at life and not just left for college but abandoned a life to which she couldn’t belong. We soon spent most evenings, every weekend, every holiday, and now 20 years with each other. My family adopted her and gave her a new place to belong. I would be a shadow of myself if she had not brought such light and adventure into my life. She is my sister in every way that matters and the best person to ride the Rebelle with.”

She’s also excited to take on this dream adventure with like-minded women. “Every current Rebelle and future Rebelle that I meet seems to link arms with my spirit. I see the smiling face or the determined eyes of a Rebelle, and I see myself reflected back. I think this is a place to belong, and I’ve been looking for it my whole life.”

And that chocolate biodiesel? Kristian’s husband has 25 years in chocolate industry. From restoring abandoned chocolate equipment to buying used and making it better, he knows chocolate. After years of composting or giving away “waste” chocolate (chocolate that can’t be sold), he took his engineering mind and made a chocolate based biofuel.

“Not all 4x4s are available as diesel, so they’re not all capable of running on biodiesel, but the Mercedes G Wagon started out as a diesel and is nearly unchanged in design since it’s inception in 1979,” stated Kristian. “We’re excited to take a car that undoubtedly represents brilliant engineering and upgrade it with a 21st century, environmentally friendly fuel.”

There you have it – the first biodiesel in the Rebelle will be running off of chocolate. And not just any chocolate – Chocolove.

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Hoehn Adventures Presenting Sponsor of the Rebelle Rally

Hoehn Motors and Hoehn Adventures Partners with the Inaugural Rebelle Rally –

the First Women’s Off Road Navigation Rally Raid in the U.S.

Six company teams will compete in a diverse range of vehicles


August 10, 2016 (Reno, NV) – The Rebelle Rally is pleased to announce that Hoehn Adventures is a Presenting Sponsor of the inaugural Rebelle Rally.  In addition to a strong partnership, Hoehn Motors, based in Carlsbad, California, will field six full teams from five of its San Diego County automotive franchises – Land Rover, Porsche, Mercedes, Honda, and Jaguar.  Teams are comprised of long-standing Hoehn employees and family members.

Since 1928, the Hoehn family has been in the automobile business and has steadily grown into one of the region’s most noted and respected dealerships and brands, with Hoehn Adventures being a subsidiary to the company’s expanding platform in national and international events.

For Jo Hannah Hoehn, General Manager of Hoehn Jaguar Land Rover and fourth generation automobile dealer, supporting the everyday woman from San Diego in stock Hoehn vehicles means more than a great partnership. For her, it’s personal.

“We are thrilled to be involved with the inaugural Rebelle Rally, and are so proud of our six Hoehn employee competitors.  Their camaraderie, enthusiasm, and commitment to this adventure has been truly inspiring, and I can’t wait to join them on the starting line in October,” said Jo Hannah. “I’m also really excited to be doing something like this in our own back yard. It’s so easy to forget how stunning and diverse the Western landscape is, and this is going to be an amazing way to see it.”

The six teams from Hoehn Motors competing:

  • Jo Hannah Hoehn and Susie Saxten competing in a Land Rover LR4
  • Karen Hoehn and Dana Saxten competing in a Land Rover LR4
  • Josan Badillo and Jaimy Grigsby competing in a Jaguar F-PACE
  • Trish Lewis and Sally Gallice competing in a Mercedes G550
  • Lisa Wolford and Sandy Conner competing in a Porsche Cayenne
  • Meli Barrett and Sabrina Howells competing in a Honda Ridgeline

The Honda, Porsche, and Jaguar teams will compete in the Crossover Class – vehicles with unibody construction and no low range transfer case.  The Mercedes G-Class and LR4s will compete in the 4×4 Class.  “The Rebelle is not a race for speed or for tube chassis race vehicles, but a platform for OEM manufacturer vehicles to shine.  We are excited to partner with such a committed company as Hoehn Motors to showcase the capabilities of these SUVs and CUVs,” noted rally director Emily Miller.


About the Rebelle Rally:

The Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid in the United States.  Teams of two will traverse over 2,000 kilometers in seven competition days across the desert West.  A true test of precise navigation, it is not a race for speed, but a unique and demanding event based on the elements of headings, hidden checkpoints, time and distance using maps, compass and road book.

About Hoehn Motors:

The Hoehn family has been in the car business since Hoehn Chevrolet was founded in 1928 by Theodore W. Hoehn. In 1938 the company, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee was transferred to Theodore W. “Bill” Hoehn, Junior. After moving to La Jolla, California for what turned out to be a short-lived retirement, Bill founded Hoehn Motors in Carlsbad in 1975. Bill’s two sons Bill and Bob now own the business. Today, there is a fourth generation of family working in the business.


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