Three New Partnerships for 2023

October 5th, 2023

The Rebelle Rally is excited to announce three new partnerships for 2023.

Ford Motor Company, a renowned leader in the automotive industry, Fox Factory’s Trail Trust, a proponent of sustainable adventure and outdoor access, and Pennzoil, a trusted name in automotive lubricants.

Ford Motor Company

Rebelle Rally is excited to welcome Ford as a 2023 partner. Ford Motor Company, a renowned American automaker, brings rich heritage and innovation to the table.

While their vehicles have dominated the X-Cross™ class the past three years, it’s not just about their winning streak. Ford’s commitment to off-road excellence is evident in their advanced 4×4 systems and powerful engines, such as the 2.0-liter EcoBoost® in the Bronco Sport Badlands and the turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost in the Bronco.

And beyond performance, Ford stands out with their dedication to outdoor conservation through initiatives like the Bronco Wild Fund which not only supports projects in over 34 states with over $3.7 million dedicated toward outdoor impact, it also exemplifies Ford’s deep respect for public land and its commitment to preserving and ensuring access for all.

Fox Trail Trust

New this year, a silver partnership between the Rebelle Rally and Fox Factory’s sustainability initiative Trail Trust. Trail Trust, established by Fox Factory in 2021, promotes sustainable adventure with a focus on trail building, responsible recreation, and expanding access.

Since its establishment, Fox has generously contributed almost $2 million to support over 100 nonprofit organizations worldwide. For a deeper dive into our partnership, including long term goals and why Fox chose the Rebelle to further their initiatives, check out the full announcement.


The Rebelle Rally welcomes Pennzoil as a new major partner – a gold partner of the rally, a Presenting Partner of Rebelle U training programs, and a supporter of the collaborative mechanics program providing shared service for all the competitors and staff.

“Pennzoil is proud to join Rebelle in their mission to invest in women in automotive, support education for young girls and care for the environment through conservation programs. We really love this intersection of inclusivity and sustainability in motorsports as it aligns with our values at Shell and Pennzoil,” said Bree Sandlin, Vice President, Shell Lubricants North America Marketing. “It’s an honor to work with Emily and learn about her inspiring vision to help female racers unlock their full potential through courage and determination. We look forward to collaborating with the world-class team to support this life-changing competition that paves the way for women in motorsports.”

And as we gear up for the 2023 Rebelle Rally, we are pleased to welcome back our incredible partners who support this event year after year. The products they create, and support are an integral part of the rally. The teams that bring this to fruition are invested in the quality and success of our ultimate proving ground that puts their brands to the test.

Toyota - Live Show Presenter and Silver Partner

Toyota is returning as presenting partner of the Live Show, and is also joining as silver partner of the rally. The company is doubling the amount of teams competing from last year to six, underscoring their strong support for the event. The partnership will bring enhanced coverage to a broader audience through the live webcast, featuring team interviews, competition highlights, and updates live from the course.

Iridium – Official Safety and Communications Partner

Offering voice and data connectivity through a constellation of 66 crosslinked LEO satellites, Iridium keeps people – and things – connected on the land, in the air, or at sea. For the Rebelle Rally, in a competition focused on map and compass, our teams and staff must be constantly connected to ensure safety and security, because this competition takes place well outside cellular coverage. Iridium provides an end-to-end solution using the Iridium 9555, the ICOM IC-SAT100 (push-to-talk communications for staff), and YB Trackers. Beyond team and staff usage for the rally, the core team utilizes Iridium-connected devices for a number of functions from safety while prerunning the course to vehicle data telemetry to Internet connectivity.

“We are proud to once again be the official communications and safety partner for the Rebelle Rally for the third year in a row. At Iridium, we understand our customers rely on us for critical communications and the Rebelle Rally is no exception,” says Suzi McBride, COO, Iridium, and 3X Rebelle Rally veteran. “We’re especially excited to sponsor two rookie Iridium employee teams participating in the rally this year and for our partners Icom, Roadpost and YB Tracking to continue supporting alongside us. During the rally, competitors and crew can trust that even if they get lost, with Iridium, they are never truly alone.”

TOTAL CHAOS FABRICATION - Official Suspension Partner

A favorite among Rebelle Rally competitors and staff, TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication builds what is arguably the best aftermarket suspension components available. TC has been fabricating innovative products for over 25 years, is made in the USA, and is known for exceptional customer service from their Corona, California headquarters. 

“We are excited to partner with the Rebelle and return for the 8th consecutive year. We love sharing the STOKE for our sport and for all things off-road. The competition course really allows the competitors to showcase their navigation skills and driving talents. The Rebelle puts the ladies and their 3rd teammate – their vehicle, to the ultimate test for 8 long days!  There is nothing like it in our sport. Good luck to all 2023 teams. We’ll see you at the finish line.” – Nicole Pitell, Director of Operations and Marketing for TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication

Pirelli Tires North America

Once again the Rebelle Rally is pleased to welcome global tire manufacturer, Pirelli as a rally partner. More than just a brand for luxury vehicles, Pirelli Scorpion™ product line has proven its capabilities as an off-road tire and competitors will now have some competition in the popular Scorpion™ Tire Challenge, a contingency program for all teams running the Scorpion™, with more teams than ever running their tires.

“After two successful editions, Pirelli North America will once again sponsor the Rebelle Rally, the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid in the United States. The competition is the ideal proving ground for its Scorpion™ ATR and Scorpion™ All Terrain Plus tires. These two products are Pirelli’s flagship on and off-road tires, developed for drivers of SUVs, pickups, and crossovers who want to strike a balance between on-road performance and off-road capability.”

“Pirelli and Rebelle Rally share not only a passion for competition and off-roading but the understanding – and common value – of the importance of giving back. Pirelli’s contingency programs are one of the ways to support communities important to competitors. Both classes of podium finishers will receive a Pirelli-funded donation towards a registered non-profit organization of their choice. In addition, The PIRELLI SCORPION™ CHALLENGE returns to Rebelle, offering additional donation funds to the top three teams in each class that compete on Pirelli Tires.”-Maria Stella Narciso, Head of Communications Pirelli North America

Renewable Innovations

The Rebelle Rally continues to be a progressive force in the electrified vehicle space with the Rebelle Rally Electrified program. This has only been possible with the strong partnership and expertise of the Renewable Innovations team. Renewable Innovations is the industry leader in the development and deployment of hydrogen-powered, zero-carbon sustainable energy solutions. In addition to powering the electric vehicles competing in the Rally, Renewable Innovations will once again be powering all of the Rebelle basecamps, essentially our “Cities in the Desert”. While many may think this sounds standard or simple to accomplish, it is not! “Many promised solutions but only one could deliver,” noted rally founder Miller.

“As Rebelle Rally continues to grow and become more electrified, the demand for power continues to increase significantly. Our Renewable Innovations team brings clean, green, critical power where there is no power. Together we are delivering upon our shared vision and commitment to scalable, remote, renewable power.” – Robert Mount, President & CEO, Renewable Innovations, Inc.


If you find yourself off-road, most likely you or one of your friends has brought along a Jeep to enjoy some fun. Known for its legendary 4×4 capability and commanding performance straight from the factory, Jeep has been a long-time supporter of the Rebelle Rally. In addition to the independent competitors who have a passion for their Jeep, the brand will once again be entering electrified Jeep Wrangler 4xe vehicles into the 2023 Rally.

“From day one, off-road racer and Rebelle Rally founder, Emily Miller wanted an all-female Rally that proved the durability and off-road capability of stock vehicles while also pushing the physical and mental limits of the competitors. And while the Rebelle Rally is not a speed race, the 8-day navigational endurance challenge pushes vehicles and competitors to their limits. We, at the Jeep brand, love this competitive spirit. The Rebelle Rally provides the perfect environment for our amazing Jeep owners to showcase their talents and capabilities, and also allows us to showcase the capability and durability of our advanced 4xe powertrains as we work towards our electrified future,” said Jim Morrison, Senior Vice President and Head of Jeep Brand North America. “The Rebelle Rally ethos of teamwork, community, land stewardship, sustainably, and the ultimate proving ground for the future perfectly aligns with the core values of the Jeep Brand. This is why we have supported since day one.” -Jim Morrison, Senior Vice President and Head of Jeep Brand North America

onX Offroad

With adventure just a tap away, onX Offroad allows users to find the off-road trails they want fast with color-coded open trails, land ownership and management data and filters on the map for 4×4 and recreational vehicles. With access to view land ownership and management data among a complete set of tools, onX Offroad has become a crucial tool for establishing the route for the rally – and to help competitors prepare. Rebelle Founder and Director Emily Miller relies heavily on onX Offroad while planning the course, and competitors use their app to help sharpen navigation skills, including terrain reading, waypoint finding, and mock rally courses. Their Map Modes, Trail Reports, and custom waypoints allow competitors to customize the app to their preferences and awaken the adventurer inside everyone.

“onX Offroad is such a valuable tool for us, and it just keeps getting better with great new features and intuitive interface,” noted Miller.


As a leader in sustainable products, YETI knows a thing or two about building products to withstand the elements. In a world of disposal items, YETI products last a lifetime. The entire brand line is the perfect solution for all outdoor adventures. Their commitment to the rally has been key as the staff needs the most robust products to withstand the elements, wear, and tear.

“YETI is aligned with and supports our sustainability and environmental commitment to reducing waste on the rally including the abstinence of plastic bottles during the competition. The durability and uncompromising quality of their coolers and drinkware stand in stark contrast to inadequate, disposable products. I love that their products just never fail.” – Emily Miller, Founder of Rebelle Rally

YB Tracking

Yellow Brick Trackers are the world’s largest satellite-based sports tracking provider, and they have been with the Rebelle Rally since its inception. After researching all the solutions available to the Rebelle, YB was the only option that could address our specific needs. The tracker uses the Iridium satellite network to provide real-time tracking at the Rebelle Rally, allowing fans to follow the event online or via the YB Races app and safety and scoring teams to do their jobs. Download the YB Races app on the App Store or Google Play. The YB tracker is a rugged and fully self-contained battery-operated unit that works anywhere on Earth to be connected wherever you are.


While competitors are offline, a significant amount of effort and communication is necessary to ensure safety and connectivity in a way that works with the rally’s rules and specific needs. We count on the experts at Roadpost. Experts since 1991, Roadpost is the solution for over 89,000 individuals, businesses, and governments to provide mobile satellite solutions so they can talk, text, access the web, and check in with home or office from anywhere on Earth. In the Rebelle Rally, each competitor is equipped with an Iridium-connected 9555 satellite phone from Roadpost, ensuring they have communications while their cell phones are sealed.

“At Roadpost, our purpose is to provide people with reliable voice and data connectivity when and where they need it. Supporting Rebelle Rally’s mission to elevate women by offering them reliable communication and a greater sense of personal security so they can bring their best game throughout the competition brings this purpose to life.” — Morris Shawn, President of Roadpost Ltd.


Icom, a leader in cutting-edge communication technology, is a valued returning partner of the Rebelle Rally. Icom specializes in wireless communication products, setting the standard for reliable and efficient communication technology. Their game-changing, Iridium connected push to talk satellite radios have set a new standard in reliable and crystal clear communication for our event. Spanning 2,500 kilometers of challenging desert terrain, Icom’s advanced technology ensures that our staff stay in touch, safeguarding both the competition’s integrity and participants’ safety. But what sets them apart isn’t just their technology, but also their dedication to customer satisfaction and quality. Each product undergoes stringent testing, aligning with the Rebelle’s own standards for both safety and performance. We’re thrilled to count Icom among our trusted partners.


Back for 2023, Scrubblade will not only be on hand at Tech Inspection to personally install competitor wiper blades, but they want to ensure that all Rebelle staff and safety crew have debris-free and particle-free windshields throughout the entire competition. Scrubblade is the only wiper blade designed to cut through more than just water. Using a patented two-part cleaning system, the innovation comes from the leading blade, containing hundreds of raised triangular scrubbers designed to cut through debris for a cleaner, particle-free windshield.

Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool is legendary for good reason. Not only was the brand founded in 1924 and has led the industry in developing innovative tools and worksite solutions, but they’re also obsessed with solving user frustrations. Paying attention to the small details that make a big difference is a significant reason why Milwaukee is used for everyday job use, weekend projects – and on the Rebelle by our expert mechanics who put their tools through our ultimate proving ground time and time again.

“Similar to our One Team mentality at Milwaukee Tool, Rebelle competitors must be able to approach problems collaboratively as a team, providing innovative and creative solutions in order to drive success. Relying on a team-focused perspective, as well as the speed and urgency in your determination to be the best, embrace the challenge of your task ahead and work together to push past the barriers to reach the finish line.” – Eric Rusch, Milwaukee Director of Product Marketing

Big Agnes

Big Agnes, an industry leader in outdoor gear headquartered in Steamboat Springs, CO , has been a cornerstone of the Rebelle Rally since its inception in 2016. Known for their commitment to quality, comfort, and durability, Big Agnes is essential to the Rebelle team year-round, not just during the ten-day competition. Our staff relies on the Big Agnes’ sleeping system of tent, sleeping pad and bag to comfortably “sleep in the dirt” in extreme terrains and temperatures. Rebelle Founder Emily Miller has been a long-time advocate of Big Agnes, particularly praising their women’s specific line as a “game changer.” With Miller camping upwards of 50-70 days a year, her endorsement carries weight and speaks to the brand’s unmatched durability.

Big Agnes is more than just a partner; they’ve been a vital part of the Rebelle Rally experience since day one, sharing our values of quality, comfort, and outdoor adventure.


Mapbox and its tech have been connected to the Rebelle for years. For Rally competitors, some vital technology is supported by Mapbox products. From in-car navigation to adventure apps such as onX Offroad, many companies rely on MapBox’s powerful tools to provide customers with accurate location information.

Mapbox provides powerful routing engines, accurate, traffic-powered travel times, and intuitive turn-by-turn directions to help you build engaging navigation experiences. Over 45,000 mobile apps are powered by Mapbox SDK technology so chances are you’ve used their products before.

Thanks to Mapbox and Mapbox technology, the rally’s daily stages come to life through mapping videos. Tune in to the live show to see them.