Team Tuesday 2019: Anna & Andrea

Better together? Passion and perseverance. Today’s Team Tuesday shares both qualities, and those grit factors led them to their Rebelle Rally return this year.

Anna Lewis (and her sweet FJ) is competing in her second Rebelle, and Andrea Shaffer is coming back for year three. The two met in 2017 during the rally while on separate teams, and came together naturally in 2019 to tackle unfinished business, and utilize their skills jointly as driver and navigator. With an appreciation for the outdoors and each other, we can’t wait to have this duo back in the dirt with us. So let’s welcome them back – but don’t call it a comeback!

Anna’s hometown is Elkins, Arkansas, and she currently resides in Turlock, California where she’s Technical Services Food Director for a food manufacturing company.

Anna loves to off-road in her spare time, along with gardening and doing crafts. And she’s competing this year with a sense of unfinished business. In 2017, she was learning to compete and “learn the ropes.” Now with one rally under her belt and knowing how to compete, this year is more about working hard together as a team.

Aside from the off-road and adventure part of the rally, Anna’s favorite thing about the Rebelle is the women and staff that are brought together for the event. “It is amazing to have that caliber of individuals all focused on one event. I also really loved seeing so many cool areas throughout the west.”

And she can’t wait to compete with Andrea.

“We met during the 2017 Rebelle Rally. My initial memory of Andrea was her hiking to a checkpoint in Dumont Dunes while her teammate was working on their vehicle. Her grit and determination to get as many points as possible even with adversity showed me what an awesome lady she is.”

Anna forsees her biggest challenge as time management, mentioning they’ll have to have a game plan for all situations. And she’s not leaving home without her FJ Cruiser, Hot Hands, and a great sleeping pad! 

Andrea was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV where she currently lives with her family. She multi-tasks with two jobs – stay-at-home mom, and vinyl business owner. Andrea also loves to camp, explore the outdoors with her husband and kids, and go bowling. She’s super excited to head back to the rally after a “year off,” calling it one of her best adventures to date.

“Anna and I met during the 2017 Rebelle Rally. We started talking again while stalking the 2018 Rebelle. We just clicked! And I’m excited to get back to the community that is the Rebelle. I love the family we become during the week, and even after.”

Andrea knows there may be a challenge in the fact that they’re a new to each other team, but is focusing on working together to do the best they can. An she’s not leaving home without her plotter, snacks, and map wheel! 

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Team Tuesday: Michelle & Andrea

Sugar rush: a sudden brief burst of energy supposedly experienced after the consumption of food or drink with a high sugar content. Not to be confused with Sugar High – a team of two determined Original Rebelles who overcame setbacks in last year’s rally only return to compete in the Rebelle this year. Don’t call it a comeback – this Team Tuesday let’s introduce Team Sugar High, Michelle Davis and Andrea Shaffer!

Michelle’s hometown is Belgrade, Montana where she currently resides with her husband. Together, they own The Helper Brands and Sugar High Motorsports. As you may have guessed from their team name, Michelle’s hobbies include baking, cake sculpting, boxing, and working on her Jeep, appropriately named Sugar High.

Last year, Michelle signed up for the Rebelle not knowing what to expect, and never doing anything like the rally before. And she says hands down, the Rebelle has been her best adventure to date. Why? She loved getting away from the hustle and bustle of life to focus on the outdoors and on other women. She also states it’s empowering and pushes you to realize that you are stronger, smarter, and more capable than you ever thought you could be.

“I learned so much about myself in the rally. It was filled with ups and downs for our team as we made a final checkpoint with only seconds to spare one day then crashed in the sand dunes the next. The rest of the rally became a day-to-day adventure of trying to get the Jeep to hold together enough to get us to the finish. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but also one of the most rewarding.”

Andrea grew up in Henderson, Nevada and currently lives in fabulous Las Vegas! She’s a busy stay-at-home mom of three who also runs an Etsy/Amazon shop selling vinyl decals. Andrea also happens to be super passionate about the outdoors – any chance she can get camping, 4 Wheeling or being outside, she takes it.

That said, Andrea loved the Rebelle. The adventure of competing with other women, and doing things beyond her normal comfort level was right up her alley. She also couldn’t think of doing it with anyone else but Michelle, whom Andrea met on a Facebook Group just a few months before the rally! When they met, they just clicked, having a ton in common plus a mutual love for the outdoors. In other words, meant to be.

“I cannot wait to come back! I’m really looking forward to challenging myself again this year to do the best I can, while learning more and being a better navigator. Michelle and I had such a great time, despite our crash, and we cannot wait to be back for 2017!” And we can’t wait to have them back.

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