Team Tuesday 2020 – Erin & Sara

Any Rebelle can tell you, you never know how you'll meet your first Rebelle teammate. Case in point: Erin Vogel and Sara Swenson. Both gave the Rebelle teammate questionnaire form a shot, reached out to each other, and went on to attend a dunes driving course together. With similar goals and interests (and Erin’s exceptional driving skills!) it was a no-brainer to team up. Team Ponderosa was soon formed! This dynamic duo also happen to be working to being able to [...]

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Ram Trucks Announces Their Participation in the 2020 Rebelle Rally

Ram Trucks announced their support of Team 4 Corners, Nena Barlow and Chris Mayne, in the 2020 Rebelle Rally. This will be the third time the duo has competed together with Ram's partnership, and the fourth year Ram has partnered with Barlow in the competition. Team 4 Corners podiumed in 2017 and also won the Bone Stock award that year. Barlow also took home the coveted award in 2016. In order to qualify for the Bone Stock Designation, a vehicle must be [...]

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Team Tuesday 2020 – Liza & Sue

Could today's Team Tuesday consist of the coolest grandmothers on the block? We think yes! Liza Tough (Tuffy) and Sue (Swell) Chapin are from beautiful British Columbia, and have dreamed of competing in the Rebelle for years. With a love of exploration and discovery, this duo worked incredibly hard to get to the start line this October - and now their dream is becoming reality in less than three months! Balancing family, work, hobbies, and everything in between, they're looking [...]

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Team Tuesday 2020: Mandy & Irma

Who says Team Tuesdays can't happen on Wednesdays? This team is definitely worth the wait! Meet Team #139 Hemispheres United. Mandy Brezina and Irma Bosch met at a How to Rebelle in Colorado and instantly hit it off with a mutual adventurous spirit and love of Jeeps. Fun facts about these two? Irma's first language is Afrikaans and Mandy joined the army at 17! Read on to find out more about this team who decided to stop making excuses and start [...]

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Team Tuesday 2020 – Sedona & Lyn

What's in a name? We'll find out in today's Team Tuesday - Sedona Blinson and Lyn Woodward, Team #106 Wild Grace! This is the second year these two are competing together in a Nissan vehicle. Last year they drove the Armada Mountain Patrol and piloted it to a Top Ten finish in the 4x4 class. How do they feel about competing together this year, and better yet, what are their plans for extraterrestrial adventures? Read on to find out! Hometown/Current [...]

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Team Tuesday 2020: Rochelle & Melissa

What could possibly be better than competing with your sister in the Rebelle? Competing with your sister in the Rebelle in your father's 1969 Bronco! Stoked to welcome Team Roaming Wolves to today's Team Tuesday. With an adventurous spirit and shared goal for the Rebelle; to try something new, to learn, to do their best, and meet other amazing women all while having a blast - Team #141 is going in thrilled to try something out of their comfort zone. And [...]

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Rebelle July Newsletter

Welcome to July! It's a wild ride as we head into month, but we are hanging on tight and making plans for a great 5th Anniversary edition of the Rebelle Rally. What used to be an achilles heel with no onsite spectators, has created an event that has the best chance of survival in such uncertain times. We are blessed with a great team and have been going through all parts of the rally to make it as safe as possible. Rest assured [...]

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Reflections and Looking Forward

For the past several days, we have looked at the murder of George Floyd with such incredible sadness, grief and continued concern for our country. And what fears us most is the eventual fade of the moment, the return to our everyday lives where the moment is remembered, but does not result in change.  That can’t happen. The result has to be more than words, a social media campaign. There has to meaningful action. We have to leave this world [...]

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May Newsletter – Humor, Inspiration & a Deep Dive Behind Putting the Rolls Royce SUV to the Test

SWITCHING IT UP We'd like to start things off by thanking you for supporting our newsletter. This month we change it up a bit as we focus on not merely news, but on the lifestyle of Rebelle. So keep reading and you will find: Recommended reading A must watch vehicle video review by Emme Hall A little inspiration A dose of humor Our Nevada base camp Spotify playlist This month's product pick Exciting things are on the horizon for our [...]

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Roadshow by CNET – Rolls-Royce Cullinan Goes Off-Road, Wins the 2019 Rebelle Rally

The 2019 Rebelle Rally was a competition full of many firsts, including the first entry of a Rolls-Royce - the $400,000 Cullinan to be exact. And the team to pilot the vehicle to a win in the Crossover class was none other than 4x Rebelles and 2018 4x4 co-champions Emme Hall and Rebecca Donaghe. If you'd like to experience what it was like for the team to drive this uber luxurious CUV through 2,000 km of dirt roads, double tracks [...]

Roadshow by CNET – Rolls-Royce Cullinan Goes Off-Road, Wins the 2019 Rebelle Rally2020-05-07T17:43:33-07:00