2020 Rebelle Team Sponsorship Announced for New Teams!

Beyond thrilled to start the New Year off right with some incredible news for brand new Rebelle competitors. A scholarship fund has been created specifically to help new teams on their journey to the 2020 Rebelle Rally!

For new teams who lack a competition record or experience, fundraising and sponsorship may feel like an especially daunting task. And two anonymous Rebelles recognize that. These women came to Rebelle staff with a goal – they want to see more women compete in the Rebelle who otherwise may not get there – hence the first scholarship created just for new competitors.

So what is needed to qualify? Amongst other items, teams must show they are actively pursuing fundraising from other sources. This scholarship fund is NOT intended to kick off a team’s fundraising – it should already be in place when a team applies. Teams applying must consist of two new competitors who have not competed in the Rebelle Rally. And teams must go through the entire application process including a phone interview. Eligible teams may be awarded up to $3,000 towards their 2020 registration cost. 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. The anonymous Rebelles are adamant about other women experiencing the Rebelle Rally, and are generously paying it forward.

If you are a new team interested in applying for the scholarship fund, the first step is visiting the application page to view the criteria the Scholarship Board is looking for. Remember – only apply when you feel you have fully met the criteria! Applying too soon without fundraising in place may hinder your eligibility. Applications are currently being accepted with a deadline of April 1st. 

You can email us with any questions and please note – the Rebelle Rally is not responsible for scholarship team selection and awarding. 

Here’s to a great year ahead, and see you in the dirt!


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Mapbox-based Map of Rebelles

Two fundamentals of the Rebelle Rally? Community and maps. Through out partner Mapbox and with the powerful technology available today, we are able to bring our global community together. And we’re excited to announce our favorite map yet just came out – our Mapbox-based map of the Rebelles.

A map created specifically to represent the Rebelles all over the world, this is a useful tool for future competitors looking for Rebelles in their area as well as visualizing just how global a community the rally is.

Since 2016, the Rebelle Rally has hosted women from 167 cities, 37 states/provinces, and eight countries. As a rally, we are growing and expanding, and have created a dynamic global community from diverse backgrounds of like-minded smart, adventurous women. Meet them now all on our Mapbox Rebelle Map – live on our homepage now!





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How to Rebelle – Vancouver

The Rebelle Rally is excited to announce our official partnership with Overlanding BC to expand preparation and training opportunities for women in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest!
We will kick it off with our “How To Rebelle” one-day training intensive in the Vancouver area, January 5th at Overland Outfitters – conducted by Emily Miller & Chris Walker. Several experienced Rebelle competitors will be on-hand to assist and share their knowledge.
In addition, a multi-day hands-on driving and navigation course will take place with both Rebelle U & Overlanding BC teaching at the BC Overland Rally in Whistler – dates to be announced shortly. We are stoked!  Take the first step by learning more & sign up now for How To Rebelle. Class size is limited!
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Meet Caitlyn Stout, Director of Stout Tent – 2019 Rebelle Rally Glamping Partner

This year, the Stout Tents that lined four Rebelle Rally basecamps were anything but easy to miss. Standing out amongst the desert terrain were beautifully crafted, canvas, beige glamping tents. A first on the Rebelle Rally and something eagerly anticipated amongst our guests. And we have the crew at Stout Tent to thank, who stepped up this year to become first-time glamping partner of the Rebelle Rally. Not knowing exactly what they were getting into, Stout Tent not only supported the rally with ample, insanely cool housing for special guests and media, they also sent a staff member to ride along with the Rebelle, set up and tear down the tents. Talk about next-level partnership. And Stout’s enthusiasm for the Rebelle is matched – Stout Tent has been a favorite of the Rebelle since 2016, when a lone Stout Tent became the place to be for staff to eat, mingle, and rest during the first rally.

We were thrilled to speak with with Director Caitlyn Stout to get her perspective on the world of glamping, her impressive event resumé, and Stout’s authentic place in it all.

For lack of better words, we’re obsessed with Stout Tents. Where did the inspiration come from to begin this business?

Wow! Thanks so much for that! You know, it was a crazy thing. I am an entrepreneur who did a stint in the corporate world, and was looking for a new business to make my own. My dream was to be able to work with my husband and not have a ceiling! The idea was inspired by a European magazine featuring gorgeous outdoor activities. I saw this family with a canvas tent at the beach, and wanted to order one for my backyard. When I couldn’t find one in the States, I saw an opportunity and we decided to make our own! We were fortunate enough to invest in a great photographer, awesome canvas, and the market took it from there!

How did you go about the design process, from the initial basic tents all the way up to the glamping packages?

We’ve always tried to work really hard to get to know what our customer’s need, and then provide it for them. We knew that everyone wants high quality, but we started to realize that we needed a few other features. One of the first things we did was to make a mesh 360 degree window all the way around the bottom wall of the tent for ventilation, and then a versatile stove jack that would work with a variety of wood burning stoves. It helps that we use our product day in and out for large rentals (events), we really get to know what might make life easier for people in the industry. We just love our B2B customers, and get super excited to bring them new accessories that will make their lives easier!

What sets Stout Tents apart from other glamping?

We make it really easy for our customers, which is really the whole point of glamping – comfort and ease! We’ve set up thousands of tents and produced well over 100 events. Experience is a game changer in this industry. The biggest variable is that you’re at the mercy of natural elements that you can’t plan for. You have to know how to problem solve in the moment AND keep your clients happy despite those variables. That’s something you can only learn from experience. On a practical side, we make the process easy from start to finish. Our customers know exactly what to expect and add a lot of little touches along the way, like we even set up private URLs so that their guests can book their own tents, just like they would a hotel room! We assist with staffing events, and we have lots of options, including Giant Tipi Style tents, Safari Glamping Bath Suites (yes, shower in a rad tent with hot water and a porcelain toilet!), AC units, heaters, and even portable hot tubs! It’s the whole package really. When you work with Stout Tent, you just feel confident you’re working with professionals. 

Does Stout provide glamping services and set-up nationwide, or only in certain regional areas?

We have had events in 29 states, including Hawaii! We’re hoping to make it to all 50, so if you know anyone in the South (MI, LA, AL… ) that needs our help, let us know!! 🙂 

Where’s the most interesting event you’ve set up thus far?

Well, Hawaii was interesting, but I think that the Toyota Hotel Tacoma events have always been the most mind-blowing! We built 50 wooden platforms in a few days to support 50 safari tents over boulders on a mountain called Hualapai in Arizona, and we took over a Boy Scout camp on the Oregon coast another year, sewing doors for the wooden cabins, and debuting our tented restroom units! 

You have so many events to choose from. Why the Rebelle?

We have been fan-girling over the Rebelle since year one! We are adventurer’s and many of us are into overlanding and off-roading! We’re hoping that we can get a Stout team together someday and join the fun! 

What’s next for Stout?

We acquired a competitor this year, ConTENTment Camping that was founded by Patricia Jensen about 10 years ago. Pat has been a mentor and advisor for a few years, and we jumped at the chance to carry her torch. ConTENTment is the main Glamping tent vendor for the Music Festival world, so this year you’ll be able to catch us at Bonaroo, Electric Forest, FireFly, Lightning in a Bottle and more! We’re also taking over a few NASCAR and Moto events. 

Lastly, any words of wisdom?

Ah, you don’t need my wisdom! You guys inspire me! I love seeing women being fierce, taking (calculated) risks, having fun and getting a little dirty. Can’t wait to follow-along on this year’s adventure! 
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Rebelle Rally at SEMA – Today at the AIRAID Booth!

10 AM – 4 PM


Meet the Rebelle Crew!
See the AIRAID Rally Jeep!

We will give away an AIRAID Intake via Facebook Live at 3 pm!
Want your chance to win? Make sure you are signed up for Rebelle Rally News on our website.


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Jeep® Returns as Media and Awards Partner of the 2019 Rebelle Rally

October 2, 2019 (Reno, NV) – As the Rebelle Rally quickly approaches, Jeep® returns to support the women’s off-road navigation endurance competition. The iconic four-wheel drive brand is the 2019 media and awards partner for the 10-day event that is scheduled October 10-19, 2019.

Jeep, synonymous with adventure and capability, is a favorite vehicle among Rebelles and successful as well. Two Jeep Wrangler Rubicons were co-champions in the 4×4 Class in the 2018 rally, and Jeep has held the top of the podium since the rally began in 2016. 12 Jeep vehicles are registered in this year’s edition in the sold out field of 40 teams.

“Jeep is such an iconic brand, and an excellent vehicle choice for the Rebelle Rally. We have been impressed with how many women have bought Jeep vehicles specifically with the intention of competing in the Rebelle,” noted rally founder Emily Miller. “We appreciate Jeep recognizing our committed community and efforts to build a true proving ground for stock OEM vehicles.”

The rally starts next week, on Thursday, October 10th with Tech Inspection at Olympic Valley, California, adjacent to Lake Tahoe. The event will cover 8 days of competition that traverses the western portion of Nevada and crosses into southern California to finish in the Imperial Sand Dunes. Ceremonial finish events take place at the water’s edge in San Diego on Saturday, October 19th. Jeep will host the open to the public podium awards ceremony at Broadway Pier from 12 pm – 2 pm.

To follow the rally live, log on to www.rebellerally with coverage beginning on the 10th. Live tracking, scoring, daily press updates and webcast will be available.

Media Contact:
Kirsten Tiegen


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Total Chaos Fabrication – Official Suspension of the 2018 Rebelle Rally

TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication – The name synonymous with premium suspension parts. It’s common to hear people say TC is like a magic carpet ride. And that’s one ride we don’t mind taking. Watch to see why we rely on TOTAL CHAOS products, and their people, 365 days a year.

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Hoehn Adventures – Presenting Sponsor Video of the 2018 Rebelle Rally


Hoehn Adventures has been our dedicated partner since the inception of the Rebelle Rally. For the Hoehns, their journey with their vehicles is not just professional – it’s personal. Cars are in their blood, and adventuring in them is imprinted in their DNA.

With over 80 years of car dealership experience, their world-class service is backed by a family and crew of staff that truly walks the walk. Watch and learn more about the story of Hoehn Adventures from the Rebelle Rally.

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Honda R&D Americas Inc. Enters Vehicles in the 2018 Rebelle Rally – The Ultimate Proving Ground Competition

August 14, 2018 (Reno, NV) – Today the Rebelle Rally, the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid in the U.S., announces Honda will be fielding two teams of Honda R&D Americas Inc. employees to compete in the rally this October. A ten-day automotive endurance event with eight days of competition, the Rebelle Rally is designed for manufacturer vehicles, not race cars, making it the ultimate product proving ground.

Honda is entering two vehicles in the Crossover (CUV) class – the 2019 Honda Pilot and 2018 Ridgeline. The CUV-specific course includes over 2,500 kilometers of a wide variety of terrain – from dirt roads, two-tracks, rocky washes, and massive sand dunes.  Both Honda vehicles will be mostly stock, with minimal modifications including skid plates, lights, and robust off-road tires.

“The vision of the Rebelle Rally was to create a serious testing platform for manufacturers, coupled with our tech backbone and challenging long distance course designed specifically for the vehicles we drive every day.  We are excited to welcome Honda’s teams of engineers and are looking forward to seeing the results from their program,” noted rally founder Emily Miller.

About the Rebelle Rally
Entering its third year, to date the Rebelle Rally has hosted competitors from 136 cities, 35 states/provinces, and 7 countries. The world-class event is the longest competitive off-road rally in the lower 48, and takes place October 11th – October 20th with a start in Lake Tahoe and finish in San Diego. It is a unique challenge and scoring system where precise navigation, not speed, is the ultimate goal. Participants trade in cell phones and GPSs for old-school navigation in a competition for the elements of time, distance, headings, and hidden checkpoints. Armed with just maps, compasses, and roadbooks, up to 50 teams of two will be pushed to their limits as they make their way across Nevada and California’s desert terrain.


Honda R&D Americas Inc. Enters Vehicles in the 2018 Rebelle Rally – The Ultimate Proving Ground Competition2018-08-14T17:23:47-08:00

2018 Press and Social Media Recommendations

How do you make the most of your media on a rally that you can’t use your phone? We have great coverage planned this year, and have put together some simple recommendations to help make the most of your media for your team!


  • Visit our website frequently to stay updated on the Rebelle and get the latest news.
  • Sign up for our emails. Get Rebelle news directly to your inbox! You will receive our monthly newsletter, press releases, and also daily updates during the Rebelle.
  • Follow us on social media. We are social! Much of our news and info hits social media first, so stay in the loop by following us. We do our best to tag every person/team appropriately on social media, but we can’t tag you if we don’t know you exist on social media.
  • Create social media accounts for your team. The best way to update your friends, family, sponsors, and fans on your Rebelle Rally progress is creating team social media accounts. Whether you choose Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. is up to you, but keep in mind how much you can actually manage and what platform/s work best for your audience.
  • Designate a social media manager to update your social media accounts while you are on the rally. Give them access to your personal accounts or your team accounts so they may post on your behalf while you are on digital detox. If they have access, they will also be notified (depending on your privacy settings) when you are tagged in one of our posts, and can then share/retweet/repost. Make sure they are familiar with whichever platforms you are posting on.
  • Send us your Team Tuesday questionnaire. Every Tuesday we feature a Rebelle team on our blog and social media. This is a great way for our audience and yours to get to know you! You can also send your potential sponsors the link to your Team Tuesday profile so they can see you on a Rebelle platform. This also helps us when we pitch stories to media. They better we get to know you, the better we can tell your stories.
  • Pitch your own press. We encourage your team to go after your own press! Research the local newspaper or TV station’s “human interest” or sports reporter, and pitch your team’s story. Remember, there’s nothing like the Rebelle in the nation, and the fact your team’s town/city is being represented in it is a great story already. Don’t forget to point out in your pitch viewers/readers can track your team live on our website! You can also suggest a post-rally interview as a follow-up, so viewers/readers can see how you finished, your thoughts on the rally, and wrap up your story.
    • Please note, we are not your personal publicist! We may or may not contact regional media in your area with your team’s story, and will be in touch with you should things progress into a story/interview.
  • Buy a Rebelle Rally Photo Package. Get stunning images of your team from the rally from our world-class photographers. The photo package images are rights-cleared for personal and commercial use and can be used in a number of ways. Purchasing a photo package means your team’s photo manager will receive access to a selection of our photographer’s daily photos during the rally. You can find all the photo package information in the Competitor Zone of the Website.
  • Send in your Team Bio info. A few weeks leading up to the rally and during the rally, we post everyone’s Team Bio info so people following the rally can get to know the teams. This information exists on our website, and we often link to it on our blogs and daily updates. This is a great place for sponsor shout outs. The Team Bio questionnaire link will be available September 10th.  And like Team Tuesdays, the better we get to know you, the better we can tell your stories and pitch them to press.


  • Ensure your family, friends, fans, and sponsors are signed up for the newsletter.  During the rally, we send out a daily update to this database. It includes a press update, course and terrain description, special stories, standings, images, video, and links. You can sign up for our newsletter at http://rebellerally.com/emailsignup.
  • Provide your social media manager’s email address at Tech Inspection. At Tech Inspection we will have a station for you to provide your social media manager’s email. They will receive a special press release daily during the rally with a link to that day’s photos, which they can then share with your sponsors or on your social media. Please make sure they add media@rebellerally.com to their address book so the emails don’t just go to the junk mail folder.
  • Direct your fans to follow your team at rebellerally.com/live. On the Live page, people can live track your team, check the scores, look at team bios, read the daily updates, or visit our blog. Have them bookmark this page during the rally!
  • Download the YB Races App. While your fans can live track your team on our website, they can also do it on their phones. Have them download the YB Races app (available for iOS and Android), and search for Rebelle Rally. The tracking will be available by competition day, and will usually appear on the app on the day it goes live. Your fans or social media manager can track your progress, take screenshots, and update others to your progress.
  • Onsite press. We will have media onsite during the rally that may approach you during the competition for interviews and images. All media onsite has been cleared by the rally, meaning they are from an accredited, approved media source.
    • If you have a media outlet interested in covering your team onsite during the rally, please contact Kirsten Tiegen: media@rebellerally.com, and she will be in contact with the media person directly to complete a media application and media approval process.
  • Do an interview during the rally. If an outlet is interested in interviewing your team during the rally, we can facilitate this via Skype, telephone, and other ways of communication. This will need to be scheduled ahead of time to ensure team is available at Base Camp (i.e. a mid-afternoon interview would not be possible given team would still be on course at that time and not at Base Camp).
  • Send media requests to us. If an accredited outlet is interested in rights-cleared images specifically of your team during the rally, please provide Kirsten’s contact information to them and she will facilitate.
  • Have your fans and social media manager follow us on social. If your fans want to know your progress during the rally, have them follow our social media! We post multiple times a day on all platforms (Facebook, Facebook Stories, Instagram, Instagram stories, Twitter, and YouTube). They may not be able to catch up with you in person, but they can potentially catch a glimpse of you on our social!
  • Get notified when we make a social media post. We get it – there’s a lot going on your social media feed. During the rally, opt to get notifications when we post so you can stay up-to-date on rally news.
    • On Facebook: Go to the top of our page (com/rebellerally) and tap the “Follow/Following” button. From there you can opt to get notifications when we make a post, or to see our posts first in your feed. You can opt to do both, either, or none, and you can change this at any time.
    • On Instagram: Go to our profile (@rebellerally) and follow us. Then tap the three dots in the top right corner. At the bottom of the options should be “Turn on Post Notifications”. Tap to turn on. These can be turned off at any time.
    • On Twitter:
      • On Desktop: Go to our profile (@rebellerally) and follow us. Next to the “Follow” button in the top right corner should be three dots. Click the three dot and click on “Turn on Mobile Notifications.”
      • On Mobile: Go to our profile (@rebellerally) and follow us. Next to the “Follow” button in the top right corner should be a bell symbol with a plus sign. Tap the button and tap “All Tweets” to turn on account notifications.
  • Share, repost, retweet. Spread the Rebelle news! Share from our social media accounts to yours. We just ask you tag us @rebellerally and tag it with #rebellerally so we are notified and tagged appropriately.
  • Make sure privacy settings are turned off if you would like to be tagged in our social media posts. If you would like to be tagged, make sure your privacy settings allow you to do so.
    • Facebook: Go to your Facebook settings, and then click on “Timeline and Tagging” on the left side to change your options. You can set the audience of who can see the post, or whether you require review before the tags appear on Facebook.
    • Instagram: Go to your Instagram settings. You can set whether your profile is public or private (Account Privacy > Private Account), or whether you want photos you are tagged in to appear in your profile (Privacy & Security > Photos of You).
    • Twitter:
    • On Desktop: Go to your Twitter settings and clink on “Privacy and Safety” on the left. Under “Photo Tagging” you can set who can tag you in photos.
    • On Mobile: Go to your Twitter settings and then go to “Privacy and Safety. Under “Tweets” there is a “Photo Tagging” option where you can set if anyone can tag you in photos or if only people you follow can tag you in photos.


  • Post-rally press. Once the rally ends, your story will live on. We may contact you after the final day for interview opportunities. If you have an accredited media outlet reaching out to you directly, we are more than happy to supply images and b-roll to the outlet.
  • Sign up for Google alerts for media on the Rebelle Rally. This is a great way for you to keep track of Rebelle media, and use in a recap report to your sponsors. And make sure to read each and every article – you never know when and where your team may be mentioned or pictured!
  • Research media numbers to present with your recap. Sponsors and potential sponsors like to see numbers. Dress them up in a report to show how much of an impact their sponsorship has made/will make.
  • Stay up-to-date with our social media. Here, we share media stories as they come in. Stay updated in case you missed one!
  • Use your images. If you’ve purchased the photo packages, these photos are your rights-cleared tools. Use them. Here are some ideas:
  • Print and send along to your sponsors as a thank you.
  • Email a folder of images to your sponsors and suggest they use in their next ad campaign.
  • Print and auction off at a post-rally fundraising party to help with registration costs.
    • Send them on to the media you previously pitched.
    • Use in your wrap up report to your sponsors.
    • Use as promotional tool for your next adventure.
    • Create postcards and send thank you notes to everyone that helped you Rebelle.

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