Rebelle Rally Field Update: DAY 2

Gold Point, NV

It’s the first marathon day and according to Rebelle Rally Founder Emily Miller, “Today required dead reckoning,” Teams rolled into their marathon camp and won’t see their scores tonight but we can share provisional results with you. Today’s course went 290km, a long day of competition but a great day for drivers. Checkpoints were spaced further away, and Emily selected some smooth, fun roads so the teams could enjoy their journey. Tonight teams will enjoy some warmer temperatures in an iconic western ghost town.



Keeping it interesting as always, the scores reflected a shake-up in the top three for both the 4×4 class and the X-Cross™. Finishing on top of the 4×4 class on Day 2 was Team #152 Toyota Way-Finders(Becky Brophy/Samantha Barber) and on top for the X-Cross™ class was Team #205 Wild Grace 8.0(Rebecca Donaghe/Sedona Blinson). The remaining 4×4 competitors on Day 2’s podium was Team #139 Headings United (Mandy Brezina/Alex Gilman) in 2nd and Team #129 4xEventures (Nina Barlow/Teralin Petereit). Rounding out the podium for the X-Cross™ was Team #200 Built Wild (Melissa Clark/Jessica Moore) in second place and Team #202 Mach-E Rally (Bailey Campbell/Kaleigh Miller) in third.



Proving that Rebelle teams are tough competitors, the Rebelle media team captured the pure grit of Team #115 Dirty Tires (Fonda Matthews/Macie Matthews) who proved that no terrain is too extreme for a tire change. “We were lucky that it was less than a kilometer to the top. We got there and it was flat, and we could kind of work together [to fix the flat]” said Fonda Matthews of Team Dirty Tires. She and her teammate and daughter Macie Matthews look forward to putting Day two behind them and moving on to happier trails.




Long May We Drive

Pennzoil is joining the Rebelle Rally for its first year as a gold partner with the Rebelle Rally is a presenting partner of Rebelle U training programs and title sponsor of the Pennzoil Mechanics Program. Pennzoil has a long legacy of producing high-quality products. Pennzoil is an oil company dedicated to producing high-quality motor oil, and other lubrication and filtration products, to keep vehicles on the road longer.

Pennzoil is pleased to celebrate women behind the wheel with their Rebelle Rally Sponsorship. Pennzoil is no stranger to blazing new paths, celebrating unique journeys, and bolstering the daring spirit. That’s why the brand is thrilled to sponsor Rebelle Rally the first women’s off-road navigation rally in the United States.