Meet Dr. Kevin Stone of The Stone Clinic, Official Partner of the 2020 Rebelle Rally

The world-renowned Stone Clinic is not only an official partner of the Rebelle Rally, they’re also a longtime trusted advisor. Pioneering orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin Stone assisted the Rebelle throughout 2020 in countless aspects as we prepared for our event amongst unprecedented times. To say Dr. Stone knows a thing or two about staying healthy is an understatement. He is not only an orthopedic surgeon but clinician scientist, inventor and founder of multiple companies. Dr. Stone has rebuilt world-class Olympic athletes, is chairman of [...]

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From Start to Finish – An Overview of Electrifying the Rebelle Rally

A Successful Beta Test of Adventure-Ready Electric Vehicles When I started the rally, I wanted to ensure the vision of my mentor lived on by making it a platform for stock manufacturer vehicles. He was committed to stock. I am committed to stock. They are my size, my speed, and engineering masterpieces in my book. Art meets engineering for the masses.  And that is true for whatever powers a vehicle forward. Quite some time ago, well before the Rebelle, my goal [...]

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Today’s Team Tuesday hasn’t met in person yet but they are already in sync - common goals, thought processes, and both women in STEM! Living on opposite sides of the country did not stop the two from competing together - and just going for it in the process. Please welcome in today’s Team Tuesday, Team Stormtroopers #133 Maria Guitar and Suzi McBride! Hometown/Current town: Maria: Turkana, Kenya / Columbus, Ohio Suzi: Gilbert, AZ Occupation: Maria: I was an engine test engineer [...]


Team Tuesday 2020: Chris & Emily

How about the Rebelle Rally for the ultimate mother-daughter bonding? You'll have to ask returning team The Benzies, a mother-daughter duo from San Diego who are back for their third Rally in 2020! And did we mention the team is comprised of an Aerospace engineering executive/business owner and Geneticist working in antibody research? Yes, that too. Please welcome in today's Team Tuesday, #177 Emily and Chris Benzie aka Team Jeep Thrills! Hometown/Current Town: Chris: Eugene, OR/ San Diego, CA Emily: San Diego, CA/San [...]

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2020 Team Tuesday: Tracie & Wendy

Today's Team Tuesday is comprised of two Texas Tough women who will be piloting the first Range Rover in the Rebelle Rally. An artist/welder and artist/furniture maker, they are in it to push their own boundaries and see what they are made of this October. And they also happened to be winners of one of the 2020 Rebelle Scholarship Fund! Please welcome Team #101 Wendy Phillips and Tracie Sell! Wendy & Tracie: We are Team 101, Sweet t and Sparks.  [...]

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Team Tuesday 2020: Andrea & Anna

The Waypoint Wanderers are back! This duo comprised of a 3rd and 4th year Rebelle, is headed back to our fifth anniversary to tackle a little unfinished business - in their sweet FJ no less. In today's Team Tuesday, please welcome returning Team #148 Andrea Shaffer and Anna Lewis! Hometown/current town: Andrea: Henderson, NV/Las Vegas,NV Anna: Elkins, Arkansas/Turlock, CA Occupation: Andrea: Stay at home mom, and a vinyl business owner. Anna: Director of Technical Services What made you compete in the [...]

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Team Tuesday 2020: Stacey & Christine

Fun facts about today's Team Tuesday: one is a Chief Officer of any Gross Tonnage upon Oceans, the other is a Certified Athletic Trainer, they're longtime friends and Toyota truck owners, is out of her comfort zone on land, the other is fulfilling her bucket list...and their voyage trip to the Rebelle Rally is officially happening this October! In today's Team Tuesday please welcome Team #135 Stacey Sorenson and Christine Dahle! Hometown/current town: Stacey: Long Beach, CA Christine: Orange Country, [...]

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Team Tuesday 2020: Laura & Susan

Reasons #1001 to compete in the Rebelle Rally: to have your kids and grandkids keep asking: “You’re doing WHAT?!” That's exactly what 2020 competitor Laura Moore keeps hearing after announcing her participation in the 2020 Rebelle Rally. And she's totally cool with it because she's going from watching on the computer sidelines to being exactly where she wants to be - at the start line. Teammate and 2x Rebelle Susan Pieper is no different - ready to go for it [...]

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Team Tuesday 2020: Jessi & Paulette

If you believe in something, you have to go for it. We've heard from countless Rebelles who wonder why they waited so long to compete thinking they weren't "ready" before. In the Rebelle, you can only prepare so much before you just have to go for it. And that's exactly what today's Team Tuesday is doing - going after what they want. The 2020 Rebelle Rally! Although Jessi and Paulette have not met in person yet, with similar goals and [...]

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Rebelle Rally Debuts the Electrified Designation for Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Rivian to showcase the highly anticipated R1T in the 4x4 Class Mitsubishi returns with the Outlander PHEV in the Crossover Class Power Innovations to deliver green power for BEV fast charging and base camp August 17, 2020 (Reno, NV) – The Rebelle Rally announces the exciting addition of the Electrified Designation for electric manufacturer vehicles taking part in the fifth anniversary edition of the endurance off-road competition. The Rebelle Rally is the longest competitive off-road navigation rally in the United [...]

Rebelle Rally Debuts the Electrified Designation for Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric and Hybrid Vehicles2020-08-19T04:39:54-08:00