Rebelle Rally Announces KÜHL as 2019 Official Clothing Sponsor

September 18, 2019 (Reno, NV) The Rebelle Rally is pleased to announce KÜHL as Official Clothing Sponsor of the 2019 Rebelle Rally.

KÜHL has proven themselves to be an extremely committed partner, not only in making the most premium gear, but in their belief in Rebelles. With comfort, high quality, and function woven in to every versatile piece, KÜHL’s performance is Rebelle-tested and approved. And thanks to KÜHL, every 2019 Rebelle competitor will receive a gift card to purchase their own killer KÜHL pants just in time for the rally.

For the full announcement, visitÜHL

To learn more about KÜHL, log on to

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Meet Chris Woo, Rebelle Rally Technical Director

Rebelle Rally Technical Director Chris Woo is more than qualified for the job. As the Director of Lift Maintenance for the SquawAlpine Ski Resort, he also spends countless hours at the race shop prepping race cars and pre-runners, testing, pre-running for races, racing with the Hall Racing USA team, helping out Tom Wayes and his 321 King Of the Hammers car when he can, and building and restoring custom/vintage motorcycles…and that’s just a few of his outstanding accomplishments. Another one? He’s a husband, and father of two (mini-me) boys. Chris’ plate is just a little full, and we’re thankful he makes time for us every year – if there’s one person we trust to have this role, it’s Chris Woo. Read on to see why we chose Chris for this pivotal role, and how his automotive resumé led him to Rebelle.

How did you get involved in racing?

I got my start in racing back around 2001. I was a R&D test rider for an aftermarket snowmobile outfit that specialized in SnoCross and HillCross. I was a decent recreational rider that could also diagnose and work on sleds often tuning and upgrading them. An aftermarket parts designer and shop owner identified that I could trouble shoot and more importantly explain what the suspension, handling or motor was actually doing. This was important in order to increase performance areas and diagnose deficiencies. So I quickly became a test rider. I would help develop motor and suspension packages that the pro riders would then race on. This lead to traveling occasionally as tech support for the teams at various racing events.

As I progressed from snowmobiles to motorcycles for recreation, naturally so did the mechanical interest. Largely in part to an injury I got while on my motorcycle, I realized that I was better at working on the motorcycles than riding them. In the mean time I quickly was able to build a decent sized client list of local motocross racers that needed upgrades and repairs as well as traveling with the racers for race support. This went on for several years.

Sometime around 2008-2009 through a mutual friend I met Emily Miller. At the time she was racing for Rod Hall Racing. In 2010 at the XO 250 held in Reno NV, I was introduced to Rod Hall. For the next two years I began helping out as part of the race support team for Rod. I would soon begin the move to the racing preparation of the cars, co-driving for Rod for several years, eventually even driving for Rod in a few races, as well as instructing at Rod Hall DRIVE. After 4 Baja 1000 class wins and countless miles in the desert with my dear friend Rod, racing,  pre-running or just going out to “scout” trails, as they say, the rest is history. Rod taught me how to not only drive off-road, but to drive off-road in a production truck successfully while taking care of your car. Which in it’s self is very different approach. Rod always said, “To finish first, first you must finish.” This approach was the foundation of Rod’s career. Over the years Rod begun to race less and less and was getting to the later part of his career is when he introduced me to his son Chad. Now currently I race with Chad on his Hall Racing USA team in aChevy Performance production based Colorado ZR2 and a Trophy Truck Spec .

There are exciting things going on in your racing programs. Tell us more.

Hall Racing USA is currently fielding two race cars. Chad Hall is the driver of record for both of these vehicles and Austin Hall and myself typically split the co-driver duties. The first car we race is in the Best In the Desert off-road series in a production based Chevy Colorado ZR2 for Chevy Performance. The ZR2 race program was created to help give Chevy and the then newly redesigned midsize Colorado ZR2 some “dirt credit” as well as help test and develop Chevy Performance parts for the new platform. We race a very stock production truck with performance parts which are available from your local Chevy dealer. Short of the Chevy Performance parts, and the exception of the required safety, race required items, and larger tires, our truck is extremely stock. We still have full glass, interior, AC/heat, even satellite radio w/OnStar. In a joint venture with the manufacturers support/design team and the Hall Racing USA team, this program was built to help develop, validate the performance and durability of the Chevy Performance parts and Colorado ZR2 truck. The truck is very fast and reliable, especially for a production based race truck that a consumer could purchase right from their Chevy dealer. We debuted this truck in the Vegas to Reno race back in August 2017, since then the truck has completed every mile of every race of the BITD race series to date (as well as prerun and used for race support for the Baja 1000). Out of all the entries, in all of the classes in the BITD series, we are only 1 out of 4 teams currently that can make this claim out of the past ten consecutive races. And we are doing this in a stock production truck.

The second vehicle we race is a four wheel drive Trophy Truck Spec. With the exception of a sealed crate motor and specific transmission type, this is an unlimited vehicle class. We primarily race this race truck in the SCORE series down in Mexico, but will often pick some additional races here in the states to keep up with testing and development of the truck. When you really want to go fast with lots of competition, this is a great class to do it in. Next to the rapidly growing UTV classes, TT Spec is one of the largest growing classes to compete in.

In addition to the two current trucks we are racing, we have a new project in the shop that we are all excited about. But unfortunately I can’t really disclose any details at this time. More to be announced by the end of
October this year.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in racing?

I’ve seen a lot of strange thing in racing. Half the time I have to confirm with the other person in the car that, that really just happen. Often we’ll just look at each other and not have to say a word. I’ve seen some really strange things. I think a lot of it just follows the “What every happens in Baja, stays in Baja” rule.

You’ve got a ton on your plate. Full time job + other jobs, not to mention being a husband and father. Why did you choose to take time away form that busy schedule to work on the Rebelle?

I work full time as the Director of Lift Maintenance for the SquawAlpine Ski Resort, spend countless hours at the race shop prepping race cars and pre-runners, testing, pre-running for races, and of course racing with the Hall Racing USA team, help out Tom Wayes and his 321 King Of the Hammers car when I can, build and restore custom/vintage motorcycles, still work on many of my old clients motorcycles, while somehow maintaining my marriage and trying to be present for my two boys (one 9 months old the other 3 years old), and still have time to work on the Rebelle Rally. Yeah I guess you could say I have a full plate. I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment.

I remember back maybe 6 years or so back, sitting in Truckee when Emily first told me about the concept of the event. She told me some of her ideas on how she thought the event and competition would work. I remember telling her then, I’d do the event. That’s when she told me it was for women only, and since I could not compete she would want me to be part of the team to put on the event. I like to think I was one of the first people to be asked to join the Rebelle team way back then. I’ve been onboard ever since. So I chose the Rebelle because I’m both intellectually and emotionally invested in the event. Because I believe in not just the event and competition aspect, but also into the culture both Emily and the Rebelle creates. The Rebelle Rally may be Emily Miller’s baby, but I feel as though it’s my godchild. With my current schedule, and even though it would be a heck of a lot easier to just walk away from this event, I’m not ready to do that. Like you will often hear Em say, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

Best part about joining the Rebelle?

Being part of the Rebelle is almost like dare I say a sorority. Once you’ve either competed or even been part of the operations team, you have a bond that is tough to describe. Like I have said to many of the first time competitors, the Rebelle will change your life. You will look at things differently. You will look at yourself, the challenges you encounter, and how you tackle these challenges differently. The Rebelle Rally is like no other event. There is something very gratifying about being part of this process.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring Rebelles?

The Rebelle Rally may not be for everybody. This may be true. But how will you know if it is or isn’t for you unless you try? You may just surprise yourself. The Rebelle will push even the strongest and most capable women right to the edge at times. This event will challenge you, it will bring you to the highest of highs and maybe even to the lowest of lows. But if you make it to the end you will be stronger, more confident and capable version of yourself, and who knows you may even have a little fun along the way. You will see unbelievable terrain and scenic views that you might not believe existed here in the states.You will learn that the vehicle in your driveway may be much more capable than you think. You will learn that you yourself may be more capable than you think. The Rebelle Rally is not just a competition. The Rebelle Rally will change your life.


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Strong Vehicle Manufacturer Participation for October’s Rebelle Rally

Vehicle Manufacturers Continue to Build Strong Participation in the 2019 Rebelle Rally

September 10, 2019 (Reno, NV) – The 4th annual Rebelle Rally kicks off October 10th in Olympic Valley, California with a strong lineup of vehicle manufacturer participation. The 10-day navigation rally is a unique test of woman and machine as teams of two drive and navigate across Nevada and California to the U.S.—Mexico border. Final events will take place along the water’s edge in San Diego.

The competition is not a race for speed, but a true test of traditional navigation skills in street legal, unmodified or minimally modified SUVs, trucks and CUVs.  The event has focused on providing a strong platform for manufacturer vehicles to shine. This year, programs and support have been fielded from Jeep, Honda, Nissan, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, and Mitsubishi, with more expected before the October date.

OEM involvement has taken multiple forms – from fielding teams and providing vehicles, to in-depth engineering programs from companies such as Honda. “We have been laser focused in our commitment to build a multi-pronged platform for companies,” noted rally founder and promoter Emily Miller. “While some mistakenly assume it is limited to a women’s marketing program, we have created the longest competitive rally in the lower 48, with an in-house developed real-time vehicle data visualization platform for manufacturers with our partner Mapbox, strong company leadership and teamwork development, to tremendous experiential and content opportunities.”

The Details

Jeep returns as a committed partner with sponsorship and presentation of the Awards Ceremony at San Diego’s Broadway Pier. Honda returns with four female engineers as they use the experience for product development purposes in the Honda Ridgeline and Honda Passport. Nissan will field three-time Rebelle Sedona Blinson with teammate and automotive journalist Lyn Woodward in the Nissan Armada. Porsche returns with 2018 CUV class winners. Rolls-Royce stunned many by entering the new Cullinan with 2018 Co-Champions Emme Hall and Rebecca Donaghe.  Mitsubishi has entered an impressive team of military women – three-time Rebelle and Team Spirit Award winner Rachael Ridenour and teammate Karah Behrend, a retired young woman who served in the Air Force, and is an inspirational adaptive athlete who competes in multiple sports in a wheelchair. Behrend will drive the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross with hand controls in the CUV Class.

While the course is confidential until the rally, friends and fans can follow the event via social, daily updates, live narrative mapping, live tracking, and webcast.  Log on to and mark the calendars for October 10-19th.

Media contact:
Kirsten Tiegen

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Meet Steven duBois, Brand Manager of AIRAID – 2019 Rebelle Rally Premier Partner


2019 Rebelle Premier Partner AIRAID has had a pivotal role for 20+ years in the automotive aftermarket industry. Key factors? High quality products, a performance minded line-up, breathing new life into adventure, and a commitment to all of the above – thanks to the people behind the brand.

We recently sat down with Steven duBois, AIRAID Brand Manager, to discuss the new look fueled by passion, quality, style, and stoke. And if you’re curious about the benefits of having top quality intake systems and filters, this one’s for you. Steven let us in to why it’s in an automotive enthusiast’s best interest, and also gave us some great insight into how they’re taking that black and yellow next level this year. And perhaps this October as well..stay tuned.

Tell us about Airaid’s pivotal role of 20+ years in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Airaid has always strived to bring the highest quality products to the outdoor, off-road, and late model American muscle car enthusiasts. All Airaid products are made in the USA and designed with functionality, performance and quality in mind. Airaid is well known for their closed intake boxes which helps prolong the life of the filter, brings more aesthetic appeal, while also increasing the time between cleanings. Recently, Airaid has taken lead on advocating passion back into the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. People modify their cars because they see something more than just a vehicle that gets them from “A to B” and we want to highlight and build off of that notion with the support of partners and teams that are aligned with the passion that surrounds the automotive enthusiast.

The benefits of having top quality intake systems and filters are countless for a vehicle. Why?

It all starts with the filter. When you turn your key and crank the starter the engine is sucking filtered air in like a pump to mix with fuel for ignition. Making sure the air that goes in is clean is a no brainer, but how about the performance side? Let me paint a picture for you; You’re running a marathon, but all you get to breathe through is a small hose the size of a pencil. Will you suffocate? No, but you will definitely be strained and tired after the race. Now imaging midway through the race taking the hose and running normally with your nose and mouth for air. Much better right? That’s kind of what Airaid does, without affecting filtration by use of our Cotton and SynthamaxⓇ filter media.

And new products or innovations you’d like to let us in on?

Yellow Filters! Airaid is taking the “black and yellow” style to the next level!

We love the new look. Tell us about the message behind it.

In short, Passion, Quality and Style. We want our consumers to sense the passion behind the brand when they open and Airaid box and install it on their vehicle, and to be stoked on the quality of the product.

What’s the best part about working for a company like Airaid?

Again passion. While we are a business and sales is our focus, we never lose sight of the purpose of the message we bring to our consumers.

There are a ton of events to consider. Why the Rebelle?

We’re fans of Rebelle’s focus on female offroad and outdoor enthusiasts and love the idea of the Rally. Stay tuned for more on this subject.

As an automotive parts “connoisseur,” name three parts you believe every Rebelle should have in their competition vehicle?

Intake of course! Seriously though, such an easy affordable way to snag some more horsepower out of your vehicle.  And exhaust.  Also an easy way to gain performance and improve the sound of your vehicle.  Third, a winch. Probably one of the first purchases of any off roader out there!

Lastly, any words of wisdom?

Never forget your roots and the passions in life that you grew up with.



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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Enters the New Cullinan SUV in the 2019 Rebelle Rally


July 1, 2019 (Reno, NV) – Today, Rolls-Royce announced their participation in the 2019 Rebelle Rally. The company will showcase the new Cullinan SUV with experienced competitors and 2018 Rebelle Rally co-champions Emme Hall and Rebecca Donaghe at the helm.

This exciting entry will compete in the CUV Class – comprised of street legal vehicles with unibody construction and two-wheel or all-wheel drive with no transfer case. The Rebelle Rally is open to stock manufacturer vehicles, not tube chassis race cars. Past entries include stock Subarus, Honda Ridgelines,  the Honda Pilot, Jaguar F-PACE, and Porsche Cayennes. Once again the class will not disappoint this year, with a wide range of capable vehicles.

“We applaud Rolls-Royce for believing in the Rebelle Rally as a place to showcase the new Cullinan. We are truly excited about the wide variety of vehicles and teams that participate and prove their competence,” noted rally founder and director Emily Miller.

Original Rebelle and automotive journalist Jaclyn Trop wrote about the Rolls-Royce Cullinan in this month’s issue of Fortune Magazine. One well-said quote from the brand’s CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös, “It’s the first Rolls-Royce that looks better dirty.”

For the full announcement from Rolls-Royce, click here.

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Meet DMOS Collective Founder Susan Pieper

Today’s Basecamp is brought to you by two woman-owned businesses. And we’d like to introduce you to our first one, DMOS Collective.

The Rebelle is all about self sufficiency and skills. It’s about having the right tools, and knowing how to use them. But as we know, sometimes people can go overboard. That’s why we keep it simple. A reliable tire compressor, tools we know how to use (don’t forget duct tape zip ties, and hose clamps), a set of MAXTRAX, a power pack for jumpstarting when a second vehicle is no where to be found, and of course – a collapsible shove.

We couldn’t be more excited to find a shovel company that is purpose built, innovative, and woman – owned. Not only does DMOS founder Susan Pieper pose a never-give-up, positive spirit just like a Rebelle, she is a Rebelle: Team #178 – Teton Drift: The Fast and Luxurious.  DMOS is not just another simple SKU in a big company’s catalog. They are all about creating, and are product-specialists who live and breathe design and delivering great products for those who need it. We caught up with Susan to find out the brilliance behind DMOS:

DMOS Collective – what’s in a name?

My Company DMOS is all about empowering big experiences in extreme conditions. If you’ve ever been out there and gotten stuck, you know how bad it is not to have a shovel. Existing shovels are either too small and are short-shafted making digging unpleasant or they are too dumb, heavy, and awkward to stow so that they are not something you want to own. DMOS has turned shovels into your essential gear that you want to own and carry with you that allows you to “Do My Own Stuff.” We are all about empowering you by giving you the right tool.

You’re a young company (est. 2015) that has morphed quite a bit in a short amount of time. What have you learned in the transition from now being so much more than just a shovel?

I’ve learned that a small idea which resonates with people can grow into a big idea quickly! And, that that takes tremendous perseverance, persistence, and will power to see through. We had one product in 2015, launched our second in 2016, moved production from China onshore to the United States in 2017, have currently 6 different shovel models on the market today and are in the process of making vehicle mounts, kits, and storage cases. Our dream is to allow you to explore more by having the right tools and storage for your car, truck, RV, camper, snowmobile, ATV, etc.

Why is a DMOS shovel such a vital tool to empower big adventures in the outdoors?

Have you ever been stuck? Because, if you have, you’ll know that a shovel is your first, most basic tool to getting unstuck. Even without traction pads, if you can dig around your tires, you can always find rocks or sticks to use for traction and get unstuck saving you untold hours, expense, and just a delay in having the adventure you seek. We aim to keep you moving, in style. Our shovel is also perfect for grooming your tent site and tending your campfire as well as making sure it is out. You never need to buy another shovel… you’ve got one that is for all season, all terrain types – how cool is that?

You have so many events to consider, why did you choose to support the Rebelle?

We wanted to support the Rebelle because we believe in getting out and after it and the Rebelle is 1200 kilometers of adventure for sure! We also love the idea that the Rebelle empowers women to be extremely competent offroad drivers and navigators and the empowerment piece of Rebelle fits us a brand. Plus the Rebelles do a lot of digging in sand and we know that they will appreciate having a great shovel tool (in awesome colors!) which is what we’re about.

You shifted from being made overseas to made in the USA (Portland) What drove this decision?

We wanted to make the most quality tool you could own “buy once, buy the best” and we also wanted to shorten lead times to be able to bring products to market faster. We accomplished both of these things by vertically aligning with Lit Workshop in Portland, Oregon, a Deming-inspired factory that manufactures all of our products. It was a bet the company change in 2017 but having just come from the factory last week, it was totally worth it. Our Safety Red shovel looks like a Ferrari and our Silver Streak is like a Porsche. The tolerances are perfect and we know that people will enjoy the ownership experience of these fine tools which really is the goal. We can’t wait to get your feedback!

Can you go into more details about DMOS Collective’s sensible design approach?

I’ve always been a fan of minimalism in design. I admire the work of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright. DMOS’s shovels are built to be super functional, extremely durable (daresay unbreakable but someone can construct an way to break one, I’m sure), and compact. We do not use the extra weld in the corners because it’s unnecessary and allows a strap to be inserted in the wings so that you can secure the shovel to any pack or rack. We made the entire family of Alpha shovels and Stealth Pro all on the same platform as the Stealth as the Stealth is already perfect. Now that we’re in development on our new Delta shovel, it’s really challenging us to evolve the minimalistic design into a new product family that still is DMOS. Stay tuned!

Lastly, any words of wisdom for entrepreneurial, adventurous women?

GO FOR IT! I can honestly say that the journey of building DMOS is one that is making me into a better version of myself: more compassionate, faithful, persistent, and resilient. No, it’s not easy, but neither is the Rebelle! Yet both are about recognizing we only get one life so live your dreams and don’t hold back.

And this week only, Rebelle fans following the rally can order at 20% off using REBELLESDIG20 at – and just in time for Christmas!

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Team Week 2018: Tory & Jennifer

Team Sticky Tires #117, Tory Capezza and Jennifer Magli, first joined the Rebelle in 2016. Like the other 70 Original Rebelles, they were the first ones to embark on the rally and had no idea exactly what they were getting into. But they took the chance on the unknown, and now two years later they’re back for more challenge, growth, and spectacular scenery. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to show them what we have in store for 2018.

Tory is originally from Boston, and resides in Washington, DC now where she is the Post Production Media Manager for Discovery (Tory’s translation for us – the digital janitor for the Discovery networks). She’s happy to be competing again with Jen this year, describing the two of them a good balance of sweet and salty – “Jen is your typical kind Southern lady, I’m your typical foul mouth Yankee. She’s a mom so always looking out for you, too.”

Tory’s leaving her busy, daily life in DC for ten days of life off the grid, and we wanted to know why.

“I think we humans have a tendency to stay in our comfort zone as we age. The Rebelle is an event that pushes you out of your comfort zone. You have no choice but to grow or break. No matter your age or your life experiences, you’ll learn something new about yourself during the Rally. That personal growth impacts all aspects of your life.”

Although she’s looking forward to the rally, she’s going to miss dogs. Any dogs, really. And if you’re a dog person, you’ll 100% understand that Tory has to have dogs part of her life. When she’s away from home, she needs to get her “dog fix” and will approach strangers to pet their dogs.

And her favorite thing about the Rebelle is how many amazing women it has brought into her life. Tory works in a male dominated field where she’s often the only female in the room. She didn’t realize how much she was missing having a community of women around her until the Rebelle. And her least favorite thing about the rally is how little time she gets to spend with the amazing women during the actual event!

Jennifer is originally from West Palm Beach and now lives in Daphne, Alabama where she’s busy as the business owner of Fish Window Cleaning in Mobile. Being so “connected” in her routine, she loves the break from technology during the rally! The ringing, dinging, e-mails & voicemails are great indicators of a growing business, but Jennifer mentions it can be very noisy and stressful to be “on call” every day. She’s looking forward to having a conversation and not be interrupted by her phone!

She loves all aspects of the rally adventure (she summited Mount Kilimanjaro), although one of her least favorite “adventures” was when she was a commercial beekeeper – the most stings she received in one day was 35. The worst sting ever was delivered up her nose (cringe).

Jennifer mentioned her and Tory just “click,” and concurs with Tory’s sentiments of them working well together. She’s comfortable with her and at the same time Tory pushes and challenges her…and most importantly Tory has agreed to do the math and figure out the Rebelle Enduro Challenges!

Speaking of challenge, Jennifer’s got open arms for her upcoming “take two” of the Rebelle and everything it entails.

“The Rebelle is ‘my thing’. I have something to work toward and look forward to doing that is mine. It’s a challenge to find time for myself and relationships when managing the daily responsibilities of the business, family and life. I struggle with feeling selfish, but I also know that I need balance in my life to be a better mom, employer, and partner.”

Her least favorite moment? Crossing the finishing line because the adventure is over.

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Team Tuesday 2018: Nena & Chris

We thought we’d ring in our inaugural Team Thursday (team profiles twice a week!) in our third year with a team who is entering their third year as Rebelles. Today’s team has Ram Truck supporting them in a stock 2019 Ram 1500 Rebel truck, and earned the coveted Bone Stock award last year. And they’re gunning for that win again this year. Please welcome back Team 4 Corners Nena Barlow and Chris Mayne!

Nena’s hometown is Palm Springs, but you’ll now find her in Sedona, Arizona where she’s a 4WD trainer and guide (fitting as when she was three she her tied her tricycle to the family goat like a wagon.) In her element in the elements, Nena is familiar with all types of vehicles, terrain, and their coexistence. Which is why she’s so excited about the Rebelle Bone Stock category, noting it’s the ultimate display of engineering:

“Can you build something that meets all of the federal requirements, meets mass public demand, can get the groceries, AND take you off-road for 1,500 miles across the desert for seven days? Who would think their car can do that?”

 Any pressure to bring that Bone Stock trophy back for the third year in a row? Nena stated absolutely, even more so than the previous years. Helping take the edge off? Her teammate, Chris, whom Nena described as not one to get flustered — even when anything can happen.

 Competing in a challenge like the Rebelle can change daily life, and for Nena, it’s affected her viewpoint and prioritizing for the better. She’d love for other women to find out how it will change them:

 “It breaks my heart to hear people say ‘I wish I could do that’ because everyone can. It’s the choices we make every day, and the priorities we set in our lives that determine what we can and can’t do…I had NOTHING but desire and will when I started my business. I worked for others for ten years learning the industry. I had to beg and borrow from friends and family to scratch six Jeeps together to get started. If I can do it, anyone can.”

Chris Mayne is coming to the Rebelle all the way from Chaville, France, but she’s originally from Paris. Her occupation? A singer, although we like to refer to her as a rockstar (she literally is). Chris is taking two weeks out of her life in France to fly all the way over to the U.S. next month to do one thing – join the Rebelle. Why? She always tries to do better in everything she does. Including the Rebelle. Chris learned so much with Nena last year, and this year it’s time to apply those lessons!

As a rally veteran with competitions and wins from across the globe under her belt, Chris loves the challenge of the Rebelle.

“It’s all about precision and decisions. You’re always in doubt, but you know you have to go beyond that, trust yourself, and push yourself further.

One of her most memorable moments from the 2017 Rebelle was when her team made a 100% on the first day of the Marathon Leg last year…and then a more than bad second day on that same leg telling us that “definitely keeps you humble!” This year, she’s looking for the grand slam – winning the competition.

“Well, I feel proud and lucky to be back with Nena this year. It’s really something I’ve been waiting for all year. I love having this competition as a goal, as it’s a unique opportunity to be part of an international event with so many different competitors. So cool!”

Team Tuesday 2018: Nena & Chris2018-10-02T03:23:41-07:00

Coola – 2018 Rebelle Rally Suncare Sponsor

Rebelles, you know and love the brand, and future Rebelles you’ll get to know it very soon. The name is COOLA, and we can’t live without it. We’re so excited to welcome them back as our suncare sponsor for 2018!

A triple threat – Organic, high-performing, and nourishing, COOLA is effortless to wear and conquers whatever we throw at it – literally. And we’re devoted. COOLA thank you for always having our back!

Coola – 2018 Rebelle Rally Suncare Sponsor2018-10-02T04:05:13-07:00

Meet Mike Shirley, Rebelle Rally Course Official!

Mike Shirley is a familiar face on the Rebelle. Staff, competitors, and media recognize him as the man on the dirt bike whose drive (literally) ensures the course is set up, manages situations on site, and builds the Rebelle Rally roadbooks provided to the competitors. Mike brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Rebelle, and has been an integral staff member since the start of the inaugural competition in 2016. He’s also an off-road enthusiast who finished 10th overall in 2012 at the NORRA Mexican 1000, competed in the Rally Mongolia in 2010, and was crew at the Dakar Rally in 2009 and 2010. We caught up with Mike this past week where we were eager to delve deeper into his business and Rebelle sponsor, Rally Navigator, and what it was like watching his 77-year-old mother, Pat Shirley, compete last year.

You’re part of the “Original Rebelle” core staff, having assisted with 16’, 17’, and now, the upcoming third competition as a Course Official. What about the Rebelle stands out that makes you leave your daily 9-5 for 10 days in the desert?

The Rebelle Rally is an incredible event in so many ways. Creating the course itself is a mind blower. We get to build a massive scale off road scavenger hunt in the beautiful deserts and mountains of the Western US. During the event, I love seeing the personal transformation of competitors from nervous laughter on the Start line, highs and lows during the event and 100% pure stoke at the Finish. It’s a genuine challenge for Competitors and Crew to pull it off each year. I’m proud to be on the team.

You reside in Reno, NV, a place synonymous with off-road trails and backcountry. Have you always been an off-road enthusiast, or is this a newer passion?

I’ve been living in Reno since 2001 and spending a lot of time exploring the deserts on my dirt bike or camping in my truck since 2007. Fortunately, my work allows me a bit of free time to spend playing in the desert and I make the most of it.

You also happen to be the developer of Rebelle sponsor, web-based roadbook software Rally Navigator. Can you explain how Rally Navigator works, and the inspiration behind it?

Shortly after I began riding dirt bikes, I was fortunate to meet several Dakar Rally competitors and take part in Roadbook navigation training. At that time, there were only two or three people making Roadbooks in the United States and it was tough to get access to Roadbook riding. I created Rally Navigator to simplify the process of creating roadbooks and expose more folks to the thrill of off-road navigation. It’s been a fun project and I’m always excited to see a Rally Navigator Roadbook in use at rallies around the world.

Rally Navigator uses digital mapping on desktop and mobile along with GPS to create the Roadbook including waypoints, distances, CAP headings, tulip drawings, text info and other details of the route. Then we test drive the course and check the roadbook in the field and make final edits and corrections. Try it for yourself at

Your fearless mother, Pat Shirley, competed in the Rebelle Rally last year at the young age of 77. How did it feel watching her take the start line that very first day?

My mom grew up on a farm and isn’t afraid of very much. I was proud and excited to see her take the start. My daily highlight was catching up in each Basecamp and getting her take on the day’s competition. It was an unforgettable experience to spend 10 days of the Rebelle with my Mom. For 2018, she is coming back as a Rebelle staffer, working checkpoints and driving media folks around the course. Good times!

Three items you cannot live without on the Rebelle.

  1. Rebelle Rally Neckie/Buff: Handy in sun, cold, dust, wind. A neckie is a really versatile thing to have around.
  2. My Dirt bike: It’s a great way to get down the course in a hurry: placing checkpoints at dawn, chasing around competitors and crew, and cleaning up the course at the end of each day. Plus, its crazy fun.
  3. Satellite Phone/Radio – Communicating with the crew in the middle of nowhere is vital so we can take care of business – it’s the best way to stay in touch.

Lastly, any words of wisdom for new Rebelles?

Considering the Rebelle Rally in its entirety can feel overwhelming. There are so many questions and so many unknowns. It’s a 10-day puzzle of managing the environment, your truck, navigation, sleep, nutrition, relationship with team mate.

Don’t freak out: Solve problems individually as they come. Just focus on what’s in front of you. Most important: relax and have fun!

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